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Miami Zine Fair || #Personaljournal || Exile Books photos up on the blog link on bio. || What a week it's been... || #Wordintown

I take you for granted all the time, Hands. || #Personaljournal || Don't let your inner demons take over your mind... || #Wordintown

Ropa Vieja || #Personaljournal || Another Ropa Vieja Vinatge coming your way Sunday. || See the new post at wordintown.com link on bio. || Vintage life. || #Wordintown

Ocean Dr Lurking vol.1 part 2. || #IseewhatIsee || What if the sun came up on the west? || Stay tuned about to update the site. New photos will be up later today. || #Wordintown

Ocean Dr lurking. || #IseewhatIsee || Are you on track with your new year resolutions? || Looking at cliche areas through a different light. || #Wordintown

Harley Davidson || #Personaljournal || Vintage bike shows are way rad. || This one is from the Denia Vintage Bike Show. || #Wordintown

Sideview's || #Personaljournal || Are you keeping track of how much tv you watch? || What are your summer plans? || #Wordintown

Stearing || #Personaljournal || The deceiving appearance of choice... || A vintage Schwinn with a car steering wheel. || #Wordintown

Corn-beef Hash ||Breakfast, so good. ||#Foodjournal || @zakthebaker Deli up at wordintown.com link on bio. || I've not had coffee yet today... || Getting it done. || #Wordintown

@rudyduboue || #personaljournal || There's nothing I can do about yesterday... || What's your Monday mantra? || #Wordintown

Cinelli Histogram Mash || #Personaljournal || Got a new saddle. || Anyone still working in those new year resolutions?? || #Wordintown

Lurking... || #IseewhatIsee || The Kenmore, part of the @wphsouthbeach property, has been around since the 1940's... || I wonder what the people from the 40's would think of Miami Beach now... || #Timetravel || #Wordintown

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