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marlow! (they/them)  trying my best to be happy & kind. qtpoc makin tattoos in pdx @constellationtattoo 🐉 booking closed til end o summer 🐉 inquiries? click the link (18+)

today was filled with so much gentleness - thank you so so much @rh0ne for trading body work with me for this tattoo, and for talking, for listening, for singing a duet w me at karaoke and for being a very tender person. really lookin forward to doing the other piece and gettin to heal trauma together
if you need a queer/trans/poc aware and all around really considerate and kind massage therapist in pdx pls go to rhone they are the actual best, i got a massage for the first time and have not felt so at home in my body for a while 💖

littl flowers! thank uuuuu 🌼

constant craving

hi friends n folks - sorry for the delay in choosing a winner for my giveaway ! the winner is @garbagezamboni pls email me abt how to claim ya stuff !
on another note - i would like to say that since i have started tattooing, i have been able and privileged enough to be in a position where i can thankfully, make adjustments to my schedule and my output as an artist for the sake of my own mental health. that being said , since i have started tattooing I have had one vacation that wasn’t work related - and i have lately been feeling the weight of that more than i usually do.
i am very thankful to be able to be in a position where i can step back, acknowledge when i am starting to notice bad habits, bad feelings, and be able to recognize that my mental illnesses do prevent me from being able to perform at my best one hundred percent of the time if i am not taking time to make sure i am okay first beforehand. i try really hard to be honest w folks about where i am at and would hope that they could meet me halfway - and would know i would do the same for them as well.
anyways - what’s going on is that i am feeling the weight of things more lately, and i am going to be taking an extended time off from my oakland trip until the end of august. if we have an appointment together you’ll recieve an email about rescheduling, refunding your deposit, as well as the other things that moving things around is going to entail.
this is something that i feel will give me some time to process my trauma, step back from social media, and be able to heal and move forward more than i have been able to in the past since i simply haven’t had the time.
i appreciate the understanding and hope folks can find ways big or small to be able to feel okay again

prince of cups ! thanks so much - always luv to do tarot stuff 🍡

krebby knee for another triple cancer 💕 thank uuuuu

healed on my pal holly from last time i was in the bay! ⛓ i luv my friends

hi friends n folks ! next month from the 13-15th, ill be working @divingswallowtattoo alongside my coworkers @ajunkysock and @v_a_l_l_e_y ! i'll be booking things a little differently this time since my time is limited - if we have a conversation going about unfinished works from last time i was in the bay, or touch ups, please shoot me an email ! i will not be booking custom work for this trip unless we've talked about it together already ! however, i am going to be offering these three larger scale designs, and will also be doing a flash day with smaller designs ! i'll announce the date and post the designs for the flash day nearer to the date of me heading down there. if you're interested in getting one of these three designs, please email me wolfgoretattoos@gmail.com ! pricing for these will depend on sizing and placement but i would love to keep them pretty big ! i am so so so excited to be back in oakland- on a side note, if anyone has any leads on couches/houses at any qtpoc punk houses or the like that would wanna host me a night or two, dm me and ill tattoo ya for it 🏇🏽

trixie mattel voice : unnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

littl horsie friends for my coworker / prickly pear @mothmilk thanks fr bein sweet

hangover babieeee

on me , by my friend @v_a_l_l_e_y . part one : today is my birthday. today is a hard day for many reasons , most of which having to do w my mental illness and the continuing reminders of the ways i’ve dealt w it. those who know me irl know that i don’t take the tattoos i have on my body too seriously (two drake tattoos !!! two) but this is something i have wanted to start for a long long time - my stomach has been a major source of anxiety for obvious reasons, though i am personally comfortable w my body, a lot of people aren’t !
getting to look in the mirror after we got done w what we wanted to do today was really, really deeply healing. thank you so so so much AB , for being such a good and supportive friend, for sticking around, for being a tattooer i can look up to and a pal i can always call on when shit sucks. you are the actual best and it’s an honor to get to work w someone who is just as invested in politics and also just so, so dang good at tattooing. feeling v grateful, feeling like today is a little less hard w my friends around. taking the week off to wrestle my emotions and set aside time to be gentle w my friends - thanks for looking, thanks for everything

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