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Wops  Just a car nut... If you know me please keep my privacy. TGE RS video now included!


Eagerly waiting for me to pay for a ticket again so she can go pigeon hunting . #cavapoo #ferrariff #ferrari

Leather looks great against the fur, she needs a maranello red matching collar! #ferrari #ferrariff #cavapoo @rosie_the_wop_pup

Think crayon will look really good actually! But I think Miami blue is more fun... 🤔 #porsche #gt3

Black or gun metal wheels? #porsche #gt3 @ptsrs

Woooopie!!! #ferrariff #ferrari

Every day I get back from work and look at these in the sunlight! Hope to sort next week! #mclaren #720s #wopspecial

I adore this breadvan, it really is so brilliant. How cool is a Ferrari coupe hatchback with a massive V12!!! I have even grown to love the wheels! #ferrariff #ferrari

A new generation #mclaren #720s *cant remember source soz!

I see you ! @rosie_the_wop_pup

After a service and post track check over she feels sharper than ever. A mind bending awesome experience even on a short country run. #mclaren #p1 #wopp1

I have seen the velocity and new white car static outside MSO, they looked sensational however yesterday on the M40 around the Oxford turn off I saw coming the other direction a 720s in the new orange and I was mesmerised. It looks so much more hypercar than supercar, incredible presence and a bit of a beauty really! I had to work hard to get my dislocated jaw back together at 70mph, it hit the floor when I spotted it. Haven't had a reaction like that to a new car probably ever! New orange is stunning, very bronze in the sunlight and different to volcano. The delays will be worth it people, if you have been sitting on the fence get off it and stop being an idiot! #mclaren #720s

Irrigation will be a problem when it comes to getting an uber later! #porsche @rosie_the_wop_pup

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