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Brenda Tan  old soul fresh times, baby! 🎬 your youtube sis 🌿 mother of @gomargaux 🛎 wordweed@gmail.com new skincare review!👇🏻

@hollin_sg be tripping everyone out with their pearl machine. They make their pearls on-site daily and make their teas with fresh ingredients. My fav are the honey pearls that are super chewy with a tasteful amount of honey. Lucky for you they have honey pearls available everyday! SIP SIP AHHHH 😜

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Easy like Sunday morning 🌾
Spent the whole weekend editing so I have some really exciting videos coming up this week. I promised y’all a skincare tips video but FAM WE GOT A SPONSOR *cue the horn* so it needs to be approved before I post it 🥳 Also working on another skincare line review and THRIFT SHOPPING IN SG so stayyyyyyyyy tuuuuuuned 📻

Am i getting my boogie on or saying “sorry haha excuse me!!” while pushing my invisible trolley??? it remains...... unsolved

OoOoOoOo is it my twin and I in @uniqlosg’s collection of shorts? 😛 I run back and forth to different locations for meetings and appointments so having a sleek and polished pair of shorts is as important as having a pair of classic denims to chill out in over the weekend. So easy and breezy for the Singapore’s weather too. I personally prefer styling my shorts with baggy/masculine shirts but I like how these outfits take me out of my comfort zone and gives me a tighter silhouette. What about you?

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Miss you gurls ❤️ can’t wait for the next one hehe

Trying to edit my taipei vlog and wow it’s just 2 hours of me making funny faces and eating

I can’t believe the number of messages I got asking to share my experience at @sugaredsg! I went to the one in Katong, and I was gushing about it by the time I left the store. Ok first off the place SMELLS AMAZING. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, explaining to me that sugaring is a less painful, naturally exfoliating method of hair removal using a paste made out of sugar, water and lemon. (I tasted it….. with permission ok!! It tastes like caramel LOL) I’m pretty used to epilating so I was so surprised to find out that it was WAY less painful (and noisy). Almost therapeutic? Daphne (my sugarist) was super sweet and professional. She made me feel so safe that I actually regretted chickening out of doing a Brazilian LOL. I’m a big fan of the moisturiser they let me try too. Very excited to go back and have Daphne mow my lawn. SERIOUSLY THO 🤭

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Should I grow out my hair or cut it shorter???? HELP

a pair of groovy gals!!!!!

Made my mother very happy while celebrating an early Mother’s Day with the mini buffet from @onandondiners. ❤️ She made sure to leave her feedback on every dish and sing the praises of the cereal prawn, yam rice, salted egg yolk fish, dim sum set and pomelo sago dessert 🥳✨ YUMS

Would I REALLY be an influencer if I didn’t post this photo with the caption “dreaming of my next holiday ~ where should I go next? Comment below!!! 🙈👇🏻👀✨”? But srsly tho let me know in the comments.... below

Pick me up at eight?

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