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Rebecca Harrelson  Back alley writer. Insatiable Reader. Brand Specialist. Multiple Business Owner. Silent protagonist. ♀


#creepycold exploration tonight with friends 🔦🌳❄️🐰🦌

The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another.
J.M. Barrie #intentionalliving

You are allowed to feel overwhelmed. You are allowed to change yourself, change your life, change your mind. You are allowed to ask for help and lean on others. I actually encourage you to. You are not alone in this fast paced life. Just know, one day, if you live too fast, you will wake up and you won’t know where your time went, where your happiness went. Slow down my dear girl. Slow down. You’re allowed to. #selflove #thisisyourlife #calm #serenity #mybabyhelpsme

I can get so wrapped up in the future. The “what if’s”. The how am I going to be all these things at once? I’ll let you in on a little secret. The answer isn’t always to “hustle,” sometimes it’s “downsize” or “reorganize your priorities” sometimes it’s “give yourself a break”.
There is no instruction manual to life or to running your own business. But with God, my people and the love I have for my life, if I’m not happy in my life then I need to change something. Check in with yourself. Talk it out with people who care about you. Find someone to mentor you, encourage you, and also someone who can just hold you and calm you down. We have one life. We need to make sure we don’t just see the blurring of green grass, or the glow of our screens. We need to live our lives and be proud of our lives. Take a step back, and just take stoke of what you love and what you don’t. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself. #takeastepback #selfawareness #God #love #passion #career

You can do it all. But you can’t do it all overnight. Allow yourself to be more intentional. Slow down my dear, you have my permission to just slow, down. #slowdown #intentional

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