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Greg Lives  Learn to live and not just exist. Ppl exist everyday and never really live. Take risks daily! 😎 #inspired #riskitall #onelife 👍

Experience a new place in all different kinds of ways. Sometimes going by foot or car isn't the answer. Go back in time and see how the old pioneers traveled! #trainride #traveler #makingmemories

There is something more valuable then all the money in the world and it's called time. We need to value time more then money. Do not let meaningful moments and memories pass you by because of your pursuit of materialistic things and lifestyles. The biggest regret you will have is not bonding and sharing your experiences. Family, friends and happiness should always be priority over job and career goals. This is a life fact! #coloradoadventure #trainride

Exploring Colorado on my weekend. #longweekends

Just another mini vacation. #redrocks #coloradotrip

Never rely totally on others for your happiness. Only one person can change your life and that's yourself. Relying on others can set you up for failure. Perhaps you are walking in there footprints and not following your dreams. Take a step back and find that motivation inside to create change. The goal in life is not to look back and say "I Wished" the goal is to look back and say "I Did!" #mindsetchange #strivetodomore #oregonlife

Every weekend I always manage to find something that reminds me why I do what I do. The hard choices I made to fulfill my passions. Life is gonna be difficult. But then I arrive to my destination at places like these and the world reminds me I never make bad choices. I just embark on a different path then many! #choices #going #lovingit #oregonlife

How to entertain yourself at the beach while camping. #beachbum #laser #oregonlife

I left great paying jobs and prestigious job titles to undertake my real job. Full time thrillist, part time minimalist, on call adrenaline junkie if needed. I couldn't be happier with my decisions and look forward to see where life will take me next! Never forget happiness is a mindset and choice. #thrillist #minimalist #livingoffthegrid #happiness #oregonlife

Life is a mixture of balance and opportunity. First find your balance and then prepare for the opportunity when it comes! #keepstriving #choosesmart #oregonlife

First off thank you all for the messages and texts! For years I promised myself my 30th birthday was gonna be a special year. My goodness did I beat my own expectations! Met the President of the United States (Obama) and worked with his colleagues. Traveled to Vietnam and backpacked for two weeks. Saw and experienced some of the most amazing things around the world. Reconnected with old friends in Japan and Canada. Traveled across the United States 5 times and visited virtually every major city and state. Left California and started a new life in Oregon. Talk about a crazy 30th year! Question now is keep the momentum going or time to settle for 31? 😎 po#lifechoices #diditright #missionaccomplished #whatsnext #prettydarnhappy #Ithinkitstimetosettle

Every great journey starts with a bridge. Every great moment will begin with an idea. Every great memory will always end with a smile. Never bad to start over. Never wrong to give up . Some battles are meant to end. How you decide to end and start a new beginning will determine if you really gave up anything. #oregonlife #newbeginnings

No life obstacle can stop you if you prepare for it. Tackle every opportunity with the right mindset and a positive attitude. Challenges were not meant to break us, but in fact make us stronger and desirable. Go break and make your own path! #creativityiskey #oregonlife

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