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Will - Queso Blanca  Whole Lotta Woman music video

Hello, I am here to make a flute from your bones then play it at your funeral while your children look on, not knowing they are listening to the sound of my breath flowing through their father's hollowed out femur. Also, can I have some money for flute lessons, please? 👸🏼❤

Ugh. I put my baby in the microwave again. Time to cut back on the day drinking! #blessed

Day 9 of my stress-induced emotional breakdown is going great. Thank you for asking.

Baking Xanax cookies for the kids today. Love being a mom! Happy spring!

Come see this beautiful woman perform drag tomorrow night (Wednesday the 21st) at 9 pm at Faultline on Melrose. The show is free and so is her love! Plus, she will give you tips on graphic design and also tell you all about her most recent mental breakdown and how she found the Devil through meditation. Come! #drag #dragqueen #dragshow

JK Rowling likes me and that's all that matters. Fuck all y'all.

He didn't offer me money. One star.


Oh my god gurl SHE DEAD.

It's official! After years of trying, I'm so beyond happy to announce that I have a floater in my left eye! Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement and support during this season of my life. Can't wait to spend forever with my little guy/girl. So blessed. (Name suggestions are welcome.)

Happy 5th birthday to my first nephew, Liam! Please stop getting older because now you're becoming too aware that I haven't been buying you presents and that's not good for me.

When I moved here, I was working at American Apparel and I had been putting off auditioning for The Groundlings. I was too nervous to do it. Then one day Ana Gasteyer came into the store. She used to be a Groundling and I had always looked up to her. I told her I was too scared to audition and she gave me a huge inspirational pep talk then told me to keep her updated. So for the past four years I've been telling her about my progress. She's been super supportive throughout the whole thing even though she doesn't need to be. Anyways, I passed Writing Lab and I'm in shock. The past six weeks have been stressful, anxiety inducing, and tiring, but ultimately it was the most fun I've ever had. I'm so grateful for all of this and even more grateful to know that this won't be my one and only time performing on that stage. Onward and upward!

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