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instagram stories✧*ೃ༄  ❀ games, bingos & magazines ❀ posts for your insta story ❀ comment or dm requests ❀ comment "💜" if you're using ❀ sub to my youtube channel 👇🏼



yikes sorry for not posting lately it's finals week and i'm busy + stressed af 😫💜 you can be exactly 5"7 and still be in, you're only out if you are taller!

are you in or out?

just posted a new youtube video on how i make in or out games! click the link in my bio 💜

How to play:
like this photo, if your like is 50 (for example) 5 is the first number so look under row #1 for 5 and the same for 0 in row #2. In this case my name would be reaction reacts lol. if you have a larger number with 3 or more digits you still do the same thing, ignoring the numbers in the middle and using the first and last numbers. if you're liker 1-9.. (for ex.) if i'm 5 you just match 5 and 5 so in this case i'd be reaction show!

hopefully this isn't too complicated lol. this may turn out to make sense or might be totally random but either way it should be funny haha! **USE THE FIRST & LAST DIDGET OF YOUR LIKE. FOR EX if i'm liker 5300 my numbers would be 5 and 0!

comment below your youtuber name!

comment your birthday below and find your birthday twin!

i'm june 11

this or that birthday edition was requested!! thank you all for the birthday wishes ilya 💜

comment "💜" if you use

you guys realllyy like in or out lol trying to post them as often as i can! 💜

comment if you're in or out!

i honestly had no clue what to call this lol but it's always funny to see what your phone comes up with 😂 idk if only apple has this or not?

wowigstories is the one who to make the best of your. HAHA WUT?

hit paste in the comments below! (unless it is something personal that you don't want to share like address, name etc...)

get to know me w/ 20 questions! 💜
thank you for the ideas i'm going to make some more right now!

comment "💜" if you use

this is one of the most requested games i get so sorry if i'm posting them all the time 💜

comment if you made it!

thank you everyone so so so so much for joining, i was mind blown at how many people joined this giveaway. i was definitely not expecting that. if you did not win this time please don't be upset, mad or give the winner hate. imagine just winning a giveaway and getting hate for it! we should congratulate the winner and be happy for them! plus i will be doing MORE GIVEAWAYS SOON 💜 i already have one in mind where i will be giving away multiple items and there will be more then one winner.... this was a very very hard decision as almost all of you had amazing reasons. again, thank you and congratulations @mk_flipz i will dm you 💜

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