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I survived leg day!! Lol
Man I'm pooped. But not too pooped to share gains!! Bam!

#gains #gym #musclesfordays #nerdslifttoo #yesiliftbro #tearingitup #alwaysroomforimprovement #liftingislife

Oh boy.....
Looking to get into some game of thrones mischief tonight for a friends birthday party!
Ybor is not ready, but winter is coming 😉

#gameofthrones #khaleesi #khaleesiweddingdress #danerystargaryen #danerys #daneryscosplay #cosplay #wonderwomancosplay #wonderwomanclair #motherofdragons

When your gains are so high you practically hulk out of your leather armor!!
Hahaha!! Almost lost feeling in my arm last night.... so yay results!! And boo new armor....again! Lol

#wonderwomancosplay #wonderwomanclair #hulksmash #bustingout #toomuchgains #notenoughgains #moregains #leatherarmor #toosmallnow #geekgains #newmeaningtolevelup

Went to what I like to call a real gym today lol!! I went to Power house in Tampa and got to try a bunch of crazy stuff for the first! Including tire work. I gotta say, when you are a stage fighter....it is harder to focus on your core like you're suppose to when all you wanna focus on is targeting!! Which mine was on point till I got filmed at the end of my exhausting 4th set hahaha!!! Thanks @khal_of_atlantis!
Also I did lift that tire to put it back. Woo!!! Video brought to you by the inspiration of @tj_mcdonnell and @zack_attack_cosplay work out videos 😉

#gains #getyoswoleon #tireworkouts #hammertime

I got a cool gift from a friend wanting me to be Mary Jane!!! So I'm showing my spidey love!
Thanks Brian!! #maryjane #spiderman #spidermanslady #spidermansgirlfriend #maryjanecosplay #sexymaryjane #heartspiderman #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #cosplay

Squirrel update!! Little nugget is doing much much better!
On a steady milk regiment but she's now also drinking water on her own and eating little snacks like peanuts are her fav!
And she is constantly getting all the snuggles which is her most fav!
Still not sure what we are going to do with her, but for now she is healthy and happy :)
Thanks again to Fay and Evan for letting us use there cage and helping us with supplies ♡

Guys!!! Guys!!!!! I'm doing a thing!!! I can do everything that theme park auditions require on the 0 setting on my second day of trying!!
Now to work my way up to setting 6 which they also require to do all those things. But hey.....i did walk on 6 no problem!!!
Again, second day! Crushed it!! Lol
Guess what I want for Christmas hehe

Well my morning got interesting fast Lol!
Took my fur child out to go potty, and this little thing was wondering around our damaged tree looking for food :(
We used to have what I thought was a couple squirrel nests up in that big acorn tree. But after the storm it's been rather quiet since the tree was thinned out so much. So I walk up and he walks up to me so carefully. Looking for nuts but only picking up dead ones.
So Jess and I temporarily have a little squirrel lol!!
Good god Jess already named it Janet lol!

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