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Jimmy Arrighi 

A little after soccer ice cream action with my girl.

Great success! In the middle of the candy trade now, which is crazier than the trick or treating was.

We out here. Sophia’s last elementary school, Halloween parade. Sad dad moment - these kids grow up to fast so hug em while you can.

A little Trunk or Treat action.

Carved some pumpkins today. Last pick is Dylan’s drawing of what he wanted to carve - hamburger with tongue out and crazy eyes. Ha.

We out here (Big Bear).

Bout to get a wet game of soccer on.

Got a little park time in this evening.

In other parental news. This dude went to a 7th grade (Hawaiian themed) dance after school today. Ha.

Went to Sophia’s last jog-a-thon as an elementary schooler this morning. Which as I wrote that out it’s sad to think about. These kids grow up way too fast so make an effort to be present in this life because it’ll be gone before you know it. I know, way wah.

A little evening dog beach action.

A little Disneyland throwback. On many occasions the kids would wear costumes there.

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