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WRDSMTH  a writer doing time in Hollywood WRDSMTHinLA@gmail.com WRDSMTH Solo Show "I'd Like To Have A WRD With You":


'Honesty Silence'
30” x 30” multi-media canvas
available -- email inquiries
A screenwriting instructor I studied with here in LA often pontificates, ‘You won’t succeed in Hollywood until your best friend fails.’ I recall sitting in his class thinking, Is this something you should be teaching aspirants of Tinseltown? He speaks of a law of averages, however, the calculation pretty much sums up how brutal/cynical it is here in the Thirty-Mile Zone. But, hey, it’s sunny/75 every day, which helps.
She wasn’t my best friend by any means, and I can’t say I’m much of a success, however, I’ll never forget the hour she told me she was giving up. It was supposed to be happy, but five minutes in it got all pawn-shop-in-Hollywood.
We were meeting for drinks as we often did since the morning we first ran into each other on the trails of Runyon Canyon. Our dogs took a liking to each other — mine, old/set-in-his-ways, hers, youthful/teach-me-new-tricks. We exchanged names, where-you-froms, and our vocational incentives for weathering the Thirty-Mile Zone on a daily basis.
“I’m a writer doing time in Hollywood. What are you in for?”
“Figured that.”
“Why?” she inquired, a hint of resentment disrupting our courtship.
“I don’t know. Might have something to do with the script pages in your back pocket.”
“Oh,” she whispered, then laughed. “I have this audition today.”
“Why don’t you tell me how it went later,” I said. “Over drinks.”
That was the first time I saw her do it — she smiled with just her eyes. Reminded me of Tuesday Weld, back in the day.
Late that afternoon, we rendezvoused for happy hour at The Good Luck Club. She didn’t get the part. The honesty of her silence as she kissed her first glass of vodka told me that.
Funny thing about happy hour in this town — they often include uninvited friends. Bitterness over failed auditions and a lack of callbacks starts ordering up round after round. In my case, anger over rejected queries and unread scripts starts picking fights with every Tim, Dick, and Harriet in the place. But hey, drinks are half-price, which helps.
A half-hour later she was smiling at me with those Tuesday eyes.
[NOTE: story continued in next post...]

'Doing Time'
30” x 30” multi-media canvas
available -- email inquiries
NOTE: this is part two of the story.
see previous post for part one.
“Wanna tell me about it?”
“What’s there to say? I crashed the audi.”
“The audi. The audition. Eighty miles an hour, right into the wall. No survivors.”
“Yeah, ouch.”
The frustrating the thing about Tinseltown that drives some inhabitants insane before it drives them away — there’s no university to graduate from, no residency, no clear path, just absolute dreams being chased down by perseverant talent hoping to get lucky one day/someday/soon. “You know, someone once said, ‘Talent plus perseverance equals luck. Be ready when it happens.’”
“Who said that?”
“Mister sex, lies, and videotape. I like that.”
“Anyone ever tell you you look like Tuesday Weld?”
“I like that too, writerman. And, no. That’s a first,” she said, kicking back the remains in her tumbler, those eyes of hers doing their thing.
Dozens of happy hours later her eyes weren’t smiling. They were spent.
“You can’t leave.”
“Yes, I can. I have to. I’m done. I’m not happy. I’m just not.”
There was a moment of silence before I filled it with, “You know, someone once said, ‘This thing we call failure is not the falling, but the staying down.’”
She pursed her lips then parted them to say, “Mary Pickford said that. But that’s just it, writerman. I know I’m mixing metaphors here, but I am getting back up, and right back on the horse. It’s just…I’m going to start heading in the right direction.”
“East. It feels right.”
And we left it at that.
A week after she abandoned Los Angeles, a short film script I had penned won First Place in a contest I entered months prior. Amidst the sunny/75 light of my minor success, I remember thinking, 'Sometimes I fucking hate Hollywood.' --WRDSMTH

stick with it
44”x56” reclaimed steel street sign
"You’re looking at a good chunk of my sticker collection, which I amassed over the last few years while meeting so many creative and inspiring individuals. Most of them are also street artists and I wanted to immortalize their work and our friendship on a piece. This is it. And as the sign reads (scroll pics to view), “No stickers beyond this point.” Please. If you do have a slap or two on you, come see me. I’m working on another piece and I’d love you to be a part of it…

ALSO: Before I began WRDSMTHing, I actually did toil with street art. I did two small projects, each of them utilizing stickers. Both relics are on this very sign and if you see me here at the show, ask me which ones they are and I’ll point them out." --WRDSMTH

Note: IG only lets you tag 20. Also represented on the piece: @drsc0 @voxxromana @gondekdraws @skamsticker @balloonski @srr_worldwide @littlericky001 @andrealahue @madmanart @instagrafite @darkmattercoffee @secretwalls @montanacans @lame_pdx @seizer_one @awake_pdx @blops_stickers (and if I missed anyone, it's prob because I couldn't find your slap)

#WRDSMTH #stickers #slaps

honesty best policy
27.5” x 20.5” reclaimed wood
"This is another collab with the London-based street artist known as @C_3. At times I think her vibrant girls were meant to be paired with my WRDs. This is definitely one of those cases. And this was another one of those WRDs that I was uncertain if people would get and/or embrace. But I believed in the sentiment and placed it in plain sight on LaBrea Avenue in early 2016. Not only did people get it, they seemed to go out of their way to snap a pic of the piece in order to share it with their someone special. Sometimes I always love that." --WRDSMTH

