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Meanwhile a view from Ireland. _____(John Downing in Irish Independent today)

still plenty of time to catch a train, bus, aeroplane, hackney carriage, drive, walk, bike to Marble Arch for tomorrow 12noon. Make this People's Vote on Brexit demonstration a moment and movement that can't be ignored. #djsforeurope (i'll be cheering from Dublin)

This Saturday 12noon: a demonstration that matters. A few hours of your time could make a real difference.
From the organisers' website (people’s vote.co.u)k :
A majority of the public support a People’s Vote and a final say on the Brexit deal.

Whether you voted leave or remain, nobody voted to make this country worse off, to harm jobs, to damage the NHS, to affect the future of millions of young people, or to make this country more divided. The more the shape of the final Brexit deal becomes clear, the more it is clear that it will do nothing to improve social justice, reduce inequality, increase our standard of living, or create a better future for future generations.

We are demanding our democratic voice be heard on Brexit. Since the referendum in 2016, new evidence has emerged on what we were once told would be “the easiest deal in history”. We now know the true cost of the divorce bill, as well as the impact of Brexit on the NHS, workers’ rights and public services.

This Government has failed on Brexit: there is no mandate for its car crash proposal or for a disastrous no-deal Brexit. We won’t let them get away with a bad deal - that’s why we will be there in Central London making the case for a People’s Vote.
#peoplesvote #brexit

Kotti-archeology #concrete #innercitycave

The single by POWELL TILLMANS 'Feel the Night', is out today on XL Recordings and available on download and streaming services, video on Youtube. Oscar Powell @odbpowell and I started working on music 18 months ago. This song is one of six on the forthcoming EP POWELL TILLMANS ---
SPOKEN BY THE OTHER (ep cover is second image) which will be November 16 (XL965) on vinyl, download and streaming.
Artwork by Anders Clausen. #powelltillmans #feelthenight #spokenbytheother #xlrecordings #simonashcroft
Video co-directed by #andersclausen
#michaelamstad @echtcoolerhund
link for pre-order

Super excited to announce the single by POWELL TILLMANS 'Feel the Night'. It's out today on XL Recordings and available on all download and streaming services. This is an excerpt from the video (full length on Youtube). Oscar Powell and I started working on some
music 18 months ago and it's been a journey of unexpected depth, highs and lows. This song is taken from the forthcoming EP POWELL TILLMANS ---
SPOKEN BY THE OTHER which will be released November 16 diigitally and on vinyl (XL965). video directed by Michael Amstad / Anders Clausen and myself. #powelltillmans #feelthenight #spokenbytheother #xlrecordings
link for pre-order

From Polly Toynbee's op'ed piece in today's Guardian:
... Feel no pity for May. At first she seemed plausible as the least incapable pair of hands on offer. But she threw away every chance to escape this Brexit dead-end by turning to her extreme wing. In the more than 18 excruciating months since she recklessly triggered article 50 with no plan, nothing has changed. The Brexit conundrum remains where it began, except she has made it far worse. There stands the same giant boulder in the road that is Northern Ireland’s borders. All she has contributed is mutually contradictory “red lines” that made any solution impossible. Frictionless trade, with no adjudication by the European court of justice, with no customs union, no single market and no hard border in Ireland: this was not any old cake-and-eat-it but a bankrupted Patisserie Valerie confection. And there she has stayed. (...) #brexit #pollytoynbee #theguardian #poeplesvote

more info Wednesday. Artwork by Anders Clausen.

Francis Bacon studio reinstalled at Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin #hughlanegallery #dublin

Tomorrow Saturday at 12noon at Berlin Alexanderplatz the UNTEILBAR demonstration kicks off. "indivisible" or "impartible" stands for a broad coalition of people who feel solidarity knows no borders. a demonstration against rightwing populism across Europe, for the right of asylum and against 'fortress Europe'. For a pluralistic non-nationalist Europe. Against xenophobia and the AfD and other hatemongers. A closing concert takes place at Siegessäule from 4pm with Herbert Grönemeyer, Dirk von Lowtzow and Konstantin Wecker. Visitors to Berlin and new and old Berliners join tomorrow for an important cause and 24degrees sunshine! #Unteilbar #dievielen #berlintoday #berlintomorrow

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