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VIDEO*** Follow Her on TWITTER 👉 @SaharAlFaifi She works at an NHS cancer diagnostics lab in a hospital during the day, and is a community leader with Citizens #UK , the community organisation. She also has an executive position on the #Muslim Council of #Britain .

And she goes skydiving five times a year.

However, she's been pretty busy this week after #UKIP launched their integration policy pledging to ban face coverings. Paul Nuttall, the Ukip leader, told the Andrew Marr Show: "You need to see people's faces". After a week of back to back interviews, including two TV interviews and around five radio interviews, Al-Faifi spoke to BuzzFeed News: "It's been really hectic for me the last 48 hours," she said. "Since Ukip announced their manifesto [and burka ban policy] on Sunday, I've been receiving phonecalls constantly, personally and through the Muslim Council of Wales, from radio interviews, and TV shows." She was meant to have a week off, she said. Yet on Monday she found herself being invited to do an interview with BBC's Victoria Live Show, alongside UKIP's Liz Jones. She then did an interview on ITV's This Morning, which has been watched nearly a quarter of a million times on #YouTube .

She was interviewed alongside Dr Taj Hargey, the founder of the Open #Mosque initiative, who disagrees with face coverings. He brought along a #Quran and niqab on set, which he picked up, saying: "How is this thing symbolic of Islam?" Al-Faifi says that since the interviews this week she has been inundated with messages of support. Straight after the interview a This Morning poll showed 71% of viewers said no to the question: "Should Britain ban the #burka ?" "I must say I am overwhelmed by the kind messages that I received from my Muslim friends, and friends of faith and non-faith groups, #Jewish friends, from #LGBT [groups], from all over society sending me messages of support, kind feedback and I'm thinking: alhamdulillah, #God has blessed me to do that, and I can only work with other people to make sure that hate is history, and hate has no place in our country," she said. "It's almost [as if] #Muslims are guilty unless proven otherwise. CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

They are #Islam fastest growing ethnic group, but for #Latinas living in the #UnitedStates , converting from #Catholicism isn’t easy. Some say people view them as giving up their heritage to become #Arab . And they’re doing this in what are, for many, difficult political times.

CGTN’s Phil Lavelle filed this report.

Lucy Silva is a #Muslim . She converted from Catholicism 18 years ago.
“Some people just jump into it and put on the #headscarf , I took my time in doing a lot of research before taking that step,” she said.
Once #Mexican and #Catholic , and now Mexican and Muslim, which some people just can’t get their heads around.
“They automatically assume I’m Arab or from ‘over there.’ So when they hear me speaking Spanish – let’s say I’m at a grocery store, or I’m speaking to my Mom or my son – they’re quite surprised. They say, ‘Where did you learn to speak #Spanish ’ and I say, ‘Well, I’m #Mexican ,’” Lucy said.
It’s hard to know exactly how many Latino and #Latina #Muslims are in the #US because no official studies have been carried out. But some experts estimate that figure to be anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000.
One report from #Florida International University says 90 percent of them are converts.Most of them #women .
In fact, #Latino and Latina Muslims are the fastest growing ethnic group in Islam.
“A lot of their values tend to already be conservative values. They have a higher respect for #Jesus who we say is a prophet in Islam. They have a high respect for the mother of Jesus, for Mary. So there’s that kind of connection with religion and the idea of #God and love for God,” Mustafa Umar an Imam at the #Islamic Institute of #OrangeCounty , says.
Wanda couldn’t agree more.
“If you grew up in a traditional Hispanic family home, then it’s very similar to Islam,” she said.
She’s from #PuertoRico and converted as a teenager, only weeks before 9/11.
“I was exposed to drugs and alcohol when I was about 11. And for me, Islam was more of like a stability and structure for me,” Wanda said.
But coming from a strict Catholic background, it wasn’t easy.
“It took my Mom about five years to get used to me converting to Islam. CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

Follow Her 👉 @themostmona In less than a month's time, Mona Haydar's powerful #music video, " #Hijabi (Wrap My# Hijab )," has skyrocketed to nearly a million views on #YouTube . Since then, life has changed drastically for the #Syrian #American activist and artist, who has become a voice for #Muslim women who want to wear their hijab proudly and without judgment. "I definitely didn't expect the video to do what it has," Haydar says over the phone as she tends to her six-week-old son (she was eight months pregnant with him in the video). "It's my first attempt at music!" It's no small feat, given that the married Haydar also has a three-year-old and is currently getting her master's in theology. "Welcome to my daily grind!" she says with a laugh.

