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Things heard a lot lately in Casa Wonger: “Gentle!”, “Be careful please”, “No LEGO in Evi’s bassinet”, “Baby doesn’t like it when you sit on him...” and “Oh the baby doesn’t need a pillow but thank you for offering!” Omg. 😳 Currently, the baby’s been reallyyyy loved by his over zealous older brothers. And as parents, our current mission is letting them love the new baby without killing him. So far, so good.✌🏼#3rdbabyproblems #TheyEvenPutTheirDoritosDownToHugBaby #IfThatsNotLove #IDontKnowWhatIs #MainMissionKeepBabyAlive

Saturdays mornings are slowly becoming my favorite. The older boys have hockey and soccer and are gone with Steve for a few hours. This leaves mommy and Evi to spend time together just us two. The house is quiet and I am able to catch up on a little sleep. It’s quite glorious. And nothing beats the sight of this squirmy little one and his flailing, pruney little legs. It’s like he’s practicing to be the lord of the riverdance. 🕺🏻So, off I go and try and squeeze in some precious zzz’s before Max and Loggie come barging home and we’re back to defcon 1. 🚨 #wongersaturdays #babiesandpruneykneecaps

I don’t want to get overly sappy but this guy right here is Mr. Clutch. Having 4 year old twin boys adjust to a newborn is a stressful situation to say the least. But in the most high strung of times, our OG Wonger steps up his A-Game. Sure, he manages to always lose his phone, has to ask me a million times where something is, and how he can sit in the washroom for over 30 minutes is beyond me. But man, Steve’s been CRUSHING fatherhood lately and is totally Dad Extraordinaire. He’s taken over with the older boys so I can spend time with our lil’ potato. He looks exhausted and depleted every night and yet he wakes up day in and day out and just does the fatherhood things. And nailing it. So that’s my piece of #husbandbrag for the evening, you all may roll your eyes and go vomit now. 😂✌🏼 #husbandgoals #dadgoals

It’s 5am, I’m on the couch half asleep, with a breast pump whirring away. I’ve transformed myself from a woman to now, a milking cow. Trying to keep my mind off that depressing fact, so here’s a photo some pretty flowers my boys gave me. It’s a good reminder of why us moms do all the things we do—for the love of our children and for the reward of sloppy kisses and white roses. #thethingsmomsdo #momlife

The last baby. Everything is felt so much more strongly, every day that goes by feels like a day lost. I savor every expression, furrowed brow and unintentional baby smile. I hear every purr, gurgle, and whimper. I never understood those that fell in love with their newborns right away. After all, you hardly know one another—but I understand now. I fell hard and fast with this one. 13 days deep and might as well be forever. I don’t know how or why it’s different this time around but I fell in love with this little one the moment I saw his tiny body moved from the operating table to the warming station. The first and only thought I had was “My gosh, I’m gonna love him forever”. Shocking coming from a girl that’s overly rational.
With Evander, I hold him more often and cling on longer. Maybe because experience tells me this season of life doesn’t last forever. That he will inevitably grow. He won’t fit in the crook of my arms or be this tiny. The last baby, it’s a beautiful but incredibly bittersweet time. All I can do is enjoy him. And love him. But I got that last bit totally covered. ✨ #inlove #imsoowned

One wants to be a Shark Ghost and the other wants to be a Mummy for Halloween. I’ve made their costumes every Halloween and I’m going to try to make them again this year...wish me luck! 🙌🏼 #justbuythemyoucrazywoman What are your kids requesting to be this year?! Let’s hear the ideas! I’ll post previous Halloween costumes in my insta stories today! 💕

There have been some really kind and gracious comments about me looking “great” right after giving birth. But I feel like it my social responsibility to dispel that notion. Yes, Evander’s extremely smooth birth contributed to me looking relaxed and happy right after. To be frank, I had a planned caesarean and had the time to vainly apply liner and draw on my eyebrows. If you saw a photo after Max and Loggie’s more complicated birth, I was a swollen mass, passed the F out on a gurney with my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Every birth is different and this time around I just lucked out.
Don’t let Instagram, Facebook and other social channels make you feel bad for your postpartum body. Lighting, camera angles and creative cropping can turn the most haggard troll (🙋🏻‍♀️ haha) into a magical unicorn. But don’t shame the mom that tries to look good either, she just had her body destroyed by a little human and is just trying her best to feel HER best again. So girl, use all the damn angles to your advantage!
But I’m here to tell you, while I appreciate all the lovely comments, I too, still have a major post baby bump, I have stretch marks dating back to 2014 (thanks Max and Loggie 😒), I am so squishy, and hey I may have hemorrhoids now (TMI?! Well too bad. That’s what BIRTHING a human does to a woman). So mamas, If you can get into your pre baby skinnies already, rock it! Walk around like you own that shit. And to the mamas who don’t bounce back right away, it’s okay too. I‘m of the opinion that mesh underwear and five day old sweatpants are completely appropriate attire for a new mom. Just keep doing you and be happy! ❤️ #postpartumjourney #lastbumpphoto

No Wonger baby leaves the hospital without them Js on. They’re their daddy’s sons after all. ❤️ Do your kids have non necessity items just because you like them? Well, my boys have a stupid large collection of shoes because their daddy is a sneakerhead. Their collection is completely superfluous and unnecessary but that won’t stop Steve from adding to it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ While their mama here wears $5 flip flops and a pair of chucks she’s had for maybe a decade. 😂 #daddysboys #airjordans #airjordan11retro #winlike96

Getting tired of my baby spam yet? Well, sorry but like not sorry. Cuz, just look at him! Gah! 😍🥔 #myheart #mylilpotato #mylittlestlove

Me: Can mama get a photo of you two? I haven’t taken photos of you in awhile.
Max: Ok. *Looks at Loggie* Want to hug and hold hands?
Logan: Ok!
Me: *snaps photo* and hearts explodes. 💥 #theloveisstrong

Me and my little potato. 🥔
My first week with this little one was such a different experience than with Max and Logan. Due to many factors, with the twins, it was hectic, chaotic and a very emotional time. This time around has been vastly more positive. From the birth to the hospital stay and settling back at home, it’s been an incredible joy witnessing Evander’s first 10 days of life.
But I’m an overly realistic individual by nature (or pessimistic, some might say) and I don’t imagine this bliss to last completely. Sleep regressions, teething, and all the newborn milestones are heading our way and I’m bracing myself for it. But as for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying cuddles with my potato and loving this new season of life we are currently in. 🍃#postpartumjourney

For the love of pastries. 🥐 Out of all these beautiful gourmet tarts, danishes, cookies, and layer cakes, these boys picked cotton candy macarons. Why? Because they were blue. Go figure. 😂 Do your kids eat things based on color? No one ever taught my boys to hate green vegetables but they see any spec of green in their food and dinner won’t be eaten. How did they even learn not to like it?! How do you keep your kids healthy eaters? Send tips my way! #kidsbekids

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