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Theresa Panyawai  Observe and stay quiet.

Five hours later...a bearded vulture, ground iris, and yarrow seeped their way onto my skin. Thank you so much @v_a_l_l_e_y for bringing my concept to life, I love it.

Been feeling very strange lately, which includes feeling more comfortable with showing stuff like dis

Part 2: Help me play guitar

Part 1: help me fix my mic

Division .

Bugs are cool

Sum old writing for an old photo
July 5, 2015 1:57am

There are times, moments, where I become overcome with a sense of stillness.
The motions that exist in my eyes become silent....quiet warriors crossing the bridge into a different existence, a different time.
I don't necessarily feel empty or apathetic, but rather it feels as though someone has turned my volume down to mute and I am nothing more than an inaudible figure.
Everything just feels there. Not heavy, not sad, not waiting, just there.

Got a lil new friend.

February 8, 2017 5:17pm
The amber color consumes.
Rays of the sun spill into me.

Happy birth (earth) day !
Be nice to plants (-:

Would rather be with the coyotes than studying animal behavior right now 🐺

Be more like a dog !

Fluff didn't make it through the night..the neurological and nerve damage was extensive, but I feel and hope we gave him the best last day of his life yesterday. He seemed happy and loved. I buried him in my backyard with the succulent he slept in last night, so he can grow through the plant he found comfort in. Rest in peace little guy, thanks for letting me know you were okay today. 🌿

Meet Fluff ! He flew into a window this weekend while staying at a cabin and transitioned from dying on his back and suffering concussion to being an alert and happy little bird ! 🙃 we've grown quite attached to each other and due to his injuries, I've taken him home, plus he wouldn't leave my hand ! Hopefully he survives the night, as he is still experiencing waves of seizures.
More bird updates to come 🙃

Collect some flowers on this rainy day,

More than ever, it's important to get involved and demonstrate how we can come together as a peaceful, supportive, hopeful, and resilient community. Extremely grateful to witness the city come together tonight and a big thanks to the drummers who were the heart of it! Be safe and be kind.

Happy national pupper's day ?? #hesabottom #nationaldogday

Too often we forget how small we are.

Happy dog, happy life.

I miss home.

I wish I was in Vietnam for longer.

"I accepted her that way."

Things feel so strange.

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