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Words of Emily K Patterson  I am atoms of storms and oceans 🌊⛈ Humanist 🌻🐝🌍 #wordsofekp Book available📚⬇️

Another brutally honest post 🌸 •
In a bid to stay true to myself, I will continue as I started with this page, with honesty and an open heart (no matter the subject). I think the more people talk, the more we overcome stigma and realise we are not alone. •
I was feeling totally overwhelmed this last month. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve been focusing on my physical and emotional health since getting the news of my infertility. I’m feeling in a much better place now, my head is clearer and my heart doesn’t feel so heavy now. Every day is a new day. •
We are at the beginning of this journey, at the bottom of this “mountain”. And I know this climb is going to be emotional and exhausting. But I just have to focus on getting to the top and knowing that it will be all worth it, in the end 💓 #wordsofekp

I’ve been a bit quiet on this account recently... and I haven’t been writing much new stuff because I’ve been focusing on my NEW BOOK “atoms of storms and oceans”. •

I’m super excited to share this with you, it’s been a long road, but I’m finally happy with it after so many edits. It will be out to buy before the end of this weekend ⛈🌊. There is no way I would’ve had the confidence or courage to start this venture without you all, thank you 💙 •
These few lines are taken from a longer poem (one of my favourites) and are what I based my book on ⛈🌊 #atomsofstormsandoceans #wordsofekp #writersnetwork #mybook #poetryporn #wordswithqueens #wordswithkings #wordstoremember #comingsoon #poetrybooks #poetsofinsta #writings #writinginspiration #oceanlovers #stormchasers #newbook #wordsoflove #poetrygram #herheartpoetry #creativewriting #bymepoetry #poetsdaily #bymewomb #storms #oceanstorm #quotesoflove #relationshipquotes #wordsofencouragement #thisisme

No matter your battles, you are worth fighting for 🌸💗• • You can follow the hashtag #wordsofekp to see my writings in your newsfeed 💓

Believe that change will come • #wordsofekp

Fertility 🌸 *brutally honest post* •
About 1 year ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. For years I have known that something wasn’t right with my body. I had symptoms which, when I think back, started very young. I had my first period at 10 (then no more for about 4 years) after tests at the hospital they couldn’t find a reason. For years and years I was on the pill and so it masked not having regular periods - so I didn’t think much of it. Then came the other symptoms. Tiredness, bloating, hunger, weight gain, unwanted hair (yes no one likes to talk about it, but it’s honestly nothing to be ashamed of). •
I put it off for a few years (through embarrassment) then eventually I started to get investigated. I had a scan last year which showed PCOS. My right ovary is quite damaged because of it and my left is also full of cysts but it’s not as bad. •
I haven’t had a period for 7 months. As a woman it’s one of the most bizarre things. Something that is so natural, just doesn’t happen. I have laser hair removal to keep on top of hair growth and I am very strict with my diet and exercise to keep my weight off (I lost 22kg to get myself to a healthy weight). Tomorrow I get some results of more tests back. •
I wanted to talk about the emotional impact of fertility problems. I think it’s something SO MANY of us women and men struggle with. It’s not really talked about enough. I for one have found it emotionally challenging - the uncertainty is hard to deal with. All the appointments, tests and information thrown at you, is sometimes overwhelming. I am lucky to have someone so supportive in my life, someone who is willing to stick it out no matter what this journey will be like. I am lucky that I also have a lot of options to try different meds and IVF too.

So if you’re going through something similar, you’re not alone in this. Talk about it, get help, be honest with how you’re feeling. People who aren’t in situations like this often say things like “just relax and it will happen”. But it is not that easy and that doesn’t help. Because it doesn’t always happen. And when it’s all you want, it really is the biggest deal. 🌸 #wordsofekp

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