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My coues deer taken on the last evening of the hunt in Sonora Mexico this past January. @tsanchez25 and myself went down to check out a new hunt opportunity for our clients looking for giant coues, and we certainly found them! These little deer are incredibly elusive and one of the most fun hunts available south of the border. Assuming his antlers didn't shrink substantially now that the 60-day drying period has passed, this particular deer should qualify for the all-time B&C record book with a green score of around 115". #NealAndBrownleeLLC

One of the great conservation success stories of the modern era is the Bukharan Markhor in Tajikistan. The communities of Tajikistan borrowed and improved upon conservation ideals from Africa and neighboring Pakistan to try sport hunting as a conservation tool because telling local communities "don't shoot them" wasn't working. The idea didn't just help the population of markhor thrive and swell to numbers not seen in generations, but it's also had an immense impact on expanding the snow leopard population as well. See how in my write up below. •

With numbers dwindling to a handful of markhor in small fragmented areas, the future of the Bukaharan markhor was in serious trouble. Realizing something had to be done, people put what was at the time a controversial plan in action. Basing the conservation plan around funds derived from hunting (borrowing ideas from Pakistan's successful markhor projects and conservation programs in Africa), scientists decided to set aside hunting reserves for markhor, with the idea being that bringing markhor value would increase their numbers while simultaneously increasing the number of snow leopards the areas could sustain. More markhor meant a larger prey base for the snow leopards. The project was started in several areas of Tajikistan, and limited tags were auctioned off. 50% of the tag price goes directly to the community (amounting to roughly $60,000-$70,000 per animal). Because of their value, the locals have virtually ceased poaching them for competing with their livestock as they're now seen as a huge source of revenue. The funds allow for anti-poaching teams as well, and the rangers regular rounds of the hunting areas have drastically reduced any remaining illegal poaching. The total number of legal permits sold in Tajikistan is 7, and the number of markhor has grown from a few hundred in 2008 to over 1,800 today. Additionally, the number of snow leopards has increased exponentially as well (the leopards are not hunted) as the locals have been educated as to why they need the leopards. This is a prime example of how hunting and conservation go hand in hand.

Our client Mike @badaxe60 and the Himalayan ibex he took on a hunt in Pakistan that we helped arrange for him. Mike had the hunt filmed for personal use, though it's very professionally done. The movie for this hunt, titled Mera Safar, is now available to watch (for free). I had the pleasure to get a sneak peak and must say it's one of the best hunting films I've watched. A link to the video can be found on his page!


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@worldwidehunts had a 'blast' with some friends/clients last week at the 6th annual @bootnshootn fundraiser clay shooting event in Dallas, TX. With well over 1,000 people in attendance, this incredible event surpassed last year's $800K donations with proceeds benefiting our veterans and the Dallas Police Force. We had the pleasure of shooting with Louis, a veteran who willingly experienced four assignments overseas and now managing recruitment in the Dallas area. Per Taya Kyle, roughly 22 veterans die by suicide per day (one every 65 minutes). We are very fortunate to have these men and women protecting our country, allowing us to do what we love.


#TBT - Early morning run-in with a bull moose we called into camp in NW Alaska. Being day 1 of my clients hunt, we elected to pass. He shot a 65" bull 4 days later after seeing nearly 30 legal bulls.

Our client @kworndorff with his Utah mountain lion taken with a bow. They had a grind of a hunt, but Koby took this tom on day 5 of a 5 day hunt!
Congrats again and thank you for your continued loyalty and trust.

King of Africa's Spiral Horns - The Mountain Nyala. -
Found only in the high mountains of central Ethiopia, the hunt for mountain nyala more closely resembles a sheep hunt than an African Safari. Hunting them involves lots of hiking, glassing and long shots across valleys to the opposite mountain. Only "discovered" by westerners in the early 20th century, due to in part to their location, these elusive antelope are often considered the top spiral horn trophy in Africa. Males weigh upwards of 650 lbs and can have horns over 40" long. The hunt for mountain nyala is difficult, expensive and very limited, but one of the great adventure hunt opportunities remaining today.


A fantastic Cape buffalo taken by our client in Zambia's Luangwa Valley. Buffalo concentrations in the Luangwa are very high in some GMA's, with trophy quality also quite high. This hard-bossed bull stretched the tape to over 45" and had a nice deep drop.
Looking forward to the high/season to start in Southern Africa to see what our clients pull out this year! Zambia has maintained an outstanding track record for trophy quality over the past several years. We'll have clients in Zambia from June 1 - October 20, so I expect more photos of buffalo like this one coming throughout the year.

Our client with a fantastic 34"+ aoudad taken with one of our outfitters in west Texas last week.
Native to Northern Africa, aoudad, or Barbary Sheep, were introduced to the United States post-WW2 and have thrived in the harsh landscapes of west Texas and New Mexico. Today there are an estimated 25,000 wild aoudad in Texas, which is more than the total population in their native range. Though they're actually in the goat family, they're often called the "poor mans sheep" due to the terrain they inhabit and the challenge of hunting them.

My desert mule deer I was fortunate enough to take with one of our outfitters in Sonora this January. This deer's "high and tight" look is not the typical antler configuration for mule deer south of the border, but I'm not complaining! To say Sonora is a hunters paradise would be an understatement, and we work with some of the best ranches available to the traveling hunter.


#TBT - Not something you see posted too often: Jeff Neal and our client with a pair of saiga antelope they hunted in Kazakhstan in the early 1990s. The Saiga's odd shaped noses were an evolutionary filter system that helped to filter dust when traveling in large migrating herds, also keeping them cool in the warm summer months and warming the air before it entered their lungs in the frigid winter months. At the time this hunt took place, these antelope occurred in the millions. Since that time, poaching for their horns, which are thought to have medicinal properties in China, and most recently mass population declines due to disease have decimated the total population from 250,000 in 2015 to only 140,000 today. Hopefully this ancient antelope will be able to rebound to the once robust populations Asia enjoyed in the recent past. -


Our client with his western roan taken in northern Cameroon last month.
Cameroon has two very distinct ecosystems within its borders: the savannah and the rainforest. The savannah is a very open landscape and very hot and dry. The main quarry in the savannah are lord derby Eland, western roan and savannah buffalo. The rainforest on the other hand is humid and has extremely dense vegetation, so thick you cannot clearly see the sky through the canopy most of the time while you're off of the logging roads that make hunter access possible. is home to the bongo, forest buffalo, sitatunga and forest elephant, as well as a host of small game and non game animals (such as lowland gorilla). Most clients do both hunts but at different times, with this particular client going to the rainforest next year.


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