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Vietnam Fun Fact #236 ! There is a certain bug that can sometimes land on you. Despite being told to gently brush it off a dozen times, I freaked out and squashed it. This causes the body fluids to react with your skin. I kind of feels like someone has put a cigar out on my arm.... #travel #funfact #fuckyouevilcreature

Spent the morning sifting through Siagon's Antique Street. So many dusty little treasure troves. Wonderful stuff.

Found a very happy Happy Hour as my Beer Tour of Saigon continues. Lucky I have a good accomplice! And this heat is making it mandatory.

Pho shiz this was a good lunch. My $4 bargain. Also #soblessed🙏 that I have not been struck down by a motorbike...

So the executive chef on board, Brian, is now my newest blog reader. If you read my post today you will know why he made me a bowl of special hot salty fries. What a legend!

The Lovers House, scene of a forbidden affair between a wealthy Chinese Man and a young French Writer. Everyone was up in arms because they had sex before they were married. They never got married.

There isn't much that I don't know about rice production this week....

I love @chrissieswan and I take my kids to @mcdonaldsau and I think @dailymailau are a pack of bottom feeding assholes.

Meet John and Jeff. John is a retired surgeon from the USA. Jeff is a trader from Canada. These two blokes are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Fun, funny, smart, considerate and a little bit wicked. Cruising is a strange beast, but worth it when you find your tribe. 🙌🏼

Not just wonderful, but super wonderful!

Good Morning Vietnam...

Well hello Vietnamese sunset! It is so nice to see you.

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