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Mark Wright 

This feeling 🙌
The beginning of every workout fills me with dread but knowing how good I feel when it’s done makes it all worth it. I can’t get enough of the endorphins rushing, blood pumping feel good hormones that lift my mood all day long... if you can’t be bothered to workout today, just keep in your mind how good you’re gonna feel when it’s done. 👊💪

This was the start. Next video will be of me further down and the surprise !!

When the picture doesn’t tell the real story. The smile is for the gram. 2 seconds later I went back to absolutely terrified face. Video of the pure terror to follow !! @abseilafrica_za #abseil #capetown #tablemountain #shittingit

In Cape Town playing football with the Our Girl lads, by the sea, surrounded by mountains, Doesn’t get much better. 👊🇿🇦💙⚽️
#football #lads #sea #mountains #capetown #happyplace #ourgirl #greatpeople

Day 2 was with the young ones. I got very messy !! The last 2 days have been amazing. The short film of my trip will be up around June 16th in time for @socceraid @unicef_uk

Today was one of the most eye opening days of my life. To spend a day with the amazing children from this community in Saldanha, South Africa was life changing!We can see all the pictures and films in the world regarding the hard lives others have to live, but it’s not until you really enter into their world that you really feel it.
One thing that really touched me is from early this morning until late this evening, the children laughed, sang, danced and acted like they didn’t have a care in the world. Playing football and games with them in the safe park that @unicef_uk and @socceraid have helped create was something I will never forget. Growing up playing outside with my friends and family, whether it was football, basketball or just on my bike is what I believe has been key to defining me as the man I am today. Without this safe park the kids I met today would have no where safe to play at all. The streets are dangerous and not in good enough conditions for them to play safely, so to see them out there playing and having fun was simply everything. Thank you for welcoming today, I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow 💙🇿🇦#unicef #socceraid #happy #newfriends #thankyou #southafrica

Just call me John Wayne 👊

Sorry this has made me laugh !! #barca #liverpool #reds #final #champsleague

Love this little fella, my baby cousin @babyberniexx !! Proper little geezer and he’s a Hammer ⚒ poor little sod gets so confused with this app though but I just can’t help it !! Swipe to see the other part !!
#bernie #cousin #littlefella #hammer #banter

Morning session done with my old mate @bertie_brayley at his @teklab121 different kind of morning fitness. With @socceraid on the way, I need to get the touch back.
It was like rolling back the years when I did this every morning as a job, when my job was playing football. For me of course, football is the most enjoyable kind of fitness. Could play all day. #quickfeet #football #training #practise

Just a little dig, straight off the laces. Arrow 🎯
#ping #arrow #football #1stlove #neverloseit

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