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Greg Mackonze  Learn to live and not just exist. Ppl exist everyday and never really live. Take risks daily! 😎 #inspired #riskitall #onelife 👍

This is one of my favorite places on the planet. Where the road ends and imagination begins. A place where time doesn't exist and faith grows within. Do you have a sanctuary to gather your thoughts and strength? May I recommend where four elements meet and touching the sun is possible! #earth #water #wind #fire #journey #tilltheend #happiness #hardwork #gotit #2017 #faithiseverything

As I sit here with my loved ones. We ask each other: Are we happy where we live? Are we happy where we work? Are we happy with our lives? The hardest part is to embrace change and take risks. But for those of us who do take risks, end up embarking on an amazing journey too happiness. #youcoming? #stillgoing #getit #friendskeepitreal #lovelife

I love living the life of a minimalist. No constraints and opportunities are endless! Remember less is actually more. #2017 #worldtraveler #getit #stillgoing

I think a lot of us forget we're not promised tomorrow and old age is creeping up on us faster. Spend your time in youth wisely and be proud of your life. Routine is insanity and spontaneous is liberating. What are you gonna do today? #2017 #goforit #getit #worldtraveler

Very soon I'll be going on what I like to call a city/urban adventure. They always say test drive a car before you buy. Well I feel the same applies to cities as well! #portland #seattle #sandiego #phoenix #almostdone #2017 #stillgoing #citylife #worldtraveler

Man there is no better feeling then acting like a goofball!

One of the coolest parts of traveling is constantly meeting world travelers like myself who have a story to share. People leaving jobs, people looking for more adventure, people looking to experience life more. Whatever the reason is we all have a similar quality. We all actually did it and will continue to do it!

People have asked me how do you travel and what do you do. This is an easy question to answer. You go somewhere amazing, meet fun like minded people, eat something exotic, go somewhere crazy, and then create everlasting memories. Traveling the world is the simplest and most exciting thing to do. Yet some of us lack doing it greatly. Trust me when I say you won't regret a view like this!

Constantly meeting new people and building my network. Grow grow grow! #stillgoing #2017 #citylife

The old roommates meet again! #sanfrancisco #fusion #worldtraveler #stillgoing #2017

No challenge is to great. No destination is to far. No idea is to crazy. No belief is to strong. I don't know you personally but I believe in you. Why? Because I know you have purpose. How do I know you have purpose? Because your alive and breathing. We were not placed here to exist. We were placed here to live. How you define living will help define your purpose. So what do you say? We gonna start living today and find your purpose!? #getit #worldtraveler #stillgoing #2017

I am a world traveler and this is who I am. It is my goal to go everywhere and see everything. This planet is so beautiful and it's just wrong not to see it and feel it. I challenge everyone to live courageously and live fully. This planet is our home and we are meant to live it! #onelife #2017 #sevenwonders #worldtraveler #living #goforit #getit

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