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If you look closely you will notice that my hair looks like 💩


It's been a mad month but yay I'm alive and grateful
Only because I took it 10 seconds at a time and watched Star Plus
Taking a moment to appreciate Star Plus and Indian television and the insane level of drama that they maintain AT ALL TIMES IN EVERY SHOW I MEAN WTF BUT LIKE IF YOU EVER WANT TO LAUGH AND CRINGE AND BE REMINDED THAT EVERYTHING IS MEANINGLESS THEN YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO

#starplus #indiantv #starpluscuresdepression #nomakeup #bohotexistential #selfcaretips

I miss you and I'm proud of you @aaryansaroha78
My little brother pursuing his big dreams! 😊

Picture credit- @monika_adlakha @poonascha
What would you caption this?

Thankyou for thie lovely shoot @monika_adlakha @poonascha “There are lots of things we never understand, no matter how many years we put on, no matter how much experience we accumulate. All I can do is look up from the train at the windows in the building that might be hers.” ― Haruki Murakami, A Window

Pointless. Keep scrolling.

Dreamt last night that I'm getting married to Bo Burnham while still in love with my boyfriend but pregnant with somebody elses' baby even though I had an IUD

#heaux dreams are my fav

This is what true love looks like

We all should know a little bit more about the female body. What exactly is the G-spot?
What do you do with it once you find it?
Watch this video and head on over to @lovetreats.in to find out more! (You can use the code "LIBSEX10" on @lovetreats.in website for 10% off) 🔥#selflove #sextoys #sextoysindia #mondaymotivation #sexeducation #sexed #india #sexpositive #sexpositivity #gspot #pleasure

I recently started a new series with @lovetreats.in where we will be talking about some female anatomy basics and answering frequently asked questions related to sex and sexuality!

The folks at @lovetreats.in are championing sex positivity in India, aiming to create a non-judgmental space for women to claim their pleasure, and for couples to deepen their intimacy. It is SO refreshing to find that there are people in India who are truly pushing for sex to embraced as a healthy, normal, beautiful aspect of a fulfilling life. ・・・
So what's the fuss about the hymen? Why does everyone give so much importance to it. Here's why! @womnsplainer tells us why this is as easy as ABC! #sexshop #selflove #friday #weekend #hymen #sextoys #sextoysindia #sexpositive #sexpositivity #taboo #sexeducation #sexeducationindia #sexed

Some random dude DMs me the other day asking "why do you wear a bra?" WHY OFCOURSE. So that strangers on the internet can make unsolicited comments about my body :'D
God, I love being a woman on the internet. :) #smallboobsmatter #chotesantre #fuckoff

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