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Hit a 520 single on deads not pleased with missing 555. Bench was solid and I put up a PR of 350 on touch and go. I will always keep progressing and I also weighed in at 241.8 so all in all great day. #mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

This is what the tattoo on my ribs say god I love this shit. I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
Genghis Khan

No I dont have imaginary lat syndrome and this is a XXL @supportmilitarymuscle with another great shirt. #mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

Can't wait to wear this for deadlifts tomorrow#mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

Pretty proud of these 3 count pauses I did today my bench has come a long way so hitting 300 was big. #mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

Trap season

Can't wait to train tomorrow shoutout to my coach @matty_powerlift. #mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

Happy Birthday to the GOAT @eddycoan #Repost @mbslingshot (@get_repost)
Happy birthday to the GOAT. If it wasn't for this mans records and his willingness to share what he knows, we're not sure where powerlifting would be today. Surely someone to be respected and loved for his heart and his freakishly good looks. Comment your lifting hero below and give this man some love! @eddycoan #GOAT #TakeSomeNotes #powerlifting


No fancy intros no BS today was a flop plain and simple. I had to move my training up a day and my body didn't respond. I hit this 425 and was supposed to go up to 505 for a single. At 450 I was so weak I couldn't un-rack the weight and the rest of my lifts were atrocious. Why am I telling you this because I'm not fake and I don't just post my successes on my page I will also post my failures. Anyone who is a powerlifter and says they never have days like this are lying. I am extremely disappointed in today's training results because I put my heart and soul into this sport, so when I don't perform as planned I get super irritated. However having people like @fgallipeau @comicstrong @erikahipwell and @matty_powerlift keeps me grounded and brings me back to reality. Rant over I will get some tampons and press love all you guys mentioned above thanks for everything. #mmpowerlifting #wreckit #supportmilitarymuscle

Rest and recovery until Sunday 💪🏻

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