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You know those strong-willed people that always keep their promises or resolutions to themselves? Well, I am not one of them. *remebers wistfully that year she decided she would teach herself calligraphy* But the one resolution I’ve been stalwart in keeping? Reading a book a month for an entire year. It’s been such a joy to rediscover my love and awe of stories again. This month’s pick, The Beekeeper’s Promise, has also reignited my sense of wanderlust and captivated my senses. A must for your summer reading list! #ad #booklover #currentlyreading @amazonpublishing

Three pictures of me in a row on insta WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. I’m getting more and more comfortable in my own skin.* And with total pun intended, here’s a picture of me taking care of my own skin (har har, so witty). In case you missed it, my entire skincare routine is up on the blog! 👆🏻 #linkinbio
*its most likely down to the fact that the older I get, the less I seem to give a f%#+ 💁🏼‍♀️

Happy Monday everyone! Today is office-working day, which is precisely as unglamorous as it sounds 👍🏻 so instead, I’m living vicariously through my most recent blog post: what to pack for a spring weekend in Charleston. Many of you (okay, like 2 people 😂) asked for more packing aka travel posts. So here you go! Now live in wolf-and-stag.com (or click the link in my bio!) 👆🏻❤️

What everyone else says when they see this pic: “Aw cute!”
What I say when I see this pic: “Stand up straight, woman!” 💁🏼‍♀️ #happyfriday

Reaching 30 was a turning point for me. “Maybe I should, you know, actually put some thought into my skincare routine” 🙈 when I went to research one, what I found was confusion: articles that told me what type of products to use, but not when, or listed a regime, but didn’t tell me what should be put on first
So, in typical blogger fashion, i decided to turn my confusion into a helpful blog post. My exact skincare routine: a step-by-step account of how I take care of my normal/combo skin, morning and night — now up on wolf-and-stag.com!
What’s your typical skincare routine? Do you have a routine? I’d love to hear about it!

#throwback to those times when we had sun in San Francisco *stares off into the distance, mind of of fond memories*as much as I love San Francisco as a city, it’s the houses that make it so charming for me. I could walk through the neighborhoods all day - especially since discovering @wreckingballcoffee nearby. What’s your fave walk to do in your city?

Good morning insta friends! Today begins a week filled with new: new role, new freelance work, meetings with new potential friends & blogging collabs, and more. I’m not so great with newness, but I think it’s important we push ourselves as much as possible. Yes, even on a Monday 🙈 *hides* how’s your Monday so far?

Kiss me, I’m by lips. Or don’t, because your body, your choice 👍🏻

This is a card I bought for a friend’s birthday. Besides revealing our unhealthy love of the Olsen twins (MKA 4lyfe), looking at this pic has had me thinking about my female friendships today. Namely, how a platform like Instagram - despite its inherent flaws - has actually been the most wonderful place for meeting sister-friends, some I can imagine being friends with for life. How strange, that a phone app can wield such life-changing power. Beautiful, in its unique way ☕️ #introspectiveinstachat

Is it weird that all my favorite pics of me are when my face gets entirely covered? Not in a brown paper bag way, but more of a hair sweep, or bird fluttering by, or hand gesture “natural” way...? No? Just me then?😂 #totallynormal
In other news, I have a new blog post up. How I’m going against my inner goth and loving bright colors for spring. Bold reds, saffron yellows, cloud pinks... all my fave pics are now up on the blog (link in profile!)

Sunday = brunch. For life. Our fave in SF? Zazie, whose 2 hour out-the-door queue is actually warranted. Not only is the food sublime, but their prices reflect a good living wage for their staff - i.e health care and no tipping needed. Forever wishing more restaurants embraced this way ❤️ what’s your fave brunch spot?

When there’s a flower wall, bloggers gonna blog 😂 not going to lie, today, I am nowhere near this dressed as I tackle a day of blog work, admin and relaxation. But tomorrow is a new day for, you know, putting on outside clothes 🙃 how’s your Saturday?

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