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• metalsmith ☾  ↠Self-taught Metalsmith ⚒︎ crafting rustic gems in the forest, between kissing boo-boos & bedtime stories {mainly a mama}↟↟ Next Silver Update TBA.

Sent these babes to their new home(s) today! Had to snap a pic of them all together before they left 😄 the many types of turquoise are so amazing, and each type of light brings out a new hue in them!! #earthmagic #turquoiselove #sterlingsilverjewelry #handcraftedjewelry #etsyjeweler #riojeweler #silversmithing #metalsmith

How gorgeous is this shot from our giveaway winner?! Love seeing both of mine and @sarahbetsceramics goods living together in a loving home! In other news, the whole right side of my face is numb #wisdomteethareabitch #sterlingsilverjewelry #silversmithing #metalsmith #moonstonejewelry #moonsfordays #handcraftedgoods #handcraftedjewelry #potterylove #moonlove

Summer has been consumed by my little wild ones so far, with marathon park and hiking trips, as well as bubble popping games, the pool, sprinkler, scavenger hunts, fishing, and the like! I’ve been struggling to get to my bench (it’s in our cold, dark basement 😬) BUT my husband is currently working on an addition for our house, an entryway/porch with TONS of natural light, where my jewelry bench will one day reside along with a jungle of houseplants and a little wood stove!! I’m beyond excited 🖤 #bearprint #sterlingsilverjewelry #instasmithy #silversmith #metalsmithing #wearableart #handcraftedjewelry

I took my 3 year old son on a longgg hike through the woods today with friends, went out in the boat & caught a fish, then came inside and finished up these 4 of 5 custom rings for a customer. It was a fun but productive day 🙂 I love all of the variations of turquoise on these rings! #silversmithing #instasmith #ladysmith #handcraftedjewelry #handpolished #handsawn #laboroflove #artyoucanwear #turquoisejewelry #turquoiselove #sterlingsilver925

Swipe to see the other side + a video of this in action 🐻🐻🐻 I made this for my mother in law for Mother’s Day! She is Native American and frequently talks about how bears come to her in her dreams, like a spirit animal. My husband wanted me to somehow incorporate bears into this piece, so I put a little bear paw cutout on the other side! I made this piece fully reversible, including the feather, and sanded the sides smooth for a seamless transition.. I’m so happy with how it turned out! #turquoisejewelry #handcraftedgifts #spiritanimal #bearpaw #handsawn #handmadegift #metalsmithing #silversmith #ladysmith #instasmith #wearableart #sterlingsilverjewelry

**CLOSED**Here it is guys! I’ve teamed up with @sarahbetsceramics for an awesome moon-themed giveaway! Enter to win this gorgeous crescent moon mug handmade by Sarah & a sterling silver moonstone + moon necklace handmade by me 🌙 —
To enter:
• Follow both @sarahbetsceramics and me
• Like this photo
• Tag a friend in the comments
• Up to 10 entries (10 separate comments = 10 entries)

Giveaway ends Sunday May 27th at 8pm. Good luck!

*Free shipping to contiguous US. International welcome, but we ask that you pay the extra shipping costs.

A gift for my momma 🖤 “all that I am, you helped me to be”. I’m so proud of this one, mainly because it’s the first sterling silver piece I’m giving her! She wears the copper pieces I’ve made everyday.. but silver is where my heart resides, so I’m really happy to be giving her this! Each piece completed = lessons learned & I’m so grateful for this trade that I randomly stumbled across.. it truly is a passion fulfilled 🖤 #dendriticagate #dendriticopal #handcraftedjewelry #handcraftedgifts #riojeweler #etsyjeweler #ladysmith #silversmiths #silversmithing #wearableart

Finished this custom beauty just in time for Mother’s Day! Honestly though, speaking from a mother’s perspective, shouldn’t Mother’s Day be like once a week?? Just sayin!! Momma’s really put in work 🖤😄💪🏼 & I’m talking all kindsa mommas, of fur babies, too! My fur baby, Luna, can sometimes be a bigger handful than my less furry children! 😆 ..I’m happy to say my IG story ACTUALLY features some jewels today, I’ve really been neglecting my creativity & basically every other aspect of myself (other than motherhood) for FAR too long. It felt good to get back to smithing! Oh & speaking of my story, check it out for a peek at what I’ll be offering in an upcoming giveaway I’m doing with a super talented ceramic artist! Moon theme + mug + necklace = perfect giveaway!! 🌙 #silversmithing #ladysmith #mamasmith #sterlingsilverjewelry #riojeweler #etsyjeweler #handcraftedjewelry #wearableart #turquoisejewellery

If spring could just show up that’d be grrrreattt. This big beauty consisting of onyx and snowflake obsidian + hand-sawn feather details will be available as soon as I do another polish! I haven’t done a final size but I’m guessing it’s around a 7.25-7.5. She’s a beast of a beauty! Let me know if she calls to you! Thanks for sticking around through my weird mercury retrograde madness 🙈🌚 #blackonyx #snowflakeobsidian #healingcrystaljewelry #sterlingsilverjewelry #wearableart #handcraftedjewellery #riojeweler #etsyjeweler

Turquoise + log cabins in the wilderness, forever & ever, amen 🖤🖤🖤 spending my Friday right! Making homemade egg rolls with my sis & ordering more turquoise 😏 .. never enough! #turquoiserings #handcraftedjewellery #riojeweler #silversmithing #metalsmith #etsyjewelry #ladysmith #instasmith

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