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World Turtle Day®  #Shellebrate annual #WorldTurtleDay May 23rd. Spreading awareness on illegal pet trade, live food markets & habitat destruction. 💙🐢

For this week's #followfriday feature we introduce Exxon, a 31-year old male Leopard Tortoise whose unique name comes from an oil-spill like mess he made in his owner's car during transit. He spent most of his life in Southern California, but now lives in Washington state with his large family including 7 cats, 8 tortoises, 8 chickens, 7 geese, 5 turkeys and 1 duck. You too can help tortoises find happy homes by donating

#Mythbusting this week at the #rescue: It’s best to buy turtles from a pet store. FALSE! Pet stores might buy their turtles or tortoises from cruel trappers and up to 90% die in transit. Get your turtle or tortoise from a local shelter. #Adopt Don’t Shop. You can help out turtles by donating #turtletuesday

Meet Shelly our #followfriday feature! She’s a 30 year-old, Long Neck Turtle from Australia. She enjoys eating fish eggs, dragonfly larvae and hanging out with her turtle friends in their pond. You can help #rescue turtles live a better life #longneckturtle #turtles

‪We like to debunk myths about turtles, so here’s one that we often hear. ‘Turtles are easy to care for, just get a nice tank, right?’ FALSE! Turtles are wild animals and need safe outdoor space. Would you spend your life in a bathtub? Same difference. Be kind to our shelled friends. #turtletuesday #rescue #wildanimals #notanks #wildlife

Meet Lisa and Dupree for this week's #followfriday feature. The nearly 40 year-old Redfoot tortoise is named after the Grateful Dead tune 'Dupree Diamond Blues’ and lives alongside his lovely mate, daughter and two other leopard tortoise roommates. Although he spends most of his time outdoors, he must spend the northeast winters indoors. #turtles #gratefuldead #happyturtle

‘Lady' enjoying the first rain of the season! This California desert tortoise is approximately 100 years old; soon she will be finding a spot to hibernate for the winter. Email for a desert tortoise care sheet.” #turtletuesday #oldtortoise #100years #rain #fall

It’s been almost three months since we took in 19 eastern box turtles rescued from wildlife trafficking on their way to China. Ten have been released into the sanctuary, are doing great and making new friends! #stopturtletrafficking #boxturtles #turtletuesday #easternboxturtles

‪We want to meet your #turtles! Post your great turtle photo below in comments. Our first pick will be featured on 10/5 with your fun facts about it. #FollowFriday #turtlefriends

Our red eared slider hatchlings now at adoptable size for ponds (no tanks please)! Email to #adopt. See video to learn more about #redearedslider #pond #koi #koiok #turtle

Abandon Sulcata tortoise somewhat deformed needs loving home! Happy to adopt sulcatas to forever homes offering TLC, very large outdoor area and heated homes in winter. Email

August was a busy month at the rescue as we took in two groups of Eastern #boxturtles being smuggled to China. In China they are used as currency, but luckily avoided that fate. Visit to help these new residents! #stopturtletrafficking #turtletuesday #boxturtle

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