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Breanna Pelosi  Just a kind soul that loves to dance . 👣💕 Aquarius. 🌊 Soul sister @poetofplaides 🚀👽 Always spread kindness & let nature be your guide 🍄🍁🍂🌿🚀

Really feeling my flow today and was trying to dance more rather than just nail a bunch of tricks in a row. Yes, it's an amazing feeling to learn new tricks, but hooping is about expressing yourself, feeling free, and having fun✨❤️. Hope everyone got some nature exposure today! Much love 💛☀️🍃(Also Happy Fathers Day to all you great dads/grandpas out there!) #hoopersofinstagram #hooplove

Got to do some exploring on this flow arts friday! (Shoutout to the tree in the first video for bouncing my hoop back to me so I could keep going🙈) . My favorite features to be around in nature is definitely water. Wether it's an ocean, lake, or just a tiny creek, water just makes me feel so relaxed 💙🌊. Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!✨ #hoopersofinstagram #flowartsfriday (Music Credit: @lordhuron, love this 13 reasons why Song!)

Happy Slo-mo Sunday! Pizza tosses have always been one of my favorite tricks and I've been trying to get the hoop lower and lower on my body. Some tricks seem impossible at first and then one day it just happens and it's such an amazing feeling. 😍 Just gotta keep pushing towards your goals. ✨ Much love ❤️🍕 #slomosunday #Pizzatoss #hoopersofinstagram #hoopeverydamnday

Fly like an eagle ✨🦅 let my spirit carry me ❤️ #FlowArtsFriday #hoopersofinstagram

Got to take my hoops on an adventure with me and finally did my first walk and hoop video too!🙈 Even if you feel like you're in a rut when it comes to your passion, never hesitate to just go outside and embrace what Mother Nature has to offer and it will work wonders! Much love✨❤️ #hoopersofinstagram #hoopeverydamnday #flow

(Late slo-mo Sunday feat. a new trick🙈) Being in a car accident has definitely made this past week stressful but one thing I keep learning everyday is how massive of an impact your response can have on a situation. It's always okay to be anxious and stressed, but you'll always have the power to turn your situation positive. Instead of staying home all sad, I went out to a BBQ and got to meet 3 new furry friends as well🐶❤️. There's always going to be times where it feels like the world and everyone in it is out to get you and it'll never stop, but some things can be a blessing in disguise. Life can be rough, but that's what makes the good parts even better!❤️ Happy Monday☀️

Got my first LED whip in the mail today and I'm already addicted to it! I'm so excited to start this new flow journey and perform some super awesome light shows. ❤️💙💚💜💛 Song: Purge Planet-Midnight T

Feelin the flow and my outfit today ✨🌸 Hope everybody gets a break from work or school just to experience this weather!Especially my New England friends, we deserve this ☀️#Flow #LoveYourself #NeverGiveUp Much love💚

Some chest roll things✨ n feeling extra funky too🎸🎼. Hope everybody has an amazing and safe weekend! Never let what others think EVER define you. You're awesome and you know it ❤️ Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you! (*Peep my future stories for more of my hoop progress☺️) #hoopersofinstagram

Another Horror Convention in the books! (Chiller Theatre, Parsippany NJ 2018). Horror has always been a huge interest in my life and I think everybody should take the time to get out and make memories you'll cherish forever if it involves something you love! Sometimes you just gotta have experiences and worry about playing it safe another day. ❤️👻 (*Left to Right: Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws), Peter Riegert (Animal House), Original Deathmobile (Animal House), French Stewart (Inspector Gadget 2), Karen Allen (The Sandlot), and a quick sneak peek of Ernie Hudson the original Ghostbuster ! (Also saw Vinny Vincent from Kiss and Dinah Minoff from chucky, but that wouldn't fit in this collage 🙈) Much love ✨❤️

Some light flow from yesterday. ✨☀️(Side note: Sorry for dent in green hoop) Hooping and music has helped me get through so much this past year and idk what I'd do without them. People will come in your life to hurt you and make you feel worthless but that's just the time to rise up and show this world how beautiful and unique your soul really is! Having Borderline Personality Disorder has and will be a scary ride, but I have people in my life who love and support me because I'm a kind and loving person. ❤️ People who talk shit about mental illness just feed into the stigma more and is never a reflection on you! Always take time to be mentally healthy because it's just as important as physical❤️ Can't wait to hit up some fests this summer and meet some new flomies and friends!! Much love🌎🌸 #Flow #HoopersofInstagram #Hooping (Also shoutout to @circle.hoops for my first official hoop can't wait to have so many more!!)

@ct_park_shame @ct_park_shame All my fellow CT followers should check out this page for a good laugh! CT will never let you down with some shitty parking! 😂 I apologize I haven't posted in a while but I've just been living my life and learning to love myself in the process ✨❤️ Flow/Hooping Videos coming soon! Hoping to build up to a professional flow account soon so stay tuned! Much love ☀️✨💛

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