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Wops  Just a car nut... If you know me please keep my privacy.

I don't recognise these fingers as @hjw_s however he could well be disguising them so that he can deny all knowledge on the car due to the embargo! It ends on the third of may. Luckily I'm with McLaren all that afternoon so can read them all and have a dribble together! #mclaren #720s

I like taking a car and reallly using it for about a week at a time. This week I had 2 300 ish mile trips to do so covered the Speciale and RS properly within days of each other. I could write endlessly about the merits of each car but to be honest I have totally fallen for each one of them, but then every time I drive one of my cars properly it's suddenly the favourite. That my problem. This flower shop sums up my RS in particular with all its choice mods, Wild at Heart. Now tomorrow a different car! To fall for all over again! #porsche #gt3rs #1of1 #wildatheart

Yes I get about, give you a clue not London! #1of1 #gt3rs #notlondon #porsche

This wild anus has just hit ultimate velocity! To those that have bought straight in to this MSO masterpiece congrats. Incredible anus. Let's hope my design works as well! #mso #velocity #mclaren #720s

Just been sent the velocity in the sun. That colour!!! #mclaren #velocity #mso

Just been sent this pic, no filter, sorry about the nose lift but yes it glows in the dark. Radioactive! #porsche #gt3rs #1of1

Another day another colour decision. 991.2 GT3, Miami Blue and ball polished wheels! Got to have something blue!! #porsche #gt3

Well I fully signed off my second 720S today, the full bespoke MSO Wop edition inside and out. I have had so much fun working with McLaren and MSO on this, from creating the paint with @dazza_townzz and the CGI's with @marcus_melliard and then of course @hjw_s for pulling it all together. I am very particular when it comes to design and know exactly what I wanted. After a few meetings throwing paints, leathers, alcontara and coffee across the table we got there, total team effort. @emilygeorgina4 thanks for being patient with me, to be honest get used to it! 😂😉My good friend @matteogilles even came in to help sign it off. This is a special project hard to justify under normal circumstances. I have had so much fun with this automotive project, the RS was incredibly special so will this be. Can't wait to work on this as it progresses and turn it in to the keeper it deserves to be! This sort of project is so me, makes that spark in my eye glow so bright. I hope to enjoy more in the future #mso #mclaren #1of1

JK's new album almost as cool as this car. Another cool fact his 918 is virtually the same spec as mine. I have a bigger hat. #918 #porsche #jamiroquai

My two most favourite of Porky poos ! #porsche #1of1 #gt3rs #918

Yes that slide with no filter the 458 Speciale, more sets of tyres than I can even count and the most fun I have ever had on 4 wheels! #ferrari #ferrarispeciale

The 1of1 RS, just worked out the keepers and the sellers over the next few years plus all that's coming. This is a keeper! #porsche #1of1 #gt3rs

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