But Haydar's reason for creating the video was no laughing matter. After an incident on an airplane prompted her to turn her pain into art, Haydar became intent on spreading her message: We're all deserving of love, regardless of gender, race, or religion. "I've always been really inspired by Prince. That's one of my treasure boxes," she says of the beloved artist.

So what's next for the 28-year-old? She hopes to have an EP out by the end of the #summer , and then her future album—titled One—will drop after that. "I want to give as much as I can…by building a more kind world with my music and with my daily life." Here, she tells Glamour how she's planning on doing that.

Glamour: How are you trying to bring about change through the video?

Mona Haydar: I’m excited by the fact that it’s normalizing the narrative of Muslim American #women and women in general. For young Muslim girls, to see a girl that looks like her mom in a music video, who doesn’t have a stick-thin body, who isn’t wearing gobs and gobs of makeup, who is just a normal woman doing normal things in a video, [is so important]. I’m just really excited that that’s out in the world for young girls to see and feel like, "I can look like whatever I want and be in a music video, and nothing can stop me." Glamour: What inspired you to make the video in the first place?

MH: The whole song came from getting on an airplane. CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

VIDEO LINK IN BIO 👆 Follow him 👉 @SalimMakki The junior defensive tackle, who is a practicing #Muslim , shares in an essay why he would like to meet Pope Francis.

Dear Coach Harbaugh,

First off I would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit #Rome . I will not take our trip for granted and will be sure to take full advantage of the experience in order to learn and grow both as a football player and a man. I realize that the true essence of this trip is to further my relationship with my teammates and coaches. As in a family, there is no better way to build character and comradery then with a good ole road trip.

After receiving the message today to be considered for the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I knew I had to jump on it. I am a devoted Muslim but my grandmother was a #Christian and I have had the fortune of having the values of both religions instilled in me. Growing up my father taught me the importance of #coexistence in #religions and respecting the beliefs of others. Last semester, I intentionally enrolled in the course "The History of #Jesus " to advance my knowledge of #Jesus Christ in order to relate with my teammates and coaches.

His Holiness #PopeFrancis is sincerely one my #heroes . In a time where #Muslims have been scrutinized and wrongly identified with violence, Pope Francis has defended Islam and stated that not all Muslims are violent. His Holiness has continued his support of lslam by washing the feet of #Syrian Muslim #refugees and calling for mutual #respect during the holy month of #Ramadan . A true hero defends and helps the hopeless, and that's why Pope Francis is a #hero .

Again. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. I know what His Holiness means to you and your family and giving the players this opportunity shows your gratitude, selflessness, and consideration for others and that is the values of the Pope himself.

Thank you for your consideration, and Go Blue!

Aye Alhassani, 23, had completed several tests and a group interview before she was invited to an individual interview for the position with the airline. It was during the interview that she was informed SAS has a uniform policy banning the wearing of religious symbols. "At first they were cautious and I don't think the interviewer wanted to be straight about it. But eventually it was clarified that it's not permitted to wear a headscarf according to their policy. I was quite shocked," Alhassani told The Local.

The 23-year-old asked why they had chosen to wait until her individual interview to inform her about the rule. "It would've been better to get that information early in the process, because I could've then looked for other jobs and not prioritized the #SAS job over others and let them go. There are many things you have to think about as a company when you're recruiting. The interviewer clarified to me they wanted to give me a choice in person to take off the headscarf for the job. Which annoyed me." In a comment, SAS #Sweden head of media Fredrik Henriksson explained the company has a policy that "applies to all of our employees regardless of #religion , culture or ideology". "SAS' uniform follows a neutral, unified visual identity and does not contain any other garments, accessories or political, religious, cultural or ideological symbols." The company also referred to a recent #European Court of Justice ruling that concluded businesses can stop staff from wearing visible religious symbols, provided it is part of a general policy barring all religious and political symbols.

