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Chinasa & Mesiah Holding Space  A collective healing the globe through the Arts and our ancestors ancient practices. ओं मणिपद्मे हूँ #NODAPL Oaktwn~Paris~NY~LA #WombinRising


Within The Whirlwind!

The trauma is rising to the surface. The inflamed tissues swelling upon our core. Punctured and spilling out. This power, Proof of the truth. This power silences the aloof Leaving not a single atom behind. Dragging all back to the divine. The black Madonna from which we came. She blames no one.Fingers severed by missing links. As her children work through the kinks. The #metoo 's and the #itwasme time to be grounded in this reality. Backburner topics catching fire. Burning into the earth this inherent desire. Our ancestors prayers cracking seed pods in high heat. Steadfast of mind returning harmony. Everything they told you about time is a lie. We don't work in lines. That's not our way.Remember The sacred dance they tried to take? The truth shall prevail but only time will tell. The return of the Spiral dance.

It is oh so beautiful to make music with your family! Hope you get rowdy in the pit to this!!! Viva La Mujxr off of @waroficaza New Album #SurrendertotheSerpent ft. Myself and @_palomx link to full album in bio
#NewMoon #likeweneverdoneitbefore

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness.
Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength." -

If you listen carefully and slow down earth has endless gifts to offer. Rest assured that they will come in all ways. From the most expected avenue to the least. In the darkest hour and in the brightest. This does not reveal an effortless journey. In fact it shows one that requires quite a bit of commitment. A word that means so many things much like love. Grown in trust. Blows up some dust and can make our paths somewhat unclear.. But breathe in banish the fear. For this is not forever and We all shall see tomorrow especially when we step in and transform our sorrow.


@oakland @bartbayarea @visitoakland please think wisely about the impact excessive exhaust will have on the already polluted atmosphere covering all of the Bay Area. Please think about the impact it is already having on communities, specifically frontline communities. I think it is a perfect time to set aside a budget to ensure that people have free access to public transportation until the air is healthy enough to breathe. Too many vehicles on the rode at this time should be prevented. Make public transportation accessible for all people in the event of this very serious climate/health issue. This is climate justice, do your job and set aside the resources to make this happen for our communities. #cityofoakland #bartbayarea #freetransportation #nopollution #healthcrisis #climatejustice tag folks! spread the word! Please use your platforms to post about this very serious public need !

see you soon teleporting back to middle earth to spend a day in my hobbit home that I left in the past life don't know why I've been gone for so long don't like shoes cause I love the feeling of soil and roughness on my toes and the kinda hygiene this world obsesses over makes nada sense to me just tryna smoke a bowl with my shire bredren i need to get back to my world

What a wondrous blessing to be a Spirit living in a physical world. The juxtaposition allows for something new to be formed through our various relationships with other bodies of life, so what will we create? What tools will we use? And when will we call upon our guides to aid us in continuing our work? We are children of the Universe. We have come to this planet at this time to learn and share many lessons, to learn and remember our individual knowing and to practice through the physical, all that we are! It is remembering and when understood it is doing the work (work that those before us have left for us to make of ourselves) in this material plane to reach another state of consciousness. To move beyond one vibration to the next, continuously changing according to the vibration of the physical/spiritual plane on which we live. Mama is calling on us to remember our lessons. To remember who we are, despite the many negative forces of hate and fear that try so hard to separate us from our path. Simply follow your heart, many will seem to reject you, but even in their reactions they too will be changed, do not be afraid, follow your heart, what is inside you is who you are, listen to what you believe inside, become who you are🌱

unconditional love is the natural rhythm of this sacred planet and it's bodies, I wish all a peaceful journey back home to yourself, the universe is awaiting your return, wether you exist in this plane or another, the quest is always the same, choose fear and comes chaos and suffering, choose love and comes peace and unity.
I pray for the return of a cohesive relationship between humans and land, Spirit and body. I pray for the journey back to Source, it is a daily overcoming and what a wondrous blessing to come home to love every day even after the battle, to again be reminded through the lessons of loving that peace is who you are. What a blessing to be here right now.

Star seeds on this wondrous planet come into this beautiful human body to bring glorious amounts of light to this sacred land!!

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