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instagram stories✧*ೃ༄  ❀ i post games & bingos ❀ comment or dm requests ❀ comment "💜" if using ❀ how i make my edits 👇🏼


if you use on your story circle the one you're most like!

comment who you have the most similarities to 👇🏻

sorry for being inactive the past week or so. my instagram hasn't allowed me to login to my accounts for weeks, i wouldn't doubt some of you have experienced this too. when my instagram app glitches, i usually delete it & re-download it, this time when i re-downloaded the app it would not allow me to login to any of my accounts including this one. every single time i try to login it says "sorry, there was a problem with your request". i've tried deleting it and re-downloading it several times, also tried contacting instagram but they said they couldn't fix my problem. i'm still having this issue and currently using another device to post :( if anyone knows how to fix this please comment below it dm me!!

comment "💜" if you use

tried filling out one of my bingos for once ; )

comment "💜" if you use

i had an account awhile back where a friend and i posted questions like this & i loved seeing everyone's opinions so lemme know if controversial questions should become a regular thing on this account! 💜

this isn't to create arguments!! share your opinion or like the comments you agree with!

i'll be making more of these!

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you don't have to use your lip if you don't want to it's just for fun 😂

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screenshot and add an emoji! i started it off!

comment "💜" if you use

how to play:
*the number of your like on this photo determines your rapper name. *for example, if you're liker 50 your numbers are 5 and 0 so in this case my rapper name would be 'DJ beast'. *if you're like has three or more digits you take the first and last digit and ignore the numbers in the middle! *if you're liker 1-9 you double your number. so if i were liker 5 my numbers would be 5 and 5 :))

comment your rapper name

do you know the answer?¿

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yOoOoOo it's the weekend i can post now

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IM HERE LOL comment some requests 👇🏼

make sure to tag me in these i love seeing them 😂

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