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Megan Johnson  Writer, reader, photographer always up for a snack, chat and coffee. Happy wife and mom to Oliver with No. 2 on the way. πŸ’•


Award for best Valentine's card goes to @katieraej7. Nearly forgot to share this gem, but never has there been one so apropos! ❀ omg Katie I laughed.

Our #reallife Valentine's Day: mushroom en croute painstakingly made by Spencer with a side of toddler-refused fruit and applesauce. Not quite the romantic evenings we once enjoyed, but I'll happily take it!

My big valentine left early for work, so I grabbed my littlest on our way out the door. ❀ Happy Valentine's Day!

Baby bump pillow and "Lego Movie" with my favorite little man. Cozy Saturday night!

Now 33 weeks -- grow, baby, grow. Have reached the point where colleagues joke about keeping towels and medical instruments on hand "just in case"; I eat Buffalo chicken dip in staff meetings and no one flinches; Spencer has to physically haul me off the couch and the hospital bag has been packed for weeks. πŸ‘ Still not sure I'm ready, but hopefully we have another 6 weeks. But then I'm like... 6 MORE WEEKS?! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜‘

Craziest weather we've had in a while, even by Maryland standards: 70s and gorgeous yesterday (record highs), and cold with white-out snow squalls today. Took this while glimpsing a beautiful sunset, and it was back to snow a few minutes later. ❄

This is where we used to live. 🎢 Swung by our old condo today after renters moved out. So wild to see our toddler running the halls of a place Spence bought when we were first dating -- an apartment that was also our first home together as newlyweds. He loved all the space. ❀

The happiest toddler around 🎈🎈🎈

Just enough to be pretty -- my favorite kind ❄

Mealtimes have become such a struggle. Oliver wants to feed himself; I want to not scrape syrup off my floors and kitchen ceiling. 😝 But we're trying to stay patient. And he is just so cute, sitting there with his big-man fork. 😭

Everything I've gathered to decorate baby's room so far, including the world map mentioned in my latest blog post. 🌎 Now, to figure out where to place everything...

I thought black was supposed to be slimming...? 😜 In a few days, I will officially be more pregnant than I've ever been. Still chugging along at #31weeks!