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Alicia Dawkins  Momma of two, Home decor enthusiast, budding foodie and home chef, and "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" extraordinaire.

This girl and her cheeks!!!

Mommy fashion bloggers eat your hearts out... this is the real deal right here:
Robe: Don't know, gift from my momma
Diaper: Kroger

#ootd #wiw #keepingitreal

Current obsession.

Girls Day Out❤️❤️❤️

Sunday morning.

My Friday night... cooking dinner with this girl

I may or may not have taken a special trip to the mall just for this one macaroon.

Kennedy was formula fed after 6 weeks, I felt so much guilt over not breastfeeding her, it's made me obsessive with breastfeeding Mika. But why have I felt so much guilt? Because society has found it acceptable to judge you no matter what....We judge women for formula feeding yet we also criticize for breastfeeding in public?....That's complete bullshit, and "momshaming" in general needs to stop. "Oh, you formula fed? What was WRONG with YOU to not be able to breastfeed?" "Moms who formula feed are just selfish and lazy" "I can't believe you would pull out your breast in public" "Please don't nurse in public, it's not an appropriate place, you need to do that in private"
I've gotten looks and comments for fixing a bottle of formula and feeding it to my girls. I've also gotten looks and comments for nursing in public. It's a double edged sword , I've experienced both worlds, and the judgement with both is not fair. I'm tired of feeling guilt for giving my girls a bottle of Enfanmil and I'm also tired of fearing pulling out my breast and nursing in public.
You can clearly see my breast in this photo, I wonder how many people will see it and sexualize it. I also wonder what if instead of my breast you saw my hand holding a bottle? How many people would wonder if it's formula in there and judge me for formula feeding?
Being a mom is the toughest job in the world and we're all just doing our goddamn best to raise our children. So please stop shaming mothers for how they FEED and raise their children.
Thank you if you've read this entire post, rant complete.
#fedisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #formulafeeding #endmomshaming

Just a short stroll to SB and the grocery store a block away to realize how out of shape I am.

Good morning from mommy and Mika ☀️☀️☀️
I so wish I could go back and "wear" Kennedy. Love the security and convenience of having the baby so close. #babywearing #babywearer

Time flies!!! Our lil Chunker is 2 months old today!
Smiles, Coos, pushes herself up during tummy time, LOVES her mobile on her swing!

Chocolate Toffee and Coconut Creme Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)
Had a box of them sent to me last week and I finished them in a day(no shame)...
But, they were so amazing that I had to figure out how to make them myself.

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