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  I'm a college student and animal lover who is quickly becoming a review junkie and a subscription box addict. I also have a chronic illness, POTS.


Found this cute little guy while on Ipso and figured I'd enter ;) Even the bag will have this character on it this month, how adorable!
Plus, I can definitely relate to his laziness!
#ipsyxguadetama #sweepstakes #gudetama #lazy

Here is my Spring Fab Fit Fun box!!! πŸ“¦ ❀
Love the bag, bigger than I thought, and its great to stash bigger things than your general make up bag!
The lip trio is fun, masks look nice, bracelet is nice(a bit hard to get off and on thoigh), and the roundie is now on the back of my couch!
Loving FFF ❀, loved so much I subbed for a year so I could choose my roundie lol.
#fabfitfun #fffgiveaway #subscriptionbox #review

Have you ever tried a lock screen app?
This one, named Fronto, has you swipe left or right once to unlock your phone to get points you redeem for free giftcards!! How awesome is that?!
I'm sharing this as I love free money and this is a pretty easy way to do it(just have to look at some ads).
I have been obsessed with finding the best( for me and my laziness) bang for my buck(well, time). You don't even want to know how many reward apps I have installed+have on my phone...unless you do, then I would totally do more posts on my faves ;) I have gotten a couple gift cards already in my short time( like 3 months) which is pretty nice!
They have quite a few choices like Amazon, Target, Google play, Paypal, and Bestbuy.
If you're interested, just get it from the app store and put in my code "Rose123" once you're signed up(settings on top right then promo code/ invite).
Good luck! πŸ€β­πŸ€πŸŒ΅(The Good Place anyone?)
#giftcards #freemoney #lockscreen #rewards #freegiftcards #bored #refer #freegiftcard #worththetime #moneyfornothing #funapps #moneyapp #rewardsapp

Here is my last #popsugarmusthave (the mystery box I think)although I am rather late in posting it, but I loved the box ❀ although my #dyingphone doesn't!
This had #cargocosmetics #cleancotton #stowawaycosmetics #briogeo and the most stylish gold bottle opener ever!! #review #reviewer #betterlatethannever #popsugarmusthavebox #lowbattery #mysterybox #cargo #bottleopener #gold #scarf #mystery

Just got my popsugar must have box πŸ“¦ a few days a go ❀!! It is filled with awesome goodies like a necklace, cool shaped lipstick, and the tray set(catchall and ring bowl)!!!
Sadly only a couple things(the necklace and lipstick ) were for me.
Luckily I got it w/ someone else and they will be loving those trays!!!
Too bad they didn't come in gold, then they would be mine!!!! Muahaha! ⚑
Pretty awesome rv though, especially since I got this on a black friday deal. This box paid for the 3 month sub!
Also, I use anything not for me or those I share it with, for gifts! 🎁 Which is handy for Christmas!
What do you guys do with leftover items, or have you tried sub boxes?
#popsugarmusthavebox #popsugarmusthave #subscriptionbox #review #boxreview #ramble #christmasgift #reviewer #decemberbox #odeme #manemessage #baublebar #lipstick #sistersgourmet #juaraskincare #necklace

Finally got my Birchbox and I am loving the box design (you can see a tiny bit of it in the pic) which was for their 6yr anniversary. Is it weird that often the box is my fave thing? I sure hope not since it's tied with a couple things atm.
So, now to whats IN the box... I got a tiny sample perfume which smelled fairly strong to me. Next was the Milk sample, a brand that everyone got something from this month. I received a cutesy packaged but deceivingly small sample of highlighter which I actually do like, I just wish it was a bit bigger.
I am hopeful that the shampoo from beauty protector, which is #vegan will help my dull blonde hair! It was a pretty good travel size so I hopefully I'll know if it works before I run out!
I was happy to get another derma E product in my box which seems is about travel sized but not tiny. Oh and it's a microdermabrasion(phew) scrub which will be fun to try out!
Last thing I got was a little mini(although actually not a bad size) waterproof eye make up remover w/ cornflower by Klorane. I have actually been wanting to try this out ever since I joined BB in January but haven't gotten around to getting one! (Also, I do pay for this sub myself)
#review #subscriptionbox #birchbox #giveaway #dermae #escadaperfume #milkmakeup #beautyprotector

