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‪This dog's face makes me immeasurably joyful. ‬

That feeling when it's the first day of your summer vacation and you have a cute haircut and your aunt made you be on a news story but you have the skating rink to yourself. #nobummersummer

She might be asleep in London, but over here it's still @sailorlegs birthday. We've had many adventures during our friendship but visiting her in London and going to Scotland is one of the most memorable to me. (And every band we've screamed to together and every late night dance party we've had, and lazy Barton springs swims and sushi or pho nights and how she held my hair when I was so sick with Lyme, I had to put my face in bowls of ice water to numb the pain). So. She's pretty special.

Little moments that add up to big love and gratefulness.

Finishing up S3 of #unbreakablekimmyschmidt and loving the Titus-centricness of it. (Also a reminder that these are in my Etsy shop😂)

Living that Etsy life. I put up these fabric embroidery hoops for your enamel pin displays. Two denim options available! Credits: Pins in pic by me, @gillypress & @fogagarty

Texas pre-rain skies in Grapevine / at work super late.

@its_lyt texted today while watching Phoenix soundcheck, so I immediately blared the 2009 album with my windows down & arms out. I was whisked away to memory town. Dancing on stage with the band the 1st day of Christmas break. Stalking them to Guero's where Deck held the door open for me. Yelling "Fences to the loser" for almost an entire year. And too many dance parties at Barbarella. I love that I have such a treasure trove of ATX memories.

Pretty stoked that these two decided to get hitched and become parents. Happy Mother's Day to my totally wild mom, who has passed on wisdom and always tried her best, while creating memories for our whole lives.

You probably already came across this on various social media feeds, but this year's #nobummersummer cards are ready to go!! Visit the link at @nobummersummer to get yours.

Niece is the person who adventures with me most, so she is featured a lot in fun photos of beautiful new spaces.

There's a lot going on. In the world at large and each of our individual lives. It can pile up and make it unable for one to breath. So I'm glad I took time out on a Monday to hike with my friend Haley and breath in some nature. And come across this sweet sign in what felt like the middle of nowhere.

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