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what’s in your heart?

heartbreak is a form of detox

hi i’m right here

so she stayed

epiphanies fucking hurt

stop prescribing a fix
when she doesn’t feel heard
you must hear from her ears
and let her know you believe in her


i made a mistake
handing my heart to you
i thought you’d keep it

but you handed it back
in pieces

each morning
i’ll leave you a poem
sealed with a promise and
a kiss on your forehead

in return
i simply ask you
for another tomorrow

we walked back, hugging and handsy
1103pm on a crisp spring Tennessee night
floor seven, room fourteen i remember
it didn’t take long for the
downtown lights to paint your skin
the sheets stood no chance under our wrestling
taking turns pinning down wrists
and kissing up necks
that first taste of your mouth
your tongue hinting of a mildly dry white
that left me second-hand drunk
until you collapsed into my chest
as the sun began to rise

and to think, this could have been our
every night ritual

*the first word of each line, a reminder*

don’t lose sight of her love
for once it moves on
get used to the void of her laughter
she seeks to give only the purest of love
is that too much for your so-called
strength, your apathy wrapped in fear
she craves the taste of acceptance
is it so hard for your heart to see her
beauty while she’s still standing before you

stop making it her obligation
when she doesn’t feel appreciated
you must support her backbone
and be conscious of your intention


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