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Steve  Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and etc.

A good friend knows just how to boost your ego.
Englebert (and Enoch)

(Sound on)
1st of all if you don't follow @drinkingwithchickens you're in for a treat. It's one of my favorite accounts. She helped me with a lot of the chicken coop basics and her account is hilarious, her house is beautiful and she makes a mean cocktail with chickens. (Chickens are in the photos not in the cocktails🤯). The coop was expertly constructed by @bigwolfe77 and his friend Matt. These guys are construction artists! And finally my friend Jill made the design in my head a reality. Thanks Jill!

Edna's blood results weren't quite what we were hoping for. She's been diagnosed with moderate kidney disease. My heart sank when I got the message, but we are both going to fight this. I've heard lots of encouraging stories of dogs living great lives for many years with her condition. She's 15 now so I'm hoping for another 15 (that seems reasonable to me). In the meantime, special diet's, subcutaneous fluids and lots of prayers are in her future. You got this Edna.

I don't buy down/ feather products anymore, but I had some old down pillows in the closet I decided to give to Bikini for her bed.
I probably should have thought that through a little better....

See how peacefully and calmly Melvin is sleeping after breakfast? It in no way represents how breakfast actually went down. First of all, Edna was running around whining loudly, refusing to eat because she had mistaken my casual Friday attire for my breakfast burrito Saturday morning wear. As I was trying to get her to calm down and understand it was just Friday, i spotted Doris out of the corner of my eye having diarrhea. (Note to future self, just leave her where she is, it will be easier to clean up later. ) As I'm running through the kitchen with Doris yelling, "Clear a path, clear a path", Enoch gets frightened and backs up into Edna and her bowl of wet food. Edna runs into Waylon and his food, and Waylon being Waylon manages to tramp everyone's food all through the kitchen. Now I'm running behind so I'm trying to hurry, and i drop a 1/2 gallon jar of coconut oil on the tile floor, shattering it and spilling it everywhere. It was like a lost archive of an old I Love Lucy episode where she insanely adopts 9 senior dogs and a pig, but the producers decided it was just too far fetched to be believable.

I'm upfront about all the dogs when guests come to the house. But I keep the pig secret for an element of surprise.

When you envy your dog on Monday morning....
Eeyore, 18 yrs old, living his best life.

I guess there are certain situations where Bikini would be effective guarding the front door. If there is any food in your pockets, there's no way you're getting by.

In anticipation of the newly remodeled chicken coop (coming soon) I finally snagged 3 new chickens to add to my flock. They're just simple chickens so I gave them simple names; 2 Chainz, The Notorious C.H.K,.,and Sir Mix-A-Lot (might be Miss Mix-A-Lot).

Throwback from about 3 years ago shortly after I adopted Edna. At that time I thought she was trying to get me to take her for a walk. But now that I know her better, I'm pretty sure she just wanted to go gambling.

We all know how madening it can be when the waiter takes your plate away too early. It really pisses Englebert off, even if all the food is gone.

Breaking ground on a new chicken coop and several other outdoor renovations. So get ready to see lots of pictures of these guys in the next few weeks pretending to work in the yard.

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