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It really is a solid show! It’s all up on OfficialJasonEllis.com along with much more from that weekend. I think it was the last at the @hardrockhotellv as we know it. Who knows what’s next for Ellismania’s, all I know is can you believe what we did with it?!? Haha 🐺🔪🀄️💞🎉✊🏼 #ellisfam #tbt #ellismania

Most fun ever!! Haha just found new account to enjoy @girlsgettinghurt #amiright

Thanks @tooshort for coming on the show today. @thejasonellisshow @kevinkraft @tullywood @siriusxm

#wolfkniveswednesday winner this week is a dog!! Nice work dog! Thanks for being a 🐺🔪✊🏼 @m0onfl0wer_ 😉 @thewolfknives WolfknivesStore.com to join

Fuck I hate my self. So I’m doing stand up again! Haha Friday night with all these real comedians so you’ll laugh for sure. Thanks for inviting me @samtripoli I will do my best✊🏼

Busy show today. Thanks to @nergal69 hail the goat!! Haha thanks @dustin_ybarra enjoy the rest of your day🍻 haha Thanks @kevinkraft better every day✊🏼 love you @mikecatherwood love you too @deadletters @thejasonellisshow on @siriusxm channel 103 afternoon drive🏆

It’s Friday & my cat could not give a fuck!! 🀄️😄 Don’t miss today’s @thejasonellisshow on @siriusxm channel 103 FactionTalk 2to5 5to8pm We run afternoon drive✊🏼. #gimli #ellisfam #peeparty @underwearwolf 😍

What ever you do in life, have a passion! Thanks for coming on the show @travispastrana & I’ll see you in Utah sep 22 to 23rd👌🏼 @siriusxm @thejasonellisshow

This shit is the best! 😄 Enjoy your Thursday 💞✊🏼

Solid crew today. Thanks to @dancumminscomedy & @bengleib for stopping by & as always nice work @kevinkraft & @tullywood @thejasonellisshow channel 103 @siriusxm

Golden gods!! Haha Thanks for coming on my show @tarzannoz much appreciated. FactionTalk channel 103 @siriusxm

Tuesday!! Get it up ya??😄

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