#WRDSMTH #C3 #collab

Blues In A Drag
30” x 30” multi-media canvas
available -- email inquiries
"Can I bum a smoke?”
This is how we meet — her asking this favor, not because she’s cheap or lazy, but because, like so many, she’s not willing to commit to her addiction. Regardless, I hand her a cigarette, which she reaches for with a telling anticipation that makes me smile.
"What’s so funny?”
The smile is the new laugh.
“Nothing.” I reach toward her and flick the Bic in my hand. “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
She leans in, cig between her Revloned lips, matching fingertips tucking her hair behind her ears. Something in the way she moves reveals a loveliness that exceeds the beauty of her face.
“Don’t you mean give up?”
I laugh. But her words confirm a suspicion. “Despite your shine, there’s an air of sadness to you. How come?”
“Wow. Thank you,” she says, her words painted with sarcasm.
“For being honest?”
“For being honest,” she says, disdain trumping sarcasm.
“So you’re not going to answer the question?”
She steals a drag and the honesty billows from her lips. “Time is not what it used to be and life is not what I thought it would be.”
Then and there, I stumble. I fall. I fall for her — like so many have before. “Hmph. Blues in a drag,” I whisper, which makes her smile and finally look my way.

#WRDSMTH #BluesInADrag

30” x 30” canvas
currently available -- email inquiries
Story Time: "If you’ve ever seen me in action on the streets or working in my studio, you know I use a lot of tape -- and it’s usually blue painters tape. As I work, I am constantly putting tape on my pants and pulling it off when needed. At the end of the day, my pants usually have remnants of tape all over them, which, truth told, is a look I’ve come to like. One day while cleaning my pants, I thought, “These strips of tape would make for a great piece.” That’s when I began saving used tape from the field. And that’s what you’re looking at here -- a one-of-a-kind canvas comprised of countless days of creating." --WRDSMTH

#WRDSMTH #CreateEveryDay #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

36” x 27” mosaic tiles
This is the last of three pieces that graced the Tribute Wall at my first-ever solo show. The three artists I paid homage to on this wall need no introduction. They are the Rushmore of modern street art. They inspire me. Motivate me. And they are the reason WRDSMTH exists.
Story Time: "Invader has been doing what he does for almost 20 years and I’m still in awe of how simple and effective the idea is. During a recent visit to Paris, I took in his long-running show “Hello, My Game Is” and I absolutely loved it. It was beyond inspiring. The show was actually created for children and lives at a children’s museum. But that’s the beauty of Invader – he brings out the kid in all of us, he makes us smile, and with every one of his pieces he reminds us of simpler times. Truth told, I’ve been wondering what an Invader version of my typewriter would look like for over three years. I like it. And I hope he does too." --WRDSMTH

#WRDSMTH @InvaderWasHere #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

30"x30" canvas
This is the second of three pieces that graced the Tribute Wall at my first-ever solo show. The three artists I paid homage to on this wall need no introduction. They are the Rushmore of modern street art. They inspire me. Motivate me. And they are the reason WRDSMTH exists.
Story Time: "Someone recently asked me what my dream collaboration would be. My answer: “I’d love to help Banksy put a piece up on the moon.” I mean who wouldn’t? Right?"
FYI: I'll post the third and final tribute later today.

#WRDSMTH @Banksy #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

30"x40" canvas
This is the first of three special pieces that graced the Tribute Wall at my first-ever solo show. The three artists I paid homage to on this wall need no introduction. They are the Rushmore of modern street art. They inspire me. Motivate me. And they are the reason WRDSMTH exists.
Story Time: "The first time I met Shepard Fairey, I had the worst non-conversation with him. It was late in the evening, we were in this loud VIP area at a party, and I don’t think he heard one word I said. I remember walking home thinking, “I just met Shepard Fairey and he doesn’t even know who I am.” The second time I met him, I told him we met once before, but introduced myself again. He said, “You’re WRDSMTH? You get up a lot.” We ended up having a great conversation about life and our craft, but I remember walking home solely thinking, “Shepard Fairey said I get up a lot!” This is my homage to my friend and the man who showed all of us how it’s done." --WRDSMTH
FYI: I'll post the other two tributes throughout the day.

#WRDSMTH @ObeyGiant #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

35" x 55" reclaimed wood 🔴 SOLD
The fourth of thirty new pieces from my first-ever solo show and a collab with my friend and Paris-based street artist @PolarBearStencils. This piece is an homage to a favorite film of ours -- LEON: The Professional.

NOTE: The plant goes home with the piece. Or else.
#WRDSMTH #PolarBearStencils #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

No Matter What
48”x72” multi-media canvas
available -- email inquiries
The third of thirty new pieces from my first-ever solo show.
Story Time: I was given the opportunity to venture to Melbourne, Australia in the summer of 2015 by an incredible couple that cited my WRDs as a staple in their courtship. They brought me to their hometown in order to paint the town, which I did. On my last evening there, at dinner with my hosts, I was told about these words, which I learned was a relationship mantra for the couple. I love the sentiment and packed it with me on my return trip. When I first debuted the WRD, the couple was thrilled. And I continue to share it with the world, which thrills me every time.
Photo Credit: @theeclife

#WRDSMTH #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

blush / shine
26" x 26" multi-media on reclaimed wood
currently available -- email inquiries
This is a collab with the London-based street artist known as @C_3. I love pairing her vibrant girls with my WRDs. .
“blush/shine” dates back to 2014 and has always been a favorite WRD of mine. In addition to perfectly capturing an emotional place/time, it was the only WRD to date that was spotted by the muse it was penned for hours after I placed the piece in the streets. She instantly knew the words were meant for her and when she called me up to say, “I just scoped blush shine on Fairfax," the WRD was instantly named and forever cherished by me.
#WRDSMTH #C3 #collab #idliketohaveaWRDwithyou

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