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CiCi + Maximus & Logan  🌿Raising twin boys, baby spamming your feed and writing way over the IG word limit. wongertwins@gmail.com or DM me! 👇🏼 I blog...sometimes.


I photograph my family a lot but the ones I love most are impromptu, grainy selfies with all of us together. Hope your Saturday’s been a good (and lazy) one like ours! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦#mypeople #lazysaturdays

Happy Saturday! 💕 #matchingsocks #noonesgottimeforthat

When the sun photobombs your photo. #WIN
We’ve been busy since November, being out of the country, Christmas, New Years, Steve’s birthday, my mom was in town, kids being sick...the last three months have been an insane whirlwind. Everything has finally slowed down and I’m so happy to be back to the quiet routine. Kids back in school, I have a chance to write again, catching up one-on-one with some of my girlfriends, and I can have a pipping hot chai waiting for me at my local cafe. Bliss is in the little things. 🙏🏼 How are you spending your Thursday? #holdthemoments

I go on and on about how proud I am that these boys are stellar sleepers. Well, it was all LIES! LIES!!! I have no idea what happened last night but both did not sleep well, thereby, making me zombie incarnate. If it was socially responsible for me to lay here and leave my toddler boys to their own devices, I would’ve stayed fixed in this exact spot. But no, I had to get up, cook, clean up pee and you know, actually parent my children... If responsibility were a person, I’d give it a quick kick in its nether regions, y’all know what I’m sayin’?! 🧟‍♀️ #honestmotherhood

Leftover birthday cake for dinner is totally acceptable right? 🤔 #dontjudge

Missing my mama lots today. Grandmas are always a special kind of magic aren’t they? ✨ #comeback #andstayhere

Kids have their construction trucks and garbage trucks. Canadian kids have their Zambonis. ✌🏼See what I used to edit this iPhone photo in my instastory. Have an amazing Tuesday friends! 😘

These kiddos woke bright and early to say goodbye to their grandma, grandpa and auntie, who flew back home today. 💔 It was such a short stay but wonderful to have them for a few days. Max and Loggie are already asking why their grandparents had to go home. Truth be told, I’ll be asking that same question for weeks. 😭 #comeback #goodbyessuck

It was this one’s birthday. He woke up, shoveled our walkway (and our neighbours!), did the dishes, played “restaurant” with his kids, strapped on gear and took said kids out on the ice, bbq-ed meat for his own birthday meal, and then put the kids to bed. He did all this on a day meant for him.
That’s who Steve is, his sense of responsibility is ingrained in his genetic makeup. The love he has for his family motivates all of his actions. He does not know how to exist otherwise. As traditional as those values may seem, it’s what makes Steve a remarkable human being. For all his 35 years on this planet, I’ve been so lucky to have spent 9 with him. Cheers to so many more.
Happy birthday Steve! Welcome to your mid thirties, the short road to 40. 😂 But what an adventure it’s gonna be! We love you! #birthdaypost #happybirthdayhusband #illloveyouwhenyoureoldandgrey #solikenextyear #😉

Starting Steve’s birthday off by giving him diabetes. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #happybirthdayhusband
The one item he requests every year. Vanilla and cinnamon French toast stuffed with strawberry cheesecake filling. And all was good in the world. Recipe from homeadehooplah.com #homemadehooplah

Making cookies with these monkeys means none of the chocolate chips actually makes it into said cookies. #plaincookies #foreveryone ✌🏼

#tb to the time we were in a lighthouse in California. 👍🏼 Fast forward to now, me and the babies are under the weather these last few days. It’s been slightly miserable in casa Wonger. It’s going to be lots of cartoons and pjs kinda day. And hopefully that will make things better!
Also ✨ New blog post up! ✨25 of my most used and loved things in 2017! But posting this in 2018, doing things on time isn’t my strong suit. Go to momoandbear.com and check it out!

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