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Erika Wolf Orbison  more and more Wolf all the time.

in our confusing reality of wishing it weren't so, here is a man, an artist, unafraid and capable of expressing himself so pertinently and potently with such great attention to detail and impact • thank god @rogerwaters is here and SO immensely proud of @ilovelucius for all that they do • this is by far the most important show I've EVER seen • if you have the opportunity to see it PLEASE DO.

you will dance, you will cry, you will leave inspired. #usandthemtour

the shape of the moon
the turn of the tides
by whatever blessing
that i call you mine
if laughing through sorrow
or crying in vein
to choose you from many
well, i'd do it again
i choose you each day
for the rest of our time
by whatever blessing
that i call you mine. •
💌 by me
📷: @gilesclement

revenir sur memoirs pur
est d'échapper les pensées dur
l'amour 🖤

while my babe is out to sea, i wonder if he thinks of me • all the while, somewhere deep, lays this perfect memory 💙🌊☀️

i have been out of museums so long and have lasted a long time without indulgent periods of self care or enrichment. today i stumbled on an exhibition in the back of a general store, and the work astounded me. •
by reworking materials of existing objects, the artist transformed them into raw objects of his desire and choosing. by using his hands and mind he opened a mystical space where all our disproportionately overwhelming feelings lie. •
in the face of wishing it weren't so, and wondering why something should be, walking amongst pieces that only existed because he wished it brought me great satisfaction and peace. •
"I imagine this to be a confession box where the viewer can catch a glimpse of their distorted self in the concave mirror inside.
Confessing to this corrupted self can relieve spiritual ills." -KS 🖤

on the quest for peace & love ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 happy birthday ringo!!

bathing in the gratitude of independence and love!! and what a love it is! i'm so thankful for my family • here, i'm introducing my nephew to the waters i grew up in, for the very first time. what an honor!!!! • thank you for trusting me @hallgren @royorbisonjr missing you my rock, my love @orbsatchel 💙

a much needed break for a sunset dip 💙

i'm at the hospital with my dad for a fairly routine procedure. he's made it out and in recovery. we had quite the scare on tuesday which has made my emotions going into today heightened. but through connecting with other people, i feel strong, positive and okay.
a couple of young parents brought in their mother after a heart attack. they were scared. i shared my experience about my dads heart attack years ago, and distracted their baby while the nurse talked to the father. i brought them water and snacks because they had not brought their wallet in the commotion of the emergency. they had needed me, and i had needed them right back. i loved them!
after that i had some breakfast and decided to find a nice place to sit outside and wait.
i find myself smiling at people.
i found a volunteer playing the piano. so beautifully, it made me cry.
in the reflection of the building, i saw a balloon float away. i knew that what i was looking at was not a balloon drifting away, only a representation of it, inaccurate as it was.

heartbreaker, my pa 💔

life is precious. cherish every moment. 💙

you are my sleepover giggle, my irish twin, my heart strings - my travel partner, my tag team, my blood & bones. I will never tire of telling you how I love you and all the wonderful things you are • you have a heart of gold - it is strong, vibrant, valuable! i cannot wait to celebrate your thirtieth circle around the sun, and in the meantime, remember the love you were born with and the goodness that surrounds you ••• most of all - remember you always have me in your corner, and I would go to the ends of the earth for you • happy birthday sister girl 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 @alexa_wolfy

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