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Steve  Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and etc.


An old photo just to update everyone on my absence from ig. Unfortunately my appendix ruptured and I had emergency surgery on Saturday. I was released from the hospital today but still slowly recovering - I'm old and don't bounce back like I used to ๐Ÿ˜Š. Everyone else is good (thanks to @cartomtroy66 and @how_dull_is_beige ) and I hope for everything to get back to normal after a few more days of sleeping the day away.

You had to assume it was coming; the routine throwback picture that everyone does when they have recently returned from vacation. I couldn't help myself, I'm still at the point where I think, 'a week ago today I was....' So - a week ago today I was almost certainly on a bicycle with Edsel and Loretta in Cape Cod, where my only goal for the day was finding restaurants with dog-friendly patios.
Photo cred @ranchodelmarr

Josh (rat terrier) and Enoch (Irish Wolfhound) are both "leaners", those dogs that show affection or receive comfort by leaning against someone. Whenever I'm sitting down for a little while or standing in one place for a few minutes I'll often feel Josh leaning against my leg very peacefully (Enoch does it too but at 140lb it's much less subtle ๐Ÿ˜€). This is the first time however, I've ever noticed Josh leaning against Enoch, who didn't move away. This went on for several minutes. I love that they provide each other with comfort.

In anticipation of questions: Josh turn 17 in January and he's back legs have lost some of their strength so I found some shoes (my busy pet waterproof dog shoes) that give him a good grip on hard surfaces.

The kibble on the ground is Enoch's way of sharing with the little dogs. (I prefer this explanation to - he's just messy). He takes a bite of food and then lets several pieces fall on the floor for the little ones to clean up.

P.S. There are some experts that say when a dog leans on you they're showing dominance. I know that is simply not true, at least with these two. There's not a dominant bone in either Josh's or Enoch's entire body.

I had an incredible vacation but knowing that most of these guys were waiting at home for me made the plane ride back seem unending.

Everyone is great and seems very happy that I'm here. Edna's eyesight is getting bad so it took her a minute to realize I had walked in but then she was so happy and she rolled over so that I could rub her fat belly. As soon as Engelbert and Eeyore settled down Engelbert started bossing everyone around just so I didn't forget who was really in charge. And Bikini lost her mohawk in the week that I was gone so she looks a little bit like a giant slug with eyelashes, still beautiful in my eyes though.

It feels good to have everyone together and I'm grateful to get back to our routine.

"Because of the dog's joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as well as love the dog of our own life, and the dog down the street, and all the dogs not yet born. What would the world be like without music or rivers or the green and tender grass? What would this world be like without dogs?" -Mary Oliver
Edsel and Loretta. Vacation 2017

What's better than bringing your dog to the ocean?
Bringing two.
They both love it. Edsel especially seems beside himself with joy playing in the water and running free on the beach. It makes the perfect vacation all that much better.

Packing for my vacation in Cape Cod. I wish I could take all these guys with me but you know the airlines are weird about that kind of thing .
I do at least get to take Loretta (with the sun hat) and Edsel (with the snorkel mask on his head).
@cartomtroy66 is house-sitting most of the gang and @how_dull_is_beige will be watching Engelbert and Eeyore.
In anticipation of your questions, it depends on where I'm going as to which dogs get to go. Some are too big to fly with, some would not enjoy the beach....

My ridiculous, unconstrained, obsessive-compulsive pet bed collection has expanded into bunk beds. Unlike the bunkbed I had in grade school, chicks are allowed.
Evita the chicken, Loretta, Eeyore Stuart the rabbit, Englebert, Edsel and on the bottom bunk Josh.

Phyllis's death left such a hole in our home and we are all missing her desperately. Her last post has so many heartfelt comments and I'm making my way through all of them, although it will take some time. Thank you sincerely.
I found this video from the end of last year, taking all the dogs for a walk, with Phyllis and her wild hair riding along in the wagon. I hope you enjoy it and that everyone has a great holiday weekend. Keep your loved ones safe and let them know how much they are loved.

Rest in peace beautiful Phyllis.๐Ÿ’” When I found Phyllis through @susiesseniordogs she appeared to have come from a puppy mill because according to the vet, she had produced countless litters of puppies. When she got too old to produce anymore they turned her loose on a rural highway in the cold Colorado winter. By that time she was without any sight and most of her hair was gone because of a bad uterus infection. Through the grace of God someone found her before she was hit by a car or eaten by a predator or frozen. She was taken to a small local shelter where our paths finally crossed and I brought her home to live with me.

When Phyllis used to play my sides would hurt from laughing. She would crouch down to pounce at me but since she couldn't see, she would miss me by a mile. I would break out laughing and that would fire her up even more until finally I would let her find me so I could tickle her. I will desperately miss her on our walks, sitting in her backpack with that crazy hair blowing in the wind, enjoying the smells and barking at the dogs she couldn't see. She was full of confidence and a sense of belonging. At night she slept close to my side, head on my arm, snoring in my ear. Last night she seemed to sense what was happening. When I woke she had crawled up on my chest to sleep. She had never done that before.

She was diagnosed with cancer in October of last year. She fought that like she lived her life, with a steady perseverance. But her little body finally had enough. What a few weeks ago appeared to be a neurological issue on one leg, quickly spread to another. Then a sore appeared and started to grow on the spot of her previous tumor, a probable sign of cancer's return. Most telling of all, Phyllis's bright light dimmed and she would no longer eat

My faith tells me when I see her again she will be young and healthy. She will have her eyesight and be able to see me physically for the very first time. How sweet that will be.
She died in my arms this morning peacefully, knowing love until the end.
#phillydphillydwillamsphillydeliciousphillydelightful (her nicknames)

You know how people camp out in line for their favorite concert? Bikini's favorite concert is the chime the refrigerator door makes when it's opened.

Stop the torture.....
(Enoch and Englebert.)
www.stopyulinforever.org to find out more.

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