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Greg Lives  Learn to live and not just exist. Ppl exist everyday and never really live. Take risks daily! 😎 #inspired #riskitall #onelife 👍

Before we get to the extra curricular activities in New Zealand, these guys wanted to celebrate with some fine dining. Perhaps the smallest duck I have ever ate! #newzealand #2018 #worldtraveler

I met this amazing young lady who told me parts of her story. But something in particular inspired me. She mentioned she found her late mother’s bucket list of activities to do prior to eternal rest. I don’t believe this was coincidence discovering her mother’s unfinished adventure. I firmly believe your parents never really pass away. There genetic material, habits, memories and beliefs flow through your veins. She might not realize it now, but she is not just going to fulfill her mother’s bucket list. But in reality her mother will fulfill her dreams through her daughter. I’m truly excited to watch this young lady embark on a internal journey that can inspire thousands. #californiaadventures #2018 #startyourjourney #worldtraveler

When we’re not busy saving the world, it’s always awesome to see this guy in the mission. #sanfrancisco #california #2018

Quite possibly my first friend I made when I moved to California 6 years ago. Always a pleasure to catch up! #goodtimes #alwaysapleasure

Hanging out in Santana Row with the Meetup crew. #sanjose #california #2018

It’s been years since I had the chance to sit and play video games. But these two knuckleheads won’t leave me alone.. #dogs #sanfrancisco #2018

Left Portland, Oregon 8am and arrived in San Francisco around 6pm. Oh how I missed this sunny beautiful weather!! #california #sanfrancisco

I chose to move to Oregon for a few reasons. One big reason was it’s scenic views and recreational activities. How can someone live in a state and not enjoy it to its fullest potential? Well I’m leaving for month. I’ll be back you amazing state you!! #oregonlife #2018

I’m gonna tell you another secret about happiness. It’s something that’s meant to be shared! Cherish the friendships you make over the years. It’s these people who will shape your personality. It’s these people who will remind you of all the fun and cool things you did. All these pictures represent amazing friendships I have made. Always be open to make more friends and never stop being a friend in someone in need! #doittogether #youguysrock #ihavewaymore #2018 #lovetheseguys

Been hiking along rivers and climbing mountains lately. Building up my cardio to do some real hikes next week! #newzealand #worldtraveler #2018

Doing a little training before exploring some real caves thousands miles away next week! #newzealand #weekendtraining #getinthemode #worldtraveler

When it rains outside most people like to stay inside. I actually like going outside and exploring! Why? Because it’s quiet and empty. It gives me a chance to really pray. Why do I pray? Because I believe in something bigger and greater then me. I believe there is more to this universe then what I can see and feel. I believe prayer gives meaning, meaning gives purpose, purpose allows happiness. Wanna know where I find my strength? Try prayer....#somethingbigger #risks #takeachance

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