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I just had to try this one out. When I saw the logo though, I knew it was for me! I mean, who doesn't want Bigfoot on their serum?!
Once I got this, I was impressed by the packaging. It is a nice and sturdy glass with a good weight to it and the label w/ Bigfoot is even better in person!
On a quick side note, soon after I got this I was watching Eureka and Tagert (I'm not sure how to spell his name, sorry!) was sure one of the town's "incidents" was Bigfoot!
Back to the serum...
This soaked in nicely and didn't feel sticky on my face. I have been using this with my Foxbrim products for the toner and lotion and the combo works well together. Plus I like having all my fave logos out where I can see them! (I love it when products I love have logos I love!!)
I can't say whether it helped my skin so far but I will certainly keep using this and see!
I received this for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.
#review #reviews #reviewer #naturalskincare #organic #serum #bigfootessentials

This may be my new favorite soap! This is from a brand called Sky Organics and they carry both the block and liquid soap, I got the block.
This both softens AND cleans your hands! My Mom has been using this in the kitchen and just loves it since it doesn't dry her hands out!
Now I just need to make up 2 more bottles for the bathrooms!!
So, first off when you order this soap you get that giant block you see inside the bag. However if you want liquid soap it is super easy to make (my difficulty with it is finding the bottle and actually DOING IT). You start out with an empty soap bottle, break off (well smash actually, it's super soft) a few pieces, put them in the bottle, fill with water , shake, wait and shake some more.
The first time I tried this is was too thin so we added more soap and now it is perfect. I think the color has to be a nice muddy brown for it to really work, so try aiming for that :)
You can also use it straight off the block but it is recommended to take of smaller pieces so as not get the rest of the block mushy from sitting out since it's so soft.
This also can be used for face or body wash and is really good for the skin! I think this big block will last quite some time!
Now, I did receive this free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review but this really is what I think of the product and I would definitely recommend this soap!
#reviews #review #reviewer #africansoap #diy #organicsoap #organic #bodywash #skyorganics

Finally set up the "cat hammock" I got a little while ago and Bailey seems to like it! I have it on one of the windows by the front of the house so she can watch what's going on/sun bathe but she watched me the whole time she was up there!
In case you're wondering....no she did not go up all on her own, I bribed her. Once she got a handle on it she went back with no treats involved, just someone outside and a point up to it!
It was also surprisingly easy to set up and suctioned nicely.
I originally got this for my cats (they live with my Dad) but thought my 15pound sunbathing, height loving, dog might like it!
I did get this to review, although Bailey doesn't know that, for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.
#pugmix and italian #greyhound mix, an all around #sweetdog #dogtakeover #relaxing #bandana #review #reviews #cathammock #dog #dogbandana #bandanadog #sillydog #dogsofinstagram

Just got my first Vegan Cuts Beauty box (phew, that one's a long name!) a few days ago
and it's awesome! Who new there was such a thing as charcoal wipes? Loving the dry shampoo, a little goes a long way! The polish is the perfect color, aka not one I have! It was nice to see a derma E product so I'll have to try that out soon (first got them in birchbox I think). The eyeshadow/highlighter looks super useful and cute, so that's a win! Last thing in the box was from Pacifica and while I love the brand for their fragrances, I'm not the biggest fan of the lip tint as the formula just didn't have the feel I like if you know what I mean.
Overall, it was a great box with close to a $40 value!
Side note, sorry for no posts lately I've been swamped with review stuff (this box is not that btw) and some family stuff as well. Plus, when I go to post something I get all perfectionist like and can't make up my mind on anything... Anyways, hopefully more posts coming soon!

#vegancuts #review #veganbeauty #subscription

Hanging out with my little dog Bailey in my new leggings that just arrived! They fit perfectly, this is my second month and I had to up it to "plus size" as apparently "one size" does not fit the large. Customer service was great when I contacted them about it at the time too! I'm really happy about this month's design, just look at those colors!
Bailey was interested by the camera (ok, all right, her name may have been called) .
She is a #pugmix and a italian #greyhound mix, an all around #sweetdog always happy to kidnap my foot rest to sleep on! #dogtakeover
#relaxing #legging #enjoyleggings #subscription #comfyclothes #sosoft

Wanted to update with my current collection of products that I have from Foxbrim. I was lucky enough to receive six different products from them and I love every one of them.
My top favorites are the orange blossom water toner(still) and the retinol moisturizer. The toner just smells so good and the cream is so light and keeps my skin from being dry (just my checks usually get all dry!). Oh and in case you were wondering about why half are in boxes, the other half didn't actually come with any as they were still transitioning when I got them (sadly).
Each was sent to me for review for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.
#amzreviewtrader #iheartfoxbrim #foxbrim #review #reviews #naturalskincare #healthyskin #crueltyfreebeauty

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