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Wolf Trap Animal Rescue  Puppy & kitten rescue located in the Greater DC area. All pups posted are up for adoption & need forever homes!🐶

What a sweet baby! Caribou has mastered the stairs and loves to cuddle. At the risk of jinxing myself, he and his sister let me sleep most of last night. Word of warning: he’s a cuddler and will steal your heart.

These two are soo sweet I just can’t get over it! We only have had one accident and they didn’t even cry at bedtime (although I did hear them playing 😂). Duck is the most playful of the two and seems very curious. Where Dragon is the first to curl up at your feet for a nap. Both are learning to leave the 4 month old human alone and actually once redirected a few times haven’t bothered him again unless invited. So I’d say they are fast learners!

This is Lobster and he is such a sweet boy. He is a 7 wk old male golden retriever mix. Shy at first but adjusts very quickly. He loves playing with sticks, running around, and playing with his brother. Would make an amazing addition to a family. Contact Wolf Trap at foster.adopt@wtarescue to request a meet and greet! #wolftrapanimalrescue

My babies need to stop growing up so fast 😭😭 These now two weeks old shih tzu’s are crawl monsters. Yesterday during intake my grandmother found them nursing in the middle of the hallway 😂 now that they’re two weeks they should be opening their eyes soon! Myrtle lives up to her name by squealing whenever she’s not near the group and nobody pays attention to her. And little mad eye is notorious for always having his tongue out 😂
And Mama Minerva McGonagall is as precious and perfect and patient as ever 💕

Roaring in like a Lion and living up to my name, the real king of the jungle, no matter what Monkey says. I havent stopped since my feet hit the ground, so hopefully I will sleep good tonight! #Lion 7 wk M retriever mix. 🦁 Adoption date: October 6th

Hhhaaaiiiiii everyone....I'm Leopard, and as you can see I am cute as can be. Love to play with my brother and am really curious about my other fur hosts...except for the gray one....shes off limits apparently, and not very friendly if I do say so myself. Adoption date:October 6th
7 wk old M retriever mix. 🐆

Meet Fawkes! A 3 mos old lab mix. He joined 3 other pups today and wore himself out with all the playing and has settled in for an afternoon nap! He even let us know he needed to potty!! Such a sweet and smart boy already, he’ll be sure to be the best addition to his furever home. ❤️🐶 who could resist those big brown puppy dog eyes?

Kitten and Kimono Dragon are loving their foster home. They completely tired themselves out from playing all afternoon! They love to wrestle and play with their feather toy. They are hungry little guys are will be big before we know it!

This is Nicholas F!!! He is an amazing little guy!! SO sweet and well trained. He is a love bug, I am already attached!

This is Lightning Bug and he is full of spunk! 7 wk old male golden retriever mix. Loves playing with toys, running after his humans/his brother, and taking a little snooze in the crate. He would be an awesome little guy to add to your family! Contact wolf trap at foster.adopt@wtarescue.com to request a meet and greet! Available 10/6

This is Muskrat. He is an 8 week old German Shepherd mix. He is settling in for the Redskin game and a quiet afternoon. Adoption day 9/29

Meet Lynx (brown) and Lizard (black). These painfully adorable girls are 7 week old golden retriever mixes who will be up for adoption 10/6. 5lbs and 6.8lbs, respectively, but full of spunk. They have no problem playing with our 60lb and 130lb resident pups! Email foster.adopt@wtarescue.com to schedule a meet and greet with these cutie pies!

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