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Philip Wang  Part of me would rather not bother you with the details. Part of me wants to tell you everything... 🎥: @wongfupro 💪🏼: @forthefries


Why does my niece look like I'm about 1 min over the 3 min of attention she was allotting me? 🙄 #nomoreFstogive Also, she looks exactly like Lucas did, and yes, Lucas is a boy. 😂
Home for the weekend to play bball for charity! Come watch! link in bio ⬆️

Sometimes you're trying to take a cool photo for an inspiring caption about open roads & potential, and then a car comes. #deep (The things you try to achieve in life will always come with ppl or things that try to stop you.. but if you're patient and determined, those things will always pass.. [like the car, and look who got their caption off]) #capception #myoddwayofventing #instagramtherapy

One month later.. I'm still finding dirt in some, surprising, places. 😬🚿#spartansuper #thatsnotsnot 🤧💩 #partinggiftthatkeepsgiving

Every dark sky has another side. Push through the clouds, you'll find the sun.
I've seen so many phases of this online>newmedia>social>digital>streaming world. Several times I've felt/feared we wouldn't make it. But we'd make just one more video, try one more thing, and business would carry on. Nowadays (10+yrs later) as these feelings creep up, I'm a little less afraid... I just wanna try one more thing 😏 #ortwo #nextphaseapproaching

You've bean on my mind 😐. Great weekend back in Chicago with the @wongfupro team! My first time ever to Chicago was in 2007 to show WF's first student feature film. Thank you for supporting us out there ever since! #whenwillmyreflectionshowwhoiamrefried #beanmyselfandi

Person sitting next me was VERY clear she didn't wanna talk to NObody. 😤 FINE!! Cya soon Chicago! #themummytechnique

Seeing all the articles about #promposals, guess it's that time of yr! Watch our latest LunchBreak to hear our promposal stories! Link in bio. Dang, check the date.. 15 yrs ago I was getting ready for my own senior ball! I thought I was so cool with that mandarin collar! Lol Inspired by #jetli 😅! #romeomustdie 😎#aZnPrYdE #RIPaaliyah (Sorry FT if you didn't want this posted 😜 I'll do u a favor and not tag u haha) #OMGSOMEOFYOUWEREBORNTHISYEAR 😱

Zoom in. Those are ppl, lined up around the block before gates opened!
I still can't believe we filled this park with over 6500 ppl last night. Celebrating the diversity of LA, supporting Asian American artists and activists! Shut #DTLA down, and while mainstream media won't show it, WE know our community is present, strong, and can do amazing things! Thank YOU, we hope we can keep pushing us forward! Huge shoutout to the City of LA, @danakadan @isatv @fareastmovement @wongfupro for working with us to make this historic event happen. #identityla2017 #alwaysinspiredbyYOU (not enough ppl came to fill my forehead tho)

The last time I threw up the unofficial-official WF sign on an @ISAtv stage was in 2011 in front of 3000 ppl!! Tonight, May 6th, we're BACK in celebration of APA Heritage Month! ✌🏼✌🏼
• LA City Hall • 5-10p • FREE • Dean, Us the Duo, Giraffage • Food trucks • WF merch sales • FREE!! It's gonna be well lit! 💡🔦🕯 A ton of hard work went into this! Hope to see you there! ✌🏼✌🏼 #wf4life

SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE. Anyone else this morn?? (Gimme a break, that's 730a for this west coast boy 😅)

Back in NYC for my 3rd #creatorsummit. The views, and viewpoints, from my bed getting better. Another reminder of time relentlessly moving forward.
#donotdisturbsignON #icouldliveinNYCifthisweremyroom

Crazy to think the dinosaurs had no idea that 100 million yrs later I'd be taking an Instagram picture in their bathroom, thinking it was beautiful. I wonder where in my area the cockroach-alien hybrids will take pics to share on their 5-brain synapcial network✖️〰➿🔺🔶. #inspirationalcaptions (depth of field/scale is crazy in this pic btw). That lake Iooks like a puddle, but look at the dots of ppl next to it. S'like I'm a giant.. or a dinosaur) #fullcaptioncircle

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