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Wrighteous Productions  James Wright CT/NY Based Video Creator Fitness, Lifestyle, Sports, Business -DM

(2 of 2) Over weight childhood, getting messed with about my appearance, and a need for intense physical exertion with a competitive edge and room for progress? Bodybuilding / weight training entered into my life without a door to leave through. Physical activity has always provided the mental stimulation required to make my mental visions extremely vivid. This new activity could not only improve my self confidence, but provided a whole new aesthetic for film in an evolving technological world. “Wrighteous Productions” first arose over seas while I was filming trips to Hong Kong and Australia.. I even made a short video series with my misfit Marine buddies called “don’t get ya knickas in a twist”. Catchy right? Lol. All jokes aside, my passion for film found my passion for bodybuilding, and although I am not a competitive bodybuilder, there is a certain deep spiritual connection I have to training. Something very cinematic in nature that I couldn’t explain even if I tried. For me it is fuel required for a greater understanding of all things; people, conflicts, concepts, etc. I have received some of my favorite ideas while simply doing cardio. It may sound silly, however I am a lot of things and naive is not one..it is what it is. My fuel is my fuel and our passions are our passions. Not being able to understand everyone you meet is part of what makes this life so amazing and beautiful, and our individual life stories are so unique and worth telling. This was the “short and sweet” version of my passion for film and the journey from goofy pre teen actor to where I am today. I still struggle deeply with how busy my life is and the visions I want to bring to life, but I write them.. I dream about them.. they keep me up at night.. and I know that when the thought of quitting this film hobby ever crosses my mind, i laugh it off and shake my head. I know that I would much rather die than live a fruitless life and I would rather continue working my ass off in all areas of life while balancing video production on whatever budget possible, than give up on my dreams. Thank you to everyone who has ever been so kind to me and trusted in me and my abilities. Love you all 🙏🏻

(1 of 2) I had a dramatic early childhood in the realm of guardians, role models and development of character... to say the least. I mostly contribute my morality, empathy and understanding to my incredible mother.. however, I’ve always lived somewhat in my own world-engulfed in visions-fueled by music. Sort of, my own journey of self discovery through the combination of arts, as low budget as they have been. My cousin DJ introduced me to film at an extremely young age and I would act in silly skit based videos. This led to my teenage years where I got sucked into the MTV jackass rebellious culture with role models like Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine. I was a highly competitive athlete and spent most of my youth participating in a couple different baseball leagues playing pitcher and third basemen, however in my rebellion, I found that the independence and experimental nature/culture of freestyle BMX riding held within it the very elastic environment needed for the growth of my true passion.. video production. “STFU productions” was the name I crowned my group of awesome not-so law abiding band of rebels and our video adventures. One to many run-ins with local police and various injuries later (some still pending, waiting to surprise us in old age), combined with a new passion for the sport of BMX, I found myself able to express my passion for film by creating BMX edits rather than making a mockery of the local community for the sake of footage. Organized athlete to street rider, pain in the ass to.. well.. a new kind of pain in the ass.. i entered a new chapter. Long story short, knee surgery happened. Ignoring doctors orders, I was riding within a month and actually progressed further than I had previous to the surgery. However, I have always been a man of change and my military service and years spent on an island in the Asian pacific led to BMX slowly fading out of my life. I had never recognized BMX as a form of therapy directly, but being a single Marine living in the barracks on an island with tight restrictions really demanded I find a new hobby/form of therapy and FAST. Bodybuilding 🙌🏻....

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