The March 14th ruling from #Europe highest court concluded that banning the wearing of such symbols does not necessarily constitute direct discrimination as long as all employees are asked to dress neutrally and as such the rule does not mean "persons adhering to a particular religion or belief being put at a particular disadvantage". Alhassani said she hopes #Swedish companies opt not to use the #EU ruling as justification for stopping employees from wearing religious garments however. CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

"If you want to go forward, you have to give education to girls. And once you educate girls, you change the whole community. You change the whole society." These were the wise words of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, upon being appointed the youngest ever UN Messenger for Peace at a ceremony in #NewYork .

Malala's groundbreaking appointment, given with special consideration for her work promoting education for #women , comes at a pivotal moment for women worldwide. For just a week earlier, the #UnitedStates announced it would strip all #US funding from the #UnitedNations Population Fund (UNFPA). This is a shame because as a UNPFA statement pointed out, the agency works across 150 countries providing voluntary family planning, midwife training, pre-natal care and safe delivery services, and working to end child marriage and female genital mutilation. The provision of such critical services "empowers girls and women to pursue an education, earn an income, and live more prosperous lives". Ironically, the decision emboldens those across the #Muslim world who resort to regressive cultural practices and grotesque distortions of #Islamic teachings to justify their repression of women. {The burden of patriarchy}

Patriarchy has no single religion or culture. It rears its head in all nations and in all cultures with uniform ferocity, despite the differing ideologies by which it seeks to perpetuate itself.
Two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults are women. Only half of the world's women are employed, compared to three-quarters of the world's men. In most developing countries, female employment is even lower, at around 25 percent. Yet, women spend two and a half times more time and effort than men on unpaid care work and household responsibilities.
The total value of the global employment participation gap and the wage gap between women and men is $17 trillion; in other words, women only have a 36 percent share of global income, measured in purchasing power parity terms. This generates massive inequalities in overall incomes, health and education.
Lack of access to education has an inextricable rebound effect on health. CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

#Actor and #rapper @rizahmed Riz Ahmed got real about the War On Terror at Aasif Mandvi's #AllStar Deportation #Jamboree , which raised #money for both the #ACLU and #IRC . #Muslim #Rap #spokenword

FOLLOW Her 👉 @thebrittaniacp 👈 A contestant on The Voice who vowed to “crush stereotypes” in her Blind Audition has offered a powerful message of hope to other young #Muslims in an interview with the TODAY Show this morning.

The #Muslim #Australian performance of the Civil Wars and Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” earned her an immediate fan in judge Boy George, who said he agreed with her “loving, unifying message”. The 17-year-old told co-hosts Kyle Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson this morning that she felt “a little bit overwhelmed” by the experience. “I entered on a little bit of a whim… Then it end up being so much bigger,” the Toowoomba resident and #hijab -wearing teen said. “Were you worried about how it would be perceived?” Wilkinson asked. “Obviously I was a little bit concerned,” Brittania replied. “Because you know there is a prejudice that exists. Yeah, that was definitely in the back of my mind. “(But) diversifying the industry is something that’s very important to me.” Stefanovic asked Brittania whether she had faced challenges within her community in the course of pursuing #music .

The teen denied this was case, citing the local Muslim community’s cultural diversity as well as its attitude of inclusivity and understanding. “I take a lot of confidence from that,” she said.

Brittania said that if she had any message herself to give to other young Muslims like herself, it would be to “have strength in their dreams”. “I suppose we are living in a bit of a difficult time, (but) the best way to combat that is to just live our life as normal and follow our dreams as normal and just give it 100 percent, because there’s a really supportive community out there,” she said.

Brittania also lavished praise on her fellow performers, and said that while she felt a little intimidated, she remained grateful for her experience thus far. “I’m willing to give it my all. And regardless of how far I get into the competition, just to get this far has been a really, really amazing experience,” she said. #Hijabi #Hijabis #Muslimah #Muslimahs #Australia #Australian

One of the nation’s largest school districts is defending its campaign to fight #Islamophobia and promote understanding of #Muslim culture against critics who say it is favoring a religion.

