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wu.tangela wu.tangela

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angela nicole👐🏼  NY➡️SF📍don’t come for me unless i send for you


got a bow on my undies bc my ass is a present🎁 #humpday #unwrapme #xmascameearly

listen, if you see a woman showing off her body and you assume that’s all there is to her, that’s YOUR projection and YOUR problem, not hers. seriously though, did anyone ever stop to think that I don’t care what you think I have to “offer” because I’m not offering anything in the first place? I don’t live for you. my existence is not a performance for you, so shut the fuck up and let👏🏼me👏🏼be👏🏼great👏🏼

just call me bonita applebum🍎 #sundaybumday #thisdresstho

washing off my sins💦 can somebody get my back?

bet y’all didn’t know i was a gymnast for 4 years😏🤸🏻‍♀️ #tbt #stretching #notathirsttrap

lol putting on jeans is always such a struggle😩🍑 #humpday #bigbuttproblems

nothin’ butt trouble. come thru & chill✨😈

she workin’ at the pyramid tonight✨ #bangarang #smallnipsmatter

never had to play tag ‘cuz i've always been it

“i feel like you lyin but ok continue..”

double cheeked up on a Wednesday afternoon (swipe for more🍑) #humpday #mindthegap

all i want for xmas is abs🙏🏼😩

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