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Repost from @mighty.movse Who are the 3%?
The mid-1700s brought about a troubling time for new the settlers of America. The British Empire, fearing it’s monarchy would lose power over this new land, threatened the ideals of our brave new nation with war. The American people came together to develop a militia of minutemen. These colonists would, at a moments notice, make themselves available to defend the principles of America at all costs. .
It was thought that about 3% of the population had dedicated themselves to this new nation, to the extent, that they would be willing to protect its sovereignty at all costs. .
They must have moral strength, physical readiness, never instigate the first use of force and never target innocents. They will never surrender their weapons, as they know it is the only thing standing in the way of a corrupt takeover of our great nation. .
These men recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and will stand as a last line of defense between the People and the tyrannical governments that threaten our very existence. .
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Looking SHREDDED Girl🔥
Almost there 🤪
Sippin @wrkethicsupps pink lemonade BCAAs cause they are 🔥 and I need to boost my recovery 😩
Disc code Caro for dem savingssssssyassss

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Repost from @jojoleofit So. I’m not a big supplement person but I’ll tell you about a couple that I have been really loving lately! @wrkethicsupps ‘Hard Work’ Pre Workout and ‘Break The Mold’ BCAAS. DUUUUUDE, if you are unsure about what supplements to grab, I HIGHLY recommend trying these. The pre workout won’t leave you jittery and you won’t crash after. The BCAAS, guuuuurllll. I’ve never had bcaas that leave me with a pump like these do! Love Love Love 10/10, give them a try!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @casssmartin .
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Repost from @thejennib_ - ✨ Happy 4th of July ✨
The grind doesn’t stop eventhough it’s a holiday. Your work ethic has to be stronger than holiday shenanigans. Absolutely enjoy yourself but make sure you prioritize your goals. Have fun, behave and don’t lose any fingers please. Lol Happy fourth homies! —————————————
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Repost from @kennawiencek11 using Happpy Monday🤟🏼 hope everyone had a kick ass weekend. Also if you haven’t already copped some @wrkethicsupps I highly recommend you do😛 .

Repost from @_minibeast using @RepostRegramApp - Why should you use @wrkethicsupps intra workout during your lifts?? 🤔🤔
Well first of all, they taste freaking delicious!😋 we have two flavors - my personal favorite which is peach mango, and pink lemonade. Second, our intra workout is so much more than just BCAA’s. Break The Mold is formulated with electrolytes, amino acids, carnosyn, peak 02 and 5g of an 8:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s for maximum effectiveness! 💕 I find that drinking these during my workouts keeps me energized and focused (not to mention I’ve PR’d multiple times while using this product 💪🏼 .
Give it a try for yourself!! Website link is in my bio

Repost from @drkangl_mach1 That pump!!😎💪🏼💪🏼

Repost from @ayshahaleyy_ - 420x4 rep PR‼️—
shout out to @gracievanasse for walking in before my top set only to tell me I had been using a shit bar. So she loaded up the weight on a better bar, stuck around and yelled at me, and then said tootles and left😂 thankful for people like that in this lifting community❤️
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