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Theresa Panyawai  Observe and stay quiet.

Extremely grateful for this recent trip to Yosemite. It's the one place I've dreamt of going to as a kid, but my family has never been into the outdoors, so it always seemed like an unattainable obsession. I was fortunate enough to go with a group of individuals this past week who are loving, accepting, encouraging, and hopeful beings. It genuinely was a magical trip, from swimming in rivers everyday to watching a mountain lion prowl in the night while I crept to my hammock. My connection with nature only grows stronger as I continue to unravel both new and old parts of myself. I just feel really damn lucky so thank you to the people who are in my life, to the moon that guided us throughout the night, and to a future that will forever exist in the unknown.

I remember taking this photo trying to capture a feeling or moment from a previous time I had been to this place. I wanted to savor it, immerse myself in something that felt good and warm even though the time had already passed. A part of me just needed proof that that feeling was real, that this place was special or significant now. Only a few months have passed between this photo and now, yet the people I'm closest to have changed. The dynamics that exist in the relationships in my life have shifted. How I feel wavers back and forth between two sides of my being. The way I think and remember has changed forever since I hit my head a month ago. Everything's different. Everything will always be different, constantly, from one day to the next. Yet I'm learning to live in the present, something I've always struggled with, and really to just live. It is possible to come back to a place of being okay over and over again.

If you overhear someone talking down on a person because they're homeless, mentally ill, etc., Say Something. Nothing is going to change if people don't start treating each other as humans and recognize the humanity within each of us that allows us to be connected to one another. Hold people accountable for their words and actions and challenge them to be open to a different perspective. Speak up speak up speak up

Tree people see people.

March 5, 2018
Tobacco and sand make a home in the crevices of my fingernails.
The sun is green.
It tucks away beneath the waves of the ocean as the light it radiates sits softly on the vibrations of the water becoming one.
Figures stand amongst the sand, their shapes stark against the background of the setting sun.
Silhouette bodies that blend and contrast with a sky that speaks in blue, a subtle green, and a fiery orange that rages love in the approaching night.
It is moments like these where we are no longer singular beings but rather entities coming home after a lifelong search for something meaningful.

Five hours later...a bearded vulture, ground iris, and yarrow seeped their way onto my skin. Thank you so much @v_a_l_l_e_y for bringing my concept to life, I love it.

Been feeling very strange lately, which includes feeling more comfortable with showing stuff like dis

Part 2: Help me play guitar

Part 1: help me fix my mic

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