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Jimmyabbs  Winston's Dad. 💍 @moriah.grace.seletzky

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, 28 looks great!

Sending....@jerryoftheday 📹 @metalcharles

Welp hes already over skateboarding and on to snowboarding. @moriah.grace.seletzky

Winston found my skateboards, its on.

Got a lap in this morning. Found this log, thx @knuxskate. 📸@metalcharles #snowboarding #crestedbutte #cbcoolboarders #colorado #dad


Takin a quick 5 after all morning on the mountain. 📸 @moriah.grace.seletzky ❤️🐻

An early #tbt to last year, where i had the chance of capturing this moment of my friends and favorite snowboarders. @skicrestedbutte #crestedbutte #colorado #cbcoolboarders #snowboarding

The couple days after the pow day are just as fun as the pow day in my opinion. 📸 @arnie1227 #thatsjustlikemyopinionman #skicb #crestedbutte #resilientthreads #lessnukesmorekooks #cbcoolboarders #colorado #snowboarding #pizza

Riding with the homies is always fun. Thx @brokehomie_sean for capturing this. #cbcoolboarders #snowboarding #lessnukesmorekooks

Winston’s first Christmas was awesome! 🐻❤️😘 love you @moriah.grace.seletzky

Happy Holidaze. 📸 @arnie1227 @skicrestedbutte @knucklehead.co

“ I love being naked and waking up dad every morning”- winston.

Until the day i die, i'll spill my heart for you. ❤❤❤

Patiently waiting for more snow. @skicrestedbutte @knucklehead.co 📸 @arnie1227

Jah blessed. Thanks @moriah.grace.seletzky for making this lil bear. Love you both. 😘😘❤

Good turkey day with the 2 i love. @moriah.grace.seletzky

The hat says it all. @greglutzka @goodlivinworldwide 👊🏼👍🏼🔥

First Chik-fil-A experience. Winston didnt care at all, just wanted to play with daddy. #iwillhave10chickensammiesand10chickentendiesnodrinkibroughtmyown2literofdew

Bunch of egg heads if you ask me.

An old video of me and my brother @metalcharles skootboarding, sorry i forgot this existed sheldon @sheldogchillfan link in bio. @exodusskateshop #dontsellthatvcr #winstonlivin #simplistix #stevefox

Let me tell you about my best friend!! Winston Bear 🐻❤. ❤ @moriah.grace.seletzky 😘

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