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Will  Part-time heauxbeaux, full-time trash can. Best friend to a bunny named Dolly. It's mutual.

Proof that she loves me.

I went on a baking tool shopping spree today because I can't stop myself and I need help.

There's a bunch of jam in there.

Improvising some sort of twist thing that will probably explode in the oven.

Every morning she scratches at our door until we open it so she can jump on the comforter and play in it. It's not cute. It's obnoxious and she has no social awareness.

Be more like this guy.

Today marks my four year anniversary of coming out as gay to my family. On the left is me before I came out, and on the right is me after. As you can clearly see, I'm much happier now. Being gay is super cool. You should try it.

The trolley driver yelled at me because he's homophobic.

I love The Grove's new art installation.

When the nuclear war happens, I'll be prepared. Thanks, Amazon!

My first attempt at making pastries from scratch. Almond, plain, and chocolate croissants and then some braided twist thing I made with the extra dough. This took a total of 22 hours 😶


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