Kevin Beiser, vice president of the #SanDiego Unified School District board, said Tuesday that the effort is modeled on a plan he advanced several years ago to protect #LGBT students. He said bullying of Muslim students is pervasive and vastly underreported. “Muslim students are constantly being harassed, spit on, verbally abused, pushed, shoved, their hijabs are being pulled,” he said, calling it a “serious problem probably in every public school in the country.” Critics planned a protest at Tuesday’s school board meeting but no one in the audience rose to speak for or against the effort and there were no visible signs of opposition.

The multiyear plan includes ensuring staff calendars include Muslim #holidays , reviewing library materials on Muslim culture, providing resources to teachers and engaging in partnerships with the Council on #American #Islamic Relations.

The district also plans to consider high school clubs that promote American Muslim culture, create “safe spaces” for students and train staff about Muslim culture. The district is reviewing internal staff calendars to make sure Muslim holidays are recognized.

A letter outlining plans will be sent to staff and parents of its 132,000 students. It’s expected to go out before #Ramadan begins in late May.

The plan drew little attention when the board approved it 4-0 on April 4, with one member absent. Public comments from staff and community members were uniformly positive. “We believe this is a great first step in the direction of protecting Muslim students from the bullying that is a direct result of the growing Islamophobia in our state and nation,” Hanif Mohebi, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ San Diego chapter, said after the vote. “Other school districts should follow this lead, and we will be happy to work with them to provide resources and trainings.” Pushback gradually spread on the social media and the internet, with written attacks on #Islam CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

Responding to the long-standing controversy over polygamy, Indonesia’s women #Muslim clerics are emphasizing that the practice is not part of #Islamic teachings.

According to Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin, who represents #Indonesia in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC), Islam never introduced the concept of having multiple spouses at once. “ #Polygamy has existed since the #jahiliyyah era. At that time, men were allowed to have an unlimited number wives,” Siti said, referring to the era of “ignorance” in #MiddleEastern history prior to the advent of #Islam . “When Islam came, it humanized the practice by limiting the number [of wives a man could take],” she added.

Many conservative Muslims still claim that polygamy is allowed in Islamic teaching. The government, however, upholds the principle of monogamy with Article 3 of the law, which stipulates that a man is only allowed to have one wife.

The law allows men take a second wife under certain conditions, such as cases in which his first wife suffers from a serious illness or is unable to bear a child. “We should learn that the #Quran itself pushes for monogamy; it says that if men are not able to treat #women fairly, then they must only have one wife. So, the requirement [for taking a second wife] is strict and that’s because the practice can lead to violence against women,” said cleric Nur Rofiah of the #Jakarta #Quranic #College . #Indonesia #Indonesian #Indonesians

SWIPE LEFT for more PICTURES ⬅️ When Deynaba Farah was 15 years old, she had trouble falling asleep at night. As she drifted to sleep in her bedroom, filled with #Syracuse #basketball memorabilia and an overflowing bookshelf filled with novels like “The Mis-Education of the Negro” and “Malcolm X,” she stared out her window and focused on a bright red light blinking in the distance.

That light stands on the roof of Day Hall, and Farah stared at this symbol of her dream of attending Syracuse University every single day throughout high school. She would be the first person in her family to even think about attending an institution of higher education — or go to school at all — because they came as #refugees from #Somalia . But as a transfer from #Onondaga Community College’s 2+2 program her junior year, she finally made it to the Hill.

Although the 22-year-old senior social work major takes pride in her studies at SU, Farah uses her education to help further her work off campus. As president of the youth group of the Islamic Society of Central #NewYork on Comstock Avenue, she volunteers and sits on the board of the Rahma Health Clinic, is on the board of Alliances of Communities Transforming Syracuse and trains their youth activity council, has an internship at Dr. King Elementary School helping in school social work, runs a Saturday tutoring program for #Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment and, on the weekends, hosts a school for children in her neighborhood to teach them about the #Quran and the #Muslim faith.

Farah doesn’t have much time for herself, but that’s the way she likes it. “I’ll never have this time again. I’m using the time that I have — my youth — to make my community better to leave a legacy for my children and for the youth that are coming after me so they know what to follow,” she said. “The concept that I’ll never have this time again comes from my religion. … I want all children of #African descent to feel that they do have a place in this community. “They do belong — they just have to find where they belong.” Farah was born in the Shabelle tribe by the Shabelle River in Somalia, but when she was around CONTINUE READING 👇👇👇

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