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Karla Lim (Written Word)  Designer, Calligrapher, child of God, #girlboss 🙋🏻, INTJ. Custom & Semi Custom Wedding Invites, Workshops, Wax Seals, Practice Pads here 👇🏻

Love seeing these gorgeous acrylic table numbers by @pressddpaperie using our @rarebirdfonts Specimen II font! ❤️❤️❤️ they’re sooo pretty! #calligraphy #calligraphyfont #dayofdetails

It's incredible how much our wax seal collection has grown! Not included in this picture is our Eucalyptus and Maidenhair Fern wax seal, but we love all of them. We're always so excited to see you guys using them, so make sure you tag us! We would love to feature them. In what ways have you used the wax seals? Gift wrapping, letter sealing, packaging... what else? #waxseal #writtenwordwaxseal #writtenwordwaxseals

It's incredible how alive God's word is! I remember singing this song, which is also a Psalm, many times as a young child. Recently I became a mom, and this verse has blessed and encouraged me beyond understanding. Which verse/song has God reminded you lately, that now has so much more meaning than before? #Godismystrength #Godismyrock #christian #reflection #encouragement

Really can't go wrong with the Potpourri suite, in gray letterpress on thick cotton paper. It's one of our fave combos, although gold foil with all this floral detail is also really, really gorgeous! What's your color palette for your wedding in 2019? Would love to know! #semicustominvitations #details #letterpressinvitations #destinationweddings #letterpress #grayweddings #graywedding #destinationwedding #grayinvitations

Which one of our personalized stationery suites is your fave? There's the Heirloom - which is very classic with your choice of monogram, it's really perfect as a continuation of your semi-custom wedding invite. I also really love Blanc, because, you can't go wrong with blind floral letterpress! Can you share your fave, plus what you would do with them? Elan is a modern classic - I use it so much for my day-to-day notes! Voyageur has got a vintage + modern look, it's like a notecard feel! Botanist has the maidenhair fern illustation, which is perfect for any event. Serein, is just perfect for this pretty fall weather with jasmine vines surrounding the card. #personalstationery #writemore #letters #handwritten #handwrittenletters #letterpresscards #foilcards

Probably the fanciest surprise birthday invitation we've ever designed! Wrapped in beautiful Italian leather, engraved onto walnut wood, black shiny foil on thick black paper, letterpressed accordion detailing the events of the evening, sealed with a black wax seal... all encased in a box with a bottle of bourbon! #invitations #packaging #design #custominvitations #foilinvitations #woodeninvitations #woodinvitations #leather #leatherinvitations #letterpressinvitations #waxseal

Got a ton of wedding details to share to your guests? While websites are great for that, we think having it on paper is also essential. For this wedding, there was a lot of information and there were many different groups that required different info! So, we created a beautiful booklet that we had different page inserts based on who was receiving the invitation, then we bound them delicately by a simple stitch. Loved designing this invitation with @jacinfitzgerald #weddingdetails #custominvitations #destinationweddings #utahweddings #deervalleywedding #weddinginvitations #info #detailsbooklet #weddings #handmade

Loved the combination of brick red, navy, and copper for this food-filled wedding invitation! We loved how we worked on this suite with @invisiblehostess - from the concept of the wedding, to mockups and samples, through design rounds to craft the most perfect invitations that fit the wedding and also the personality of the couple. We're only taking a handful of custom weddings in 2019, because we want to ensure we give each and every one of the suites all the effort and thought that we could! We'd love to chat what you have in mind - send us a note on the website! Photo and Styling by @rebeccayale #calligraphy #custominvitations #copperinvitations #navyweddings #copperweddings #seattleweddings

The rainy and sniffly weather's been keeping us indoors quite a bit, so I hope you're pulling out those #calligraphypracticepads and practicing your calligraphy! Practice really makes progress, I promise! Pick one up in our online shop, or in a store near you. #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #practicemakesprogress #handwriting #practicecalligraphy

It's incredible how simple lyrics to a song can bless your heart so much! Loving this one from Jonathan and Melissa Helser, called "No Longer Slaves". I am surrounded
By the arms of the father
I am surrounded
By songs of deliverance
We've been liberated
From our bondage
Were the sons and the daughters
Let us sing our freedom
You split the sea
So I could walk right through it
My fears were drowned in perfect love
You rescued me
And I will stand and sing
I am a child of God.
#calligraphy #brushcalligraphy #nolongerslaves

This semi-custom Trouvaille suite in champagne foil was all the buzz in our studio when we were assembling it. We loved the addition of the floral envelope liner, it created a beautiful, romantic touch! We're here to help you create the perfect semi-custom invites for your wedding... just send us a note #weddinginvitations #semicustominvitations #floralinvitations #envelopeliner #foilinvitations #destinationwedding #neutralweddings

Seriously love this square copper wax seal of the Yallerhammer Pavilion at Blackberry Farm, and the statement it made! #calligraphy #waxseal #copperwaxseal #watercolor #weddinginvitation #watercolorinvitation #envelopeliner #huntergreen #weddings #destinationweddings

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