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Philip Wang  Part of me would rather not bother you with the details. Part of me wants to tell you everything... 🎥: @wongfupro 💪🏼: @forthefries


#ad My young padawans! It’s so cool to see my nephews and niece becoming fans of Star Wars. Even cooler that they have Asian characters like Rose to look up to! Thanks @kohls for hooking us up with cool tees and toys to match! #forceoffamily #matthewrollingaroundlikeBB8 #claragoingtotheDarkSide 😂

Our latest Lunch Break was about self esteem & confidence. One of the most important parts about growing up is learning and accepting who you really are. I’ve struggled throughout my life with being truly comfortable with who I am. From the superficial stuff as a teen like being too skinny or not having the coolest clothes, to being accepted by certain social groups, and most consistent/prevalent- confidence towards crushes or relationships 😅 (Why girls so scary?!? 😍😰) It’s been a long process with many awkward points along the way, but thankfully I finally feel like I’ve made it to a good place, (for now hah) If you’re struggling yourself, watch the ep in the bio link! #middleschoolsuCked 📷@onepullup

Ok. I kno I weeped and wailed over missing the “Old Taylor” in our new sketch, but truth is, I’m team “ALL Taylors”! 😝 Artists developing and exploring is inevitable & theiR journey to make. I’m more forgiving probably because i see ppl say stuff like that about “old Wong Fu”, but really, Old was New at some point, and Old is just what it was to you at a certain time. If an artist just made the same content forever, we’d probably criticize them for doing the same Old stuff 😏. I can’t be confined to anyone’s nostalgia.. hope you’ll grow with me. #ReputationisGreat #dancingwithourhandstied #dress #idomisstheOldKanyetho 😬 #YESiboughttheCDformy6cdchanger Watch our latest vid in bio link!

When two ppl stop growing together.. Probably the most personal and emotionally charged short we’ve ever made. I literally had this conversation with someone who I thoughT loved me, and I couldn’t believe the hurtful words I received. The sad twist, I was on the other side! Watch our new video in the bio link. Whose side are YOU on?? #thisisSOserious #relaTayble

Friends will tease, say I’m not young anymore. That’s fine with me. I’m glad to b old. 😉
Thank YOU for all the bday wishes (last week)🙏🏼 You make each new year of life so exciting, challenging, and rewarding. I don’t complain about getting older, not everyone gets to. Don’t forget that.
(New vid in bio, all abt growing up!)

I'm a pumpkin.. king? A pump-king? Shoutout to my mom for just drawing a pumpkin on a piece of cardboard and hanging it around my neck. #makeitwork Growing up, I don't think we ever got to buy costumes.. I probably hated it as a kid, but looking back, I really appreciate her trying to let us participate in these "American" holidays despite not being able to spend much.
Fast forward to today, I actually prefer making costumes haha. #mommaknowsbest Have a safe Halloween! #americandream

I would be lost without these Luna's in my life! 😸 What an incredible, unforgettable birthday weekend. I still can't believe this happened 😭🤗 That all these friends would wake up so early (sorry!! Lol 😅), even fly in, buy a super expensive ticket 😬, all to surprise me at Disneyland! ..and again at night!! 😱haha I'm so touched and grateful to have y'all in my life. You guys are the reasons I'm still smiling and laughing after 33 yrs. Thank you all for making the extra time to make this guy feel like the most special Sailor in all the universe!! Thank you @hwuwu @ewangus for making the impossible happen. I don't deserve this much love from y'all but will continue trying to return and share it! #happiestguyinthehappiestplaceonearth #andMoon! #moonhealingCELEBRATION!

Adulting: Expectations vs ➡️Reality. Our new short is for anyone going through that transition into "adulthood". Whether it's ahead of you, or you're in the thick of it, don't worry, take it day by day and lesson by lesson. Bio link to watch!
Really proud how this turned out and thankful to @simplehuman for partnering with us to help pass on this message to our viewers. They were so awesome to work with! #ISEEEVERYPORE 😱

Who is Ed and who the #*%! does he think he is? 😂Kids gon be growing up thinking every blonde white guy is fckn Ed. #lotsaconfusedESLstudents #whatteacherwouldapprovethis? #hemustvebeenanEdtoo #whathappenedtoELEPHANTS?! #triggered #englishisfun

Can't believe it's been a yr since we were in Italy. Yes I got to meet (and rap with) Tom Hanks, but even crazier was taking a train to Rome to meet complete strangers/locals to make our short #LoveLock. We literally got off the train, met at a random park and started translating/rehearsing. Nothing fancy. It's not one of our most viewed short films, but it's a very meaningful one to me and I'm grateful I was able to go half-way around the world and meet kind, talented ppl to help me bring my ideas to life. Link in bio to watch again. #prego #pontemilvio 🔒🔑 📷@thewesleychan

Lately I've been feeling peculiarly out of body. Like hyper aware that I'm in a moment that will shortly dissolve into the irrecoverable past. Almost like I'm watching myself simply, exist. And in some ways, like I'm watching reruns. I don't wanna get to #rickandmorty here, but.. <buRpp> ultimately whatever you seek to accomplish is just a tiny piece of an infinitely bigger picture that you aren't in control of and won't be involved in.
Sorta takes the pressure off huh? #nowbacktoyournormalIGfeed #scrollalongnow 😇 #dimensionhopping 📷@hwuwu

🎵My mind is telling me Yes, but my body, my body's telling me NoooarghhOWW!!
Good/grateful to finally be fully recovered. The past month I've been quietly (not so quiet in person) dealing with an illness usually reserved for 50+ yr olds 👴🏼. Won't gross you out but let's just say I was taking A LOT of Acylcovir and Lyrica (for all u med/pharm kids). Yet another reminder not to take for granted good health, the ability to move, or simply lay down! Seem to be getting more of these "reminders" the past few yrs. sigh.. I hate that my body can't keep up with everything my mind wants to do, and I know the lesson here is to slow down, but this actually just motivated me to take on more because I ain't getting any younger! Lol 😅

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