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It’s no exaggeration to say that, at 22, @snyderman45 is already one of the best athletes in the world. And he’s still got one more semester at @theohiostateuniversity.
In 2016, at the age of 20, Snyder assumed his spot on American wrestling’s Mount Rushmore when he won gold in the heavyweight division at the Rio Olympics. That made him the youngest American wrestler ever to win Olympic gold.

Snyder is once again the NCAA’s top-ranked heavyweight and the runaway favorite to win a third national title in March. Read our profile of Snyder at the link in our bio. (📸 by Steve Brown / WOSU) #wrestling #OSU #ohiostate #ohio #olympics #college #sports

Seven-year-old Victor Smalls suffers from asthma. “There’s something is wrong with my smelling,” he tells a pediatrician.
Victor lives near Kensington Expressway, a six-lane highway that runs between downtown Buffalo and the suburbs. Children in some neighborhoods along the expressway have the city’s highest rates of asthma-related ER visits.
The EPA links asthma and other respiratory diseases to a chemical compound called nitrogen dioxide, a gas byproduct emitted by vehicles. And it’s a burden most of all to minority groups: Experts say American cities are not just segregated by race, but by air pollution as well.
Read more at the link in our bio. (📸 by Angelica Morrison / @greatlakestoday) #Buffalo #pollution #air #race #segregation #cities #city #airpollution #environment

The city of Columbus is planning to spend $420,000 on public art for High Street—and now they have a plan for how. 🎨
The city’s new Art On High Strategic Plan was unveiled this week as part of a $25 million streetscape project, which will run from Goodall to Ninth Avenue. The plan was developed after a series of public discussions this fall, but the first piece of art probably won’t appear until Fall 2019. (“Short North Gothic” mural 📸 by Civic Arts Project) #cbus #columbus #cbus #art #arts #publicart #city #streetart #shortnorth #ohio

1961 vs. today: Marion Motley Playfield in Cleveland used to be the site of a waste dump. But it sat next to the bustling, mostly black Garden Valley neighborhood. “That’s where we played, that’s where everybody played,” says Vera Brewer, a former resident. “We didn’t know not to be there because of contamination – our mindset was on enjoying life.”
Across the country, environmental hazards like waste dumps tend to be located near minority communities. Even today, Marion Motley has dangerously high levels of arsenic and lead.
Click the link in our bio to check out our series on environmental justice in the Great Lakes region. (📸 by @cle_state, Elizabeth Miller / @greatlakestoday) #Cleveland #Ohio #environment #race #waste #greatlakes #parks #nature #justice

One often-ignored consequence of the opioid epidemic is the rise in prostitution. In Columbus, women say they’re stuck in a cycle of sex work and abuse in order to feed their addiction.
Sister Nadine Buchanan, of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, brings sack lunches to some of the women on Sullivant Avenue in the Hilltop area. “They really are very very hungry,” she says. “It’s nothing to find someone who is a size zero.” Sister Nadine has helped at least one woman enter drug treatment and get off the streets. But others fall victim to overdoses or incarceration, and she rarely sees the same woman twice.
Read @esther_honig’s investigation into heroin and prostitution in Columbus at the link in our bio. (📸 by @seth_herald / WOSU) #Columbus #opioid #drugs #addiction #news #cbus #Ohio #midwest

Ohio’s refugee resettlement agencies normally settle thousands of refugees a year. But restrictions by the Trump administration have forced many to scale back, and even close their doors.
Read more about how agencies in Summit County are hoping to survive the changes, at the link in our bio. (📸 by M.L. Schultze / @wksu897) #refugees #immigration #Ohio #politics #Trump #Akron

The Great Lakes are one of the few regions in the world where you can make true "ice wine," a sweet vintage fit for after dinner sipping or dessert courses. ❄️ You need warm summers to grow quality grapes, but they need to be picked and pressed when it's well below freezing.
🍇 Right now, it's perfect harvesting season. At Coyote Moon in New York's North Country, the temperature has dropped to zero as Robert Heyman cracks off frozen grapes with his bare hands. "Ah, it's nothing compared to ice fishing," he said, chortling. "No brain, no pain."
🍷 Read more about ice wine at the link in our bio.
(📸 by @davidncpr / Great Lakes Today) #wine #GreatLakes #winter #snow #ice #grapes #farming #vineyard

Far removed from the heyday of coal mining, towns in eastern Ohio are now courting tourists and new residents with their "Rust Belt chic." In towns like Shawnee and Nelsonville, attractions centered around the vestiges of coal—from antique shops and bars to wildlife centers—are replacing mining itself as the way to economic success.
Read @jcarrsmyth’s story, and hear her interview with WOSU, at the link in our bio. (📸 by John Minchillo / @ap.images) #mining #coal #Ohio #tourism #tourist

We’re not sure who left this guinea pig in the newsroom, but we are adopting him/her for ourselves. Needs a name though—any suggestions? 🐹

Commutes on Cleveland Avenue just got a lot quicker. 🚌 The new year brought the new CMAX bus route to Columbus, running from downtown to Polaris Parkway.
The @cotabus project has been a decade, and $50 million, in the making. The stops are all covered and decorated with local art, plus a screen with arrival times. And the buses, which arrive every 10 minutes in rush hour, have USB ports plus free Wi-Fi.
Not to mention, the buses are outfitted with a new technology that helps traffic lights go their way, cutting down congestion. (📸 by @esther_honig / WOSU) #bus #transportation #Columbus #cbus #city #commute

A bit of a jam session broke out in our office between Brent, Eric and Chuck. 🎼 keep practicing, guys, you’ll get there! #nprlife

2017 marked a number of victories for abortion opponents in Ohio, despite fiery protests from pro-choice activists.
While protesters dressed in costumes from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Republicans in the legislature passed a ban on abortions after a diagnosis of Down syndrome and moved forward on a ban of a common abortion procedure. Meanwhile, the state Supreme Court is considering arguments over whether the only abortion clinic in Toledo can remain open.
Check the link in our bio for a review of all that happened in Ohio politics this year. (📸 by @jcarrsmyth / @ap.images, @joingles / Statehouse Bureau) #Ohio #politics #abortion #protest #2017

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