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instagram stories✧*ೃ༄  ❀ games, bingos & magazines ❀ posts for your insta story ❀ comment or dm requests ❀ comment "💜" if you're using ❀ vote for my magazine 👇🏼

here are answers for some of the questions i have been asked frequently. from now on if you have a question feel free to comment it down below and i will be answering to as many as i can 💜💜


rules/ how to enter: (must be following me i check)
🎟 repost this photo on your account (not story)!
🎟 use the hashtag #wowigstories and tag me!
🎟 include your location, country and state/province in the caption! (ex. Canada, British Columbia)!
🎟 tag 3 friends in the caption on here and comment when done! 💜

what the giveaway contains:
💡 one brand new white instax mini 8 instant camera!
💡 includes a 10 pack of film for the camera

extra details:
🍪 this giveaway is worldwide, therefore anyone can join!!
🍪 if your account is private i won't see your entry!
🍪 giveaway ends: Sunday May 28th!!

BONUS: (for a better change of winning, OPTIONAL)
🌹 add a reason why you want to win
🌹 spam me with likes!
🌹 ^^ those are bonus and will give you a better chance but you don't have to do them!

that's it!
this giveaway is a thank you to you guys from me for the endless support on my account, i worked really hard to put this giveaway together and i wish everyone the best of luck, thank you for everything! if you have any questions feel free to comment them below, i will be posting a Q&A to answer all your questions!

click the link in my bio and answer a would you rather question for my weekly magazine! 💜

tag the first person to see who your pll squad is lol! anotha pll post because pll gives me life 😂

comment "💜" if you use

first yes or no on here let me know if you'd like more of these! (giveaway update: there will be one soon, it's going to be something big i'd say... don't know exactly when i'm going to post it but it will be soon!) *****whether****** 💭

comment "💜" if you use

any requests? 💜💜

hahah what is your mood today? i'm probably a 1,4 or 5 😂
if you post on your story you can circle the one that is your mood!

comment "💜" if you use

you guys always request in or out so i'm going to try and post these more often! 💜(if you don't know how to play check my other in or out posts)

comment how far you made it!

requested! 💜

comment "💜" if you use

if you're new to tag the first person or just don't know how to play, when you're posting this on your story/account go to tag someone and type the letter that is in the circle, the first person to show up with that letter is invited to your bday party! lol

comment "💜" if you use

i used to make these all the time and i haven't in a while so i thought you guys might like another one!

comment "💜" if you use + how rich you are

tbh idk what i am probably alison & hanna? this is for who you have the most similarities to do it doesn't all have to be exact

comment who you are + "💜" if you use

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