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Pharez Baidoo 

Work on your game and strength to get better.
You gotta believe it before you can see it

I always challenge myself to write something every week and honestly it could be anything it's a way of expressing my self and my emotions. So I just write whatever words that come to the mind, but tbh I think everyone should always take the time to write something and share it even if it has no meaning to you it might have meaning to someone else's life.
Never hurts to try

Invest in your dreams and goals
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Had the privilege to work out with Mr. Always @darian_dsg great guy to workout with, amazing friend I wish him all success in his journey of getting stronger

New PR!!!! 80LBS dumbbell chest press

Today was the day I decided to get back into working out with weights after straight cardio for a month. It felt good to take a break from school, work and volunteering and get back into working out

It's crazy to see what you can actually acheive if you keep going in life. I was in grade 11 when that picture was taken 2014-2018
Even though, there were bumps a long the way you should never give up
#fitnessmotivation #together #grind

TURN UP THE VOLUME!! S/o to my Guy, Ejaz
There is never a limit to working hard.

If you sit around and listen to the negativity you will not succeed or win, you will then become a loser but if you stand up and fight you will become a winner.
2 key things positivity and connection.

Let positivity fuel your flame
Let your connection grow and become stronger.

Man in the video @miracle_afg

To have the chance to participate in something you love with other people who love the same thing, really makes it better.
Waking up to workout is hard enough, but when you got friends continuously calling your phone at 6am, Saturday in the morning 😪. It truely helps you realize that you got good friends wanting you to come out and workout them and also improve.
DM me if you trynna show the world how you workout or even if you want to workout, I'll make the time for you.

Do you hate cardio ?? So do I
But you still gotta do it to see imporvement
So I came up with a way to help myself and other people who hate cardio as much as me
1. Get on a tredmil or any type of elliptical
2. Use it as a warm up
3. Start at a easy level
4. Keep your speed above 80
5.Go for 10 minutes - 15
After your finish lifting or sqauting or abs.

Do it again to get to end this your work out. 😁😁 PSA *I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THIS I KNOW SOMEONE CAME UP WITH THIS A LONG TIME AGO*

As I said working out ain't always about the muscles you gotta be able to workout your mentality as well.

This is how my cousin does it give him a follow
The strongest muscle in our body is our heart so always put your heart into something or someone you love

Always remember to work 10x harder than the person who tries to work harder than you

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