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What's the most freeing experience you've ever done? At what point in your life and where in your life did you feel your free-est? My free place is in the snowy alps, on top of a mountain on a snowboard preferably. That feeling of being ontop of the world, with pristine white mountains all around makes the world seem absolutely perfect in that moment. My heart aches for the mountains every winter. My most freeing experience was in this photograph, in New Zealand, swimming with wild dolphins in Kaikoura. It blew my mind. At sunrise we got a boat out over the calm pink skies and got into the freezing waters and swam alongside a pod of about 100 dolphins. They were flipping, diving, doing sommersaults an being really inquisitive swimming along side us. I don't think I've ever felt so excited, nervous and laid bare to nature in my life. This has been my most freeing experience of my life so far. What's yours?

Sending this #love out to all the folks who have #inspired and #helped me on the beginning of our story, we all need a bunk up in life. I'm so #thankful, and grateful to you all. An army of #inspirational folks.

Had an amazing painting sesh with the eldest yesterday, mixing, squirting, splatting, then doing Rorschach ink blotts and photographing them. So much fun, so easy too. These painting sessions inspire the latest Wonderland T shirt collection. All the shirts are unique, hand printed free style abstract interpretations. Everyone sees something different in each shirt. Check them out over in the shop. ☝️

Morning y'all. It's a bit grim today but made all the brighter by the fact I left the house this morning with a bright pink swishy curtain tassel attached to my bag. It hijacked a ride and it wasn't until I got to the bus stop that I noticed. So today the tassel is coming with me. It's not small its about 2ft long with the rope included. I did wonder why John and the kids were waving and banging on the window a lot more than normal saying goodbye. Maybe I should make it a thing, giant tassel bag accessories.
On another note these handprinted t-shirts have dropped in the shop. Go see. ☝️

So as part of #loveyourshopsweeps I would like to introduce @mamiemakes. Whom I met @merseyetsyteam meeting. Who makes the most beautifully crafted bespoke leather goods. The detail in the finish and the colour pops make my heart sing. Go check out her Insta. .
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Story of Roo in the house! How awesome is this fabric? Fresh threads. I'll hopefully have them in the shops tomorrow evening. 🤞
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We've been holed up today, probably best as its Baltic outside. Harry's poorly sick, doesn't know what to do with himself, poor mite. Resorted to In The Night Garden, forgot how bonkers that programme is. He laughed his head off at Igggle Piggle, light relief for him, and me.

I picked up this little lady in Malaysia way back when. I always feel a bit mean shoving pins in her. I've also got an owl pin cushion that I feel bad shoving pins into also. Tools of our trades, do you give your tools names? I had a backpack that I went travelling with and he's called Bruce. After 2 round the world trips, 15 years later he's still going strong, he's done some mileage Bruce. X

Last chance to get these beauties on sale, the sweaters not the children. Although they do have their moments.
Sale ends tonight. 15% off shop wide link in the bio☝️❤
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Save the pandas! It's estimated that only 1000 pandas are alive in the wild. How sad is this. 99% of the time they just eat bamboo and they eat it for 12 hours of the day.
You can get these cute panda pants in our shop, organic cotton, fairer to the planet.

These Monstera pants are now reduced in the sale which ends tomorrow night. A gorgeous colour. Harry has thoroughly road tested these beauties, he had them on today, that's the thing you see, I have two boys that put these pants through there paces. So I know it's a quality product. Go get them before they're gone.

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