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instagram stories✧*ೃ༄  ❀ games, bingos & magazines ❀ posts for your insta story ❀ comment or dm requests ❀ comment "💜" if you're using ❀ sub to my youtube channel 👇🏼

repost for the like 100 time cuz i can't stop messing up🙃 also with this one it's going to get harder as i make more, this one is easy.

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sorta put a twist on 'tag the first person'

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this is the first scavenger hunt i've made so its starting off easy and as i make more it'll get harder!

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instagram ruined the quality 🙃 credits to whoever did the bunny drawings cuz there was no watermark on it when i found it!
if you're using this for your story just circle the one you're most like

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in case you're wondering why i'm putting "wis" on my posts now it's short for @wowigstories & im gonna start putting it on my stuff cuz people are stealing my posts and putting their watermark on it 🙃

if you want to use this for your story just circle the one that best describes your mood today! 😊

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a lot of you requested this one so i finally made it + sorry for posting more bingos then usual. (Y'all I'm still new with the show so I don't know every character sorry if I missed someone)

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haven't done a this it that in awhile + it was requested :)

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did you make it? comment which one you were out on if you got out! 💜 (rules are on my last in or out if you don't know how to play)

(irl means 'in real life' in case you didn't know lol) cross off the words you say in real life (not over text) thank you guys for helping me make this!

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ugh being sick sucks

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wait a minute. fifty thousand people are following me. this is unbelievable. i am SPEECHLESS! i know i've said this before but for real, making this account i never thought i would have come this far. i have to give all the credit to you guys because i wouldn't have done it without you! thank you to everyone who loves and supports my account & shoutout to those who still use my posts when i have typos on 99.9% of them thanks to auto correct :,) hopefully i am improving somewhat because i'm always working hard at making / posting the content that you guys would like. and back to the fact that there are now 50 thousand of you following me, T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H!

putting an example on my story just in case it's un clear! this was requested! 💜

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