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Sublime + subdued tiles of London. Wrote all about it on my blog. Will put a link in my bio in a jiffy.

I begun to like the look of launderettes because of Dot Cotton 😂 Years later, I'm filling up my phone with pics of Eastend launderettes. Cheers Dot.

On Roman Road Market. It's a noisy busy thoroughfare - with pattern and colours as much as it is busy with people.

There are some deep vibes that hang around the temples of Kyoto. Something that seeps into your conscience and makes you notice more than you did before. Even dying flowers glow bright.

One of natures iconic shapes.

My son has a little routine that he likes to stick to when we go to this particular playground. First he heads for the swings. Then he tries to walk up the slide. Then he heads for this thing. I asked him what it is and he said "duck& #34; . Silly me! I thought it is a horse. 😂

Keep climbing. Even if you go slow, never stop.

The tiles of London may not command as much attention as many European cities. Perhaps that's why its tiled surprises are ever more delightful. #patternlife #patternity

Sometimes we wonder where we will end up when we retire. We both agree that it will most likely be on a coastline. Hiro says Okinawa. I agree but secretly there is another place I fancy too!

Pink and green.... again!! It's a pretty combo though. Irresistible to my eyes. It's the little things that makes life extra interesting. The mundane is actually magical. Ain't that the truth, Ruth.

On my blog this week, I share a few places and ways to discover London (mainly east), through pastel colours. It's a bit of an abstract way to meander through the city but it can be an inspiring bit of escapism. Spring is the best time to give in to my suggestions! Thanks @bloomzy for inspiring me to pen this blog post. #acolorstory

I like social housing blocks because of the geometry, rhythm, scale and concrete. But, what I love most is seeing how people interact with these buildings by breaking the repetitiveness with their everyday lives and ideas within the ideals imposed by an idealist. People before egos.

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