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Actual fucking trash  "H-hello I'm Latvia ^-^ but you can call me Raivias.". [}I love to rp!!{] [}@gravity_faller1 💜💜 @True_norway (my wife) @aph_new_Zealand_{]

Guys, you know what? Im just gonna delete this account...if you want more of my stuff, or you wanna comment on anything, go to my original account @hetalia_god

Guys im happy to be back. But honestly I know, no one gives a flying foOk. But yay!! Im back and im trash!! Love y'all!!

"I feel alone. Not being able to hang out with anybody for a while. It's not fun playing alone.."

"A small video of me yay!"

"I am aren't I?"

"I think I might sleep"

"Its almost summer..."

"This only happens in my dreams.."

"I hate cold weather thank goodness spring and summer are making its way.."

"I...um...I kinda look like....Icarus..let's just um...h-hope I don't fly to high..like he did..hehe.."
[}does anyone know the story about Icarus & Daedalus? {]

[}now presenting: 'another sleepless night with Latvia™'{]

[}IM so bored I wanna rp with some ppl ah{]

"Yea....this picture is cool...except thAT THEY GAVE ME A PLASTIC FAKE GUN!!!!"........"and they have real ones that's just rude" -_- QnQ

"I-i just want to say th-thank you to Lithuania a-and Estonia f-for always making me feel safe...e-even when mister russia is around..." <3

"P-prussia San....?"

"Heheh me and eastie! He's really fun to be with..."

"Sealand w-what are you doing?...I'm a little...w-worried...?"

"I love Estonia Lithuania and Poland as if they where my brothers!!" ^-^

"I absolutely love picking flowers for the ones I love and care about most..."

"Apparently I'm the only sane one during an apocalypse..."

"Me Lithuania and.......estonia......wow ok...*trys not to laugh* nice dress there buddy". [}I REALLY CANT STOP LAUGHING AT ESTONIA HELP{] #eurovision

[}#eurovision{] "I don't want to eat it all by my SELFF!!"

"God damn it estonia your going to get up killed!"

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