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There's been alot of patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time this week. Precise coordinated movements to ensure everything is ready for this weekend's 2 day event @popupatthepalmhouse. Questions like have I got enough made up of a certain garment? What's going to sell the most? Trying to cover every eventuality. Obviously that's not possible but I'll try my damdest. I've worked every night till midnight or later for the past two weeks, aside of 36hours in Amsterdam. So with 1 day to go I've kind of surrendered. I have a list to do today (pretty big list, but achievable) What will be will be. I know for a fact it's going to be a smasherπŸ‘Š Get yourself down to Sefton Park and support independent businesses that are really bringing you unique gifts this Christmas. 🌲

Holland was πŸ™Œ perfect. We visited the flower fair @royalfloraholland I was blown away firstly by the scale of this place, it's the place where the flower auctions are held, but at this time of year all the growers exhibit their finest blooms and plants for the world to see. Apparently the worlds largest single storey building. We did 22'000 steps that day. I know Holland is known for flowers but I didn't realise it was this epic. So inspirational, each grower installed mind blowing stands to dazzle you. Another thing i was surprised by was it was all managed by men. Where were all the womenπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ After here we went over to @waterdrinker_aalsmeer a vast building (think B&Q times 3) of just pots, decorations and plants like you've never seen. 😍 incredible house plants, I got 3 big hanging beauties. I could of easily got more. We were like kids in a candy store. I have to Thank Dan from @dutch_flower_shop for getting us in and showing us around. And @garymanning60 for a really special 2 days in Holland. It was impeccable. Thank you. Also @laura.hewitt.754 @bettymorris1 great times, better get saving now for the next trip Xx

I'm off to Amsterdam this morning. 36 hours no children. Heading out there with my auld muckas @garymanning60 and @laura.hewitt.754 from @60hopest heading to a flower show with @dutch_flower_shop , some sight seeing and food. Should be pretty spesh. I'll be bouncing round like Arthur. Check out my stories.

Shall I tell you a lil bit about this curated collection I put together? ......Ok then.
I wanted to put together a mini collection that has cohesion, that you could create outfits with. Mix and match items. So this involved sourcing fabric designs from different design houses that could be peiced together. I love bold pattern, the absurd and bright colour. This is where I came across @paapiidesign and @elvelyckan.design Finnish and Swedish fabric design houses that tick all of these boxes for me. Plus they print on Okeo-Tex Certified Organic Cotton, as safe as it gets.
The bigger picture is to produce my own designs one day, but for the moment baby steps. Which designs are you faves?

Bold graphic aesthetic. I think these three words sum me up and they also sum up the latest prints for the new collection. I've never been one to shy away from colour. My old boss described my look one day as a walking migraine.🀣 I like that phrase. All the colours, 🌈 all together.
How would you describe your style in three words? Xx

Jumping into the weekend like this gorgeous girl. πŸ’ƒIt's been a great first week of the new collection and now I'm on a making frenzy getting stock ready for @popupatthepalmhouse and @openculture Winter Arts Market. It's #wam18 tenth anniversary too. These two events are blinders in the festive calender great days out for the family and I love getting out there, especially meeting my customers chatting with you folks. Also meeting the other traders and organisers that work so hard to bring us some of the best independent businesses in the North West of England. I'm always in awe at the work on display that i even get selected to be part of these events. I know right now makers are busily pouring their hearts into preparing for Christmas. So if you can come along and support indie biz owners and buy something that is unique that indie biz owner will actually do a happy dance at the end if the day for sure. Come by and say hello. πŸ–xx

The past two weeks have been non stop. Making up new samples, prepping for the photoshoot, making the photo set, doing the shoot. Half term entertainment with the kiddas. Editing,editing, editing. LAUNCH the collection, along side the entire in law family descending upon our house. Seven them staying over. Obvs which involves, trip to ikea, new carpet, moving beds, decorating, putting up three sets of curtains, halloween party, and feeding the five thousand. Its been lovely but now I have a literal pain in the neck of epic proportions. A trip to the Osteopath is in order. To realign my haunch. Other wise I'll be lurking around like Arthur in this photo.
Back to school today which is good, I can find my new rhythm with myself and Harry and as I'm now officially self employed and crack on with the wonderful orders I received this weekend. Thank you to everyone who ordered the new stuff, I'm always surprised by what's popular, I'll get them out on Wednesday, ill be sewing whilst Harry naps and into the night i reckon. How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one. πŸ‘» x

These kids can jump and eat balloons at the same time. 🀣 serious skills.
The new range of #sweaters and #harem style #leggings are all made from the softest okeo-tex certified #organiccotton. So it's kinder to our babes. Go check out the new range at www.wonderlandcraft.com

It's been my first week of self employment, plus half term, plus launching this new stuff. Crazy busy but AMAZING! The new collection is live on the website.
Today I'm going to give thanks, thanks to everyone involved in making this collection work. Special shout out to @Chris_templeton_imaging for assisting ang supplying the lighting.πŸ’‘πŸ”¦ @lizharrydesign for being an all round legend. @indie_roller group for support, skills and focus. πŸ’ͺ This special girl in the photo Miyoka and her mum Rachel. My boys. @elvelyckan.design and @paapiidesign for such beautiful fabric and prints. High fives people! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ great work. X

This is your pre-launch klaxon. I'm going live on the website tonight at 8pm with the new collection. I've been dropping sneak peeks all week and tonight's the night to guarantee all your hearts desires.
These prints are limited so don't wait about. 😎 www.wonderlandcraft.com 😎

This #circus print is bodacious to say the least. For the bold for sure, it's fun, graphic and looks tremendous on the kiddas. It's also looking good for going live with the new collection this evening. πŸ€—
I've got two local events lined up for pop up shops. First off in 3 weeks @popuppalmhouse 17-18 Nov, so here you can come say hello and touch the goods. Second is Winter Arts at the Cathedral. Both in #Liverpool and both incredible events for supporting #independentbusiness and getting those original Christmas gifts.

A right bunch of #bananas these little rascals were. They did a tremendous job of showing off, loud and proud.πŸ’ͺ What do you think? Another snippet from the collection which I'm hoping 🀞to go live with tomorrow. Hoping... as it's half term and we have the entire family descending upon us this weekend, so in true style we've decided to re-carpet A room & move everything around. 🀣
So tomorrow I have a child free day to get shit done. πŸ’ͺ

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