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My sweet little city.

I understand that I posted a pic of my dog yesterday, but COME ON THIS IS AMAZING.

Smiling's her favorite.

I love this league. Madds won for being a positive influence on the team. ❤

Update: Free wine in a can night success! (also very handsome dudes run this road trip and it was fun to talk about Marfa with them.). @unionwinecompany

Valentine. ❤

True love.

I learned to sew because I have an idea for a pin display. But I don't have a sewing machine yet so this will have to do.

Went to a postcard writing party and made some new friends and wrote to a bunch of my representatives. (And to Sens Warren and McConnell!)

Someone's a soccer player now!

It's my dad's 62nd birthday today. What an oldie. He's Crosby's BFF & mine as well. A great grandpa to Madds & Zo and all around awesome dude. I'm thankful for him every day.

When u the cutest baby niece ever.