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MrLondonPlumber Takeover β€’ UK  We protect the health & welfare of the world β€’ Open forum in comments - one rule: Respect! β€’ #worldplumbers #learnthetrade #sharetheknowledge

@mr.london_plumber_ take over with @weareplumbers on-site at one of the largest home providers in Britain giving us a personal tutorial lesson about what is inside your home from ventilation to heating thank you so much. Leon has great knowledge in his job and it was definitely an honour to follow him around πŸ‘πŸ‘#worldplumbertakeover #worldplumbers #takeovertour #rigidtools

Mr London plumber takeover tour with @mr.london_plumber_ on-site with the largest home providers in the Britain Showing you plumbing and heating first hand with Loen Who has been in the industry for over 12 years and has great experience and knowledge .very good engineer and qualified gas man as well Journey to success @weareplumbers thank you so much for the tour and the tutorial πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ‘πŸ‘

Mr London plumber's classroom this is one of my students who is in his first year of his NVQ level one . I am oh proud of him . when we made this video. Because he can explain to you what he done which is two double offsets he called it himself an amazing bookshelf . I enjoy my work and working with young people and anyone who wants to be a plumber because you can create anything if people wanna learn this is a prime example of Littler Mr London plumber is coming through in the industry#worldplumbers #worldplumbertakeover # @mr.london_plumber_πŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Good morning everyone it @mr.london_plumber_ just wanted to introduce myself to everyone my name is Jayson I am a lecturer so I teach Plumbing in colleges we teach GNVQ level one and two and three plumbing heating and drainage . I'm going to take you on a journey of my life being a plumber in London and my experiences within the industry and the things what I have learnt and the doors I wish to open for other plumbers . #worldplumbertakeover #mrlondonplumber #worldplumbers I will be doing live streaming and questions and giveaways and most potently I'll be giving away information and knowledge Thank you @ogplumbgod A amazing week

Hello ! I would like to introduce myself as Mr London plumber , My name is Jayson and I am a plumbing lecturer in London. I have been in the industry for 17 years and i've worked my way up through the ranks .
I'm still learning everyday and I am still enjoying it .
One thing I've been told is "you're not good plumber until you get wet " sponsors this week on this @nest #worldplumbers #mrlondonplumber #worldplumbertakeover @mechanicalhub @ridgidtools

#Repost @knarlycarl β€’ Knarly Carl Sunday in lieu of Monday
Some people are so impatient 🀣 I have decided to post this since a new milestone has been reached.
Basically I am accountable for the work I do, whereas before, I would simply refer people to our current licensed plumber, if that makes sense.
I have slowly taken the steps to have resources to find the answers I need for a situation that arises. I had the current plumber to fall back onto for answers, but honestly, he gave very little information beyond the immediate situation. That's understandable, but I wished he could have included me in the process of code references and different calculations he did for a better understanding. As it was, I had to figure out where my resources are and how to read the code properly (extremely frustrating when no one helps you understand it). I felt like I was flying blind many times... Like I was just barely prepared for the task at hand.
More recently, though, I figured things out a little more and jumped through the Department of Commerce's hoops and they gave me a little slip of paper that translates to "Now we think you know enough about Plumbing for you to take care of things on your own, but you're still to blame if something doesn't go right, good luck with that"
Anyways, it's a great feeling to accomplish that, and now my name is available to the public.... Gotta watch my back.😜 ➑
Currently, the licensed plumber I worked under is down to 3 days a week here and set to retire sometime maybe in the next year, I'm not really sure.
#introduction #video #ford #plumbing #license #me #hvac #worldplumbers

This week we'll be in London with Jayson @mr.london_plumber_ ! Looking foward to a great week sponsored by @nest! Thanks to Jayson, Nest and our tour sponsors @ridgidtools and @mechanicalhub!

Good tools last for generations

@turbo_plumbing_and_heating LIVE on @worldplumbers today 12:00 Pacific Time (Pemberton, BC, Canada)

#Repost @plomberieletendre great video about his custom made storage and good truck organization ・・・
the key to well organized work is to have a well organized truck , make sure to keep it nice and clean #plumbing #plomberie #makeithappen #makeitright #plomberiemontreal #red #white #blue #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurlife #plumbinglife #plumbingboss #montreal #repentigny #laval #worldplumbers @worldplumbers #truck #clean #dewalt #shelving #shelvingsystems

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