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S T E P H A N I EP O L L O C K  💪🏻Owner of Working Out in Paradise 🏋🏼‍♀️ ACE certified group fitness instructor 💃🏼GRRRL ambassador & GRRRL athlete search 2018 applicant 👪 Stukenar


If in doubt do go out. I’m not a surfer and for sure wouldn’t want to play in the cold stormy ocean today even if I was. Super missing our glassy clear summer days today.....and it’s only half way through December. 😫 well....at least it’s not snowing 🌨#waitingforsummeralready

It’s Friday, I’m stoked and I love working legs so here’s a quick POWER circuit to build speed and endurance in yo wheels (legs, wheels means legs K?) anyyyyywaysssss......here’s how its gonna break down for you.....
40 sec on 20 sec rest 3x/move
1. Lunge kicks (1 round on each leg 😘)
2. Switch squats (day it 10x fast 😂)
3. Skaters (you better bend your back knees and get low 😈)
4. Hop overs (get your foot all the way up the opposite knee 👌🏼)
TAG a friend to join ya, set your timers, and get to sweatin 💦💦 post your video and tag me too......mostly to just spread the love ❤️ ALOHA FRIDAY YALL 🤙🏼
PS CLASS IS ON TODAY! This morning at 6am and 8:15 at the @nsjjclub see ya there 👯‍♀️

The only competition that matters, is yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, stop judging everyone around you, stop dragging your peers down, stop questioning your capabilities, stop holding yourself and others back. We’re on the same damn team. How will we ever rise up if we can’t stand together. I’m not your competition, you’re not my competition, we’re sisters, we’re stronger together. So take a step back and think about who the real competition is.....

Bring on the rain 🌈

Ok. This was harder than I’d like to admit. But I’m still trying to build up that core stability and control and this plank definitely tested those. 🧐 if you’re not trying the hard stuffs you’ll never get better. #icandohardthings

When you think of fighting you think of hating your opponent or being mad at the time of the fight, fighting out of anger.....this, this is different. I stood on this podium with these grrrls filled with pride, love and mad respect for both of them. I spent time after my matches getting to know both grrrls, learning their story, and began to build a relationship with them. It’s a small world for women in any martial arts. Isn’t it better to band together, to motivate and inspire each other, to share our knowledge and create a stronger foundation for those who follow us? Yes, we fight, we fight to win, we fight to grow, but there was no hate on this podium, not this time. And I will strive to make every podium I stand on just the same. It’s time to stand and shine. Next podium date.....January 14 at the Hawaii Masters tournament. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ ready to roll and hopefully find more grrrls to shine with 🌠

I miss being underwater 🧜🏼‍♀️ #winterblues

A little peek at my workout last night inspired by the amazing @alexia_clark sprinkled in a few of my own moves combined with some of my favorite arm moves from her page 😍💪🏼 abs and arms in last nights rain storm.
12 reps each x 5 rounds 😼

This morning’s manic Monday workout. We kicked off POWER week with a killer body weight cardio circuit that the ladies crushed. I thought it would end them but they were ready for more. Join us again on Wednesday at 6am and 8:15am at the @nsjjclub behind the Haleiwa post office. $10 drop ins or $100/month. Stay on track through the holiday and start 2018 like a boss with @workingoutinparadise

This weekend was dreamy......this Monday is packed. 📝 its all about that balance and where as I post more beach pics than I post the behind the scenes work pics (I do other things than just workout 🤗 kind of sometimes) there’s a lot of hard work that goes into my life style. Is a simple life but that doesn’t make it easy, but sure as shit, it’s worth it. I’ll hustle till my brain explodes for days like this. #grateful

A sneak peek at this weeks BALANCE workout in the @workingoutinparadise #virtualgym as you can see I break down the entire workout for you, timer set ups, equipment, modifications for every fitness levels, and tips and cues to get you the very best workout FOR YOU. Enroll today at www.workingoutinparadise.com > virtual gym > join member only $20/month for 5 brand new workouts every week 🙌🏼 shoot me a pm if you have any questions I happy to help. 😘

CLASS IS ON ALL WEEK! M/W/F at 6am and 8:15am at the @nsjjclub behind the Haleiwa post office. We’re headed into POWER week which means I’ve got a mean little body weight cardio circuit for us to POWER through tomorrow. 😈 don’t be scared this class is perfect for all fitness levels and always KEIKI friendly. Drop ins $10 or $100/month. Set your alarms and bring a friend too....see you in the morning

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