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Jazzmin 'Jazzy Belle' Nilsson  Creative director • Parttime creative @ Anna Nooshin • Amsterdam


So! A little update from me :) Last year my focus has been on staying busy, keep on learning and developing and discovering what I find most interesting in my workfield. And of course where I can get that 💸, while freelancing. This year I feel I slowly am claiming my spot in the creative scene and I feel confident in my work. For those who don’t know: I freelance in overall creative direction, photography, film, art direction & production. But I’m also very proud to say I will be part-time working for @AnnaNooshin with my creative & fashion partner in crime @roomyb !! ✨🔥👏🏽I feel like my journey finally starts taking on a direction and on a more personal level I try to be a better me for me. Also in the future I will be sharing more of my work. So that’s the reason for my happy smile! Spreading my happy thoughts & always feel free to get in contact for work or other stuff! X Work of Jazzybelle 💁🏽‍♀️

print. who knows the artist? #inspi

01.02.2018 • Our seven year anniversary 💗 Still my fav valentine after all those years #okegenoegnu #dagvandeliefde #veelsteslijmerig

look! our heads make a heart 💓 #myvalentine

thisssss woman @kehlani & NO Its tooo much of an compliment if people say I look like her..... 😲 I WISH #styleinspiration #powerfulwoman

Zo is dat! 📷 taken in Rotterdam 2018. #photography #lekkereteksten #waarheidooknogeens

isssss friday & mom I really love my haircut thank youuuuu #YAY


the creative producer look #workhardworkharder

my selfie game used to be strong AF but over the last couple of years it became less and not that interesting anymore. i love pointing the camera the other way and discovering what’s happing in this crazy world.. or can we just say I’m becoming old? Aka wiser and less self centered? Or do I put less energy into my look which makes me avoid turning on the selfie cam? this day I was feeling myself and I wanted to capture this✨ how many times do you take a selfie?

happy glow-day partnah ✨ #creativeminds #officelife #gloday


we are looking for you. creative, lavish, analoque & studio experience photographer. check my story for more info & DM or tag a long. ps @roomyb & I are ready for 2018 as you can see 🏁👀 #creativeduo #workhardplayharder

one day.. one day ✈️

glowing each day a little more. ✨ if you start realizing its your life, and your life only you become your own best friend and the glow startssss. & life is not boring but Uma the wifey tho. #pulpfuction #selflove #ofcourse #gladissatrend #becuzitstrue 🤷🏽‍♀️

CARMELITA. i often work with models without experience, and its actually what i prefer. my strength is to make them feel comfortable and it becomes more interesting and a challenge to find the best shot.
#thisiscarmelita #mywork #photography #portfolio

verrrrrrrry exciting new things are coming with your favorite branders @workofjazzybelle & @roomyb. yes. i tagged myself. your welcome. 🏁

hi guys. back on the gram, its been a while. how’s life been here on the internet? i’ve been working a lot & 2018 will be the year of sharing work with all of you. i take photo’s too. this is Linda. btw @ohmydieu your moms beautiful! shot for a project by @daniquegrol.

#nikewomen #channelorange #photography #workofjazzybelle

All of my work will soon be visible on my online portfolio. My main focus will be photography & film so if there are any peers online who want to collab, holler asap! #idaly #verdient #creativedirector #artdirection #freelancer

New work alert in Art Direction • Idaly - Verdient • #artdirection #clipshoot #creativefreelancer

Behind the scenes “Idaly - Verdient” • 📷 by me • Art Direction by yours truly ✨ #newwork #freelance

Isn't she a beauty? 🙌🏽#BESTMOMEVER

sum new 💅🏽4 myself #nailart #babypinknails #girlgang

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