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Jana Warnke 'worn key'  Worn Keys Emporium of Oddities Procurer of high quality fandom crafts. All items made by me! TN USA


It's my face! I'm not dead! Moving is NOT my favorite! I am hopefully going to have my stuff back to set up shop the third week in August! It's way longer than I wanted to wait, but we have been fighting an uphill battle with home sales! 😰 sending my love to you beautiful crafters and customers out there!!!! 😘💞😘💞😘

We are leaving TN this week! We just went to the ball. I can't wait to start making again! Miss my makers 😘❤️💃🏻✨

I miss my crafters community. Today I thought I'd share My very first clay exploit it was back in November. It took me three days to 'figure out' polyclay and make something recognizable. I had no prompt or picture to base my new friend off of, but I did on occasion stare at my dog Lulu. That's why his feets are folded neatly...I miss making. So much changes in a short amount of time. My health has improved so quickly. I can't wait to be back in my creative sphere! Many pretty things to come, and I am patiently waiting!!! I didn't start clay to be known for clay. I started it because with lupus, it was too soft to hurt me. I really wanted to cast again, but this time not on metal. I wanted to produce something that could be different, affordable, customizable, useful, or wearable. I don't want fame or glory, just simple childlike happiness, a reason to smile a thoughtful expression. So I'll keep making silly little things and hopefully it will pick up and be received like it was before this crazy move. I hope everyone is well. Warmest regards, Jana

Words that defy gravity.

My eldest boy Isaiah and I! Happy 15th!!! (I'm not short! I'm 5'9", he's just crazy tall!) he used to think I was a giant nerd and my new job change was 'weird' he's grown to be very interested and is super supportive of my crafting. He's a fancy GQ guy and I'm a hippy from the country, we couldn't be any different but this kid was the first man to steal my entire heart as I started out raising him as a single parent. He's so much a part of who I am.

One of my hand painted pieces that never made it to the listings because I kept it lol! #handpainted #etsyshop #gryffindor #gryffindorpride #lion #harrypotter #hogwarts #hogwartshouses #magical #hp⚡ #hp

The always beautiful @mllechamalow had the most stunning photo shoot with my giant fairy winged key! I've been waiting to share this!!! #wingedkey #wingedkeys #harrypotter #handmade #magical #fairy #fairytale #fae

I posted this on my nails page already but it's just whimsical enough that I thought I would post here too. I've been considering painting #fandom press ons like these to go in my shop. Crafters like me need nails that we can take off and reuse! #magical #handmade #handpainted #nails #pressons #antiquecopper #nailart #bicycle #silliness

Probably one of the last cold days the south will give me. Good thing my little buddy already found his shiny tea cup or I'd be alone drinking my tea. Look at his tush! 😂😻✨ #niffler #teainfuser #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem #fantasticbeasts #fbawtft #resin #resincasting #handmade #magical

(Don't forget to swipe left to see it finished!) Long ago in a land far away (like last year😹) I was a nailtech getting my first competition set together. The prompt was 'sing' and being the (closet) geek at the time that I was, I found a way to use my love for Harry Potter to encompass my design. The egg was made completely out of gel and acrylic and I made the tiniest hinges ever to make sure it could be opened and closed. I remember encouraging people to touch it and they were so scared! At one point I dipped the egg in red wax so that I could apply each leaf without it sticking permanently. Sometimes I just want to share the road that led me back to crafting ❤️✨🗝💞. #harrypotter #harrypotterandthegobletoffire #hp⚡ #hp #nails#nailart #nailtech #competitionnails #madscientist #mermaid #mermaidscene

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