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Wolf Trap Animal Rescue  Puppy & kitten rescue located in the Greater DC area. All pups posted are up for adoption & need forever homes!🐶


Hi my name is Dee, I'm a 6 week old Lab mix. I'm already sleeping through the night, peeing and pooping on my potty pads, and I am learning how to go outside and some fun tricks. I like to play with my foster brothers even though I'm smaller than their heads! Available 6/10

This is Bruno, 10 wk old beagle mix. He's very active and loves to play but also loves to cuddle. While he's not a big fan of the rain, he's an excellent sun bather. Also an avid napper. He's great with other dogs and people of all ages.

Meet Zayne, a 10 week old beagle mix. Zayne is settling in very nicely to his new home!! He is the biggest snuggle bug and loves to have his puppy belly rubbed. Zayne has a blast playing with our Golden Retriever, Duke, but he isn't sure what to think of the cats yet. He's very good at going potty outside, but he's still a little timid when it comes to his crate. Avail 6/10

Please meet Louisa May on left and Faulkner on right. 3/4 week old shepherd mixes. Eating, pooping, sleeping, snuggling, speaking well. Up for adoption on June 10.

Say hello to Peter (blonde) and Piper (brunette)! They're a teeny dynamic duo that love to explore the house, chew on each other, and pass out under couches. Lots of puppy kisses and sweet faces that will result in many treats! They're super lovey, but also independent, and I know they'll be awesome family pups. DM if interested in a meet and greet

Peanut (Peanut Butter) is an 8 week old Terrier mix. He is doing well with potty training (no accidents), sleeping through the night, eating well and loves his foster siblings. A real cutie pie. Oh, and did I mention that he loves to play and cuddle?

Meet Babylon! I renamed him Bo (sometimes call him Bo Bo:) and he's been starting to respond to it more and more. He's an 8 week old hound and is such a cutie. I began fostering him on May 14th. He was so quiet at first, but after a nap or two he began to show his other colors. Sometimes he can be super quiet and cuddly and other times he can be super hyper. He'll be at the adoption event this Saturday, May 27th!

This little guy has been such a joy so far! His WTAR name is Hatcie but we thought he looked more like an Otis so thats what we are calling him. He has had zero accidents since we have been home and pottied outside twice after whining to go out. Hes very polite with the resident kitty and dogs and is extremely low maintenance thus far. He absolutely loves to curl up under the table and chairs to nap too. This little heartbreaker will be sure to make someone an awesome furbaby. Hes a sweetheart! Available 6/10 for his forever home ♡

Marshmallow is settling right in at our home. She's very tired after a long day, but she is so sweet and loves to give lots of kisses! Marshmallow is an 8 week old beagle mix, up for adoption on June 10th.

Marshall all cleaned up and starting to settle in. For size comparison, that's our 20 lb beagle. 8 week old terrier mix, available for adoption 6/10!

Princess Peaches is home, washed, and in bed playing with her new foster brother. Such a sweet sweet girl. 10 week old bulldog mix. Ready for adoption June 10th.

Josephine is a sweet 10-week old lab mix who learns quickly. She does her "business" outside and sleeps through the night in her crate. She has 4 white stockings, a white tummy, and a tiny bit of white on the tip of her tail. Available for adoption 5/27